"It's cold!" whined Usagi.

"Be quiet Usagi!" snapped Rei. "Ami-chan, do you know where we are?"

"It's obvious, isn't it? Beryl and Mistress 9 are supposed to kill us. We must be at D-Point," said Makoto.

"What is that?" asksed Kakyuu.

"Minako-chan, fill in the others about Beryl. In fact, you'd better include all of our previous enemies," said Ami. "I'll try to locate Beryl."

Minako began filling them in, including Hotaru. When she finished, the starlights looked at her with a newfound respect.


"You've beaten all of those enemies before? That explains a lot," said Taiki.

"No wonder Chaos was so pissed at you," said Seiya.

Usagi turned. "What do you mean?"

Kakyuu looked at her in surprise. "You don't know? You must not have regained your full memories…Metallia, Wiseman, Pharaoh 90, and Nehellenia were all servants of Chaos."


"Yes. The four enemies you've encountered were beings created by Chaos. Chaos created many demons that plagued the world, such as the youma or daihmons you've battled, but as you've seen these four were the most powerful. Furthermore, they were all linked to Chaos, so that even if they were destroyed, their power would simply flow back into Chaos. Few were ever able to actually get close with these four guarding it. These four were the main soldiers that were fought one thousand years ago during the Sailor Wars."

"It doesn't matter. We've beaten them once, we'll beat them again!"

"You've either battled them in weakened states or other favorable conditions. Metallia didn't get enough energy to awaken, and fused what was left of her into Beryl. The Doom Phantom had to battle two silver crystals. Pharaoh 90 was destroyed by both the power of the "Messiah" and Sailor Saturn's power of death. Nehellenia was healed of her evil. They will all be more powerful now than they were before. Trust me. There was a reason Sailor Soldiers fought for centuries against them."

"Oh yeah? Well so are we!" said Usagi. Then she looked down at her costume. "Well, sort of."

"What did Galaxia do to us?" asked Minako. "It seems that she somehow absorbed most of your energy."

Ami frowned. "I think I know where that energy went. Metallia was still the weakest villain. She'd need more energy than the rest."


"Don't despair, Usagi. We'll make it out of here all right."

Just then, the monster came speeding towards them.

"Look out everyone!" said Ami. "There are approximately 25 targets, but their may be more!"

They heard an evil chuckle as a mist descended upon them.

"I can't see anything!" said Minako.

"Thanks for stating the obvious," said Rei.

Just then, vines shot out all both of them. Rei and Minako dove to the ground, just dodging the vines. More shot out at the starlights, who easily jumped out of the way.

"You'll have to improve your aim if you want to get us!" taunted Seiya.

"Oh really? I'd say we got just what we wanted..."

The mist parted enough that they could see Princess Kakyuu hanging from the vines. "Starlights…" she whispered.
"Princess!" shouted Seiya, running towards her.

"Seiya, wait!" warned Taiki, but she ran on anyways.

"Princess! Are you okay?" asked Seiya as she got closer.


A bunch of vines sprang from beneath her, and simultaneously shot out from the "princess".

"These guys again? Moon Tiara—

Before she could throw her tiara, four of the DD girls sprang out from underground. The one that had disguised herself as the princess moved in closer as well, and they all began to steal Seiya's energy.

"How many targets did you say there were?" asked Taiki, looking around.


Amy was cut off as four more DD girls stood in front of them.

"Get ready guys!"

"Wait a minute…They're all the same!" realized Usagi.

"You are all going to die!" four more DD girls appeared out of each of the leaders.

"Gah! There are more of them?" cried Usagi.

"5 sets of DD girls, to be exact," said Ami.

"Didn't it kill you guys to get rid of one set last time?" said Yaten.

"That doesn't matter! Mars Flame Sniper!" Rei held out her hands, but nothing happened. The DD girls laughed and disappeared back into the mist.

"What? We can't use our super attacks?" said Makoto.

"Well, duh," said Usagi.

"Not everyone's costume change is as obvious as yours," said Rei.

"Look out!" cried Ami as a giant fire ball came hurtling towards them. More fireballs began to bombard them.

"Gah! Help me!" cried Usagi as a fireball began to chase after her.

"Kinmoku Fusion Tempest!"

The Osmuth Leaves cut through the fireball illusions. The mist parted, and they could see that Seiya had disappeared.

"Where did you take Seiya?" demanded Usagi.

"The same place you're going: Hell!"

