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"Remy, stop it!" Rogue braced her shoulders up stiffly from her position on the floor and held Remy aloft above her. She strained to keep him up despite his struggles.

"Just one little kissy, Rogue." Remy puckered his lips at her and fought to press his weight down on her and lower his face.

"No!" Rogue protested vehemently, effort written across her features as she breathed raggedly to keep Remy aloft. "Forget it!"

Remy pouted at her. "Y' din't have a problem kissin' me in de public Danger Room."

"Ah'm not kissin' you!" Rogue's arms quivered. "Ah've kissed enough girls ta last me a lifetime."

"But 'm not really a girl." Remy argued.

"No, but you're really in mah body an' Ah have no intention of kissin' mahself again."

"Or gettin' another boner, chere?" Remy asked with a sly grin.

"Don't trah again, Remy! Ah'm serious!" Visibly worn, Rogue tossed off Remy to the side as her arms fell to the ground limply and she breathed in deeply. Remy rolled on the ground and stayed put, watching her with cheerful eyes and a happy grin. Rogue took half a moment to catch her breath before turning her head in Remy's direction. "Ah still don't know 'bout this whole Scott thing." Rogue said warily. "You're just gunna what, walk up to him an' dance around him 'till he accepts a ludicrous