" Hey wait!" I called running after him. I didn't have much time. I had to tell him though. He turned around and I almost got lost in his honey colored eyes.

" Oh Hello Bella." He said. I only had a few more steps but being me my foot caught something causing me to fall.

" Ah!" I said as I waited for the impact of the ground. But instead I felt stone cold arms wrap around my waist.

" Good Job Jasper you caught her!" Alice said bouncing to us. I felt my heart drop. He smiled at her then looked down at me.

" Bella you wanted to say something?" He asked

" I did.... Damn it I forgot." I said laughing. They laughed with me. After I got into my truck I looked over at him.

" I love you." I whispered then drove away

A/N Alright. I am going to do a drabble thing for fun. all different pairings. But mostly my fav Jasper/Bella thts why its under their names. Reveiw