"I decline from that option! Death Reborn Revolution!"

The dark tendrils shot out and destroyed five of the DD girls.

"Star Gentle—

"Star Sensitive—

Healer and Maker got ready to attack when the DD girls all dove underground.

"Shoot! They're too fast!"

"Where—" Yaten began when vines shot up from beneath her.

"You'll soon be joining your friend!" laughed the DD girls as the dragged Yaten down.

"Yaten! Venus Love me Chain!" The chain shot down and wrapped around Yaten. Minako began to pull, but was dragged down after him.


More shot out of the ground and created a fireball. It began to dive at Maker…

"Taiki! Look out! Shabon Spray!"

The bubble shield surrounded the two as the fireball crashed into them. The mist began to get thicker until everyone else disappeared from her sight.


"We're right her, Usagi!" said Makoto from next to her.

"We'll save you again, Usagi," said Rei.

"But I can't see anything…"

Rei suddenly looked up. "Fire Soul!"

The blast of fire shot out and cremated two of the DD girls. The mist parted a bit and Makoto could see two more coming at them.

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!" The thunder ball collided with and destroyed two more of them. The mist parted completely and Princess Kakyuu came running towards them. "I just destroyed five more of them! Where are the others?" she asked.

Minako and Yaten struggled against the vines. "So, was that attack supposed to make me fall in love with you?"

Minako blushed. "We have to be serious! Let's get out of here!" she said.

"You all aren't going anywhere!" said the monsters, and began to electrocute them.

"Only three of you? I'm insulted…Star Sensitive Inferno!"

"Crescent Beam!"

The attacks destroyed the youma and caused an explosion. Minako was thrust upward, but Yaten was propelled down.

"Yaten! Venus Love me—" Minako was pushed above ground before she could reach out for Yaten.

Taiki looked around the inside of the fireball. "What is this?"

Vines shot out at them and began to fry them. "You won't escape these fires!"

Taiki smiled. "If these are the fires of hell, I can take them. You two aren't so tough."

"Damn you…Die!" The monsters pushed more energy out at the girls.

"You'll be nothing but roast pigs when we're through with you…"

"That's…rude…" Maker raised her fist and punched the youma in the face.

"Maybe I need to bring down the temperature," said Ami. Her tiara began to glow. "Shabon…Spray!"

The bubbles shot out and pushed the two monsters back.

"You annoying wench!" said one as it cut through them with the vines.

Mercury and Maker stood back to back. "Star Gentle Uterus!" "Shine Aqua Illusion!"

The attacks shot out and destroyed them. Then the ground began to rumble.

"What the—" Ami put on her glasses and gasped. "It wasn't an illusion! The fireball is collapsing!"

The fire crashed down on the two senshi. "Shabon Spray!"

The mist surrounded them just as the flames were about to engulf them. Ami got up and smiled. "We did it…Taiki?" she looked around the crater that had been created by the fireball, but couldn't find Taiki. "Taiki-san?"

Five more DD girls stood in front of Usagi laughing.

"Give me my friends back!"

"Don't whine. You'll be joining them soon!" The vines whipped out and knocked Rei, Makoto, and Princess Kakyuu out of the way. They then dove toward Usagi.

"Taking away my friends…I can't forgive you!" Usagi raised her scepter.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

The flurry of hearts shout out and obliterated all five of the DD girls.

"Good job, Usagi!" said the princess as she got up. "It seems your true power still shines within you."

Usagi smiled. "Oh, it was nothing…"

"Behind you!" shouted Rei. Usagi turned around and tripped over the headless body of a DD girl.

"AHHH!" screamed Usagi as she crawled away from it…right into Hotaru. "Did you do—" began Usagi when a head fell right into her hands. It snarled at her, and the stone in its tiara began to glow.

"GACK!" Usagi screamed again and threw the head into the air.

"Silent Cry!" the planet collided with the head and destroyed it. The body faded away.

"Geez, Hotaru. You're a scary girl, cutting things' heads off like that."

"What? I saved you, didn't I? Anyway, that was the last one. We should—"

"Guys!" their heads turned and saw Minako and Ami running towards them. "Yaten and Taiki disappeared!"

Kakyuu's face looked grim. "Beryl must have taken them. I'd bet that she plans to use their energy to boost Metallia and Chaos…"

Ami put on her visor. "She's that way!" she said, pointing.

"All right team!" said Usagi cheerfully. "Let's Go!"

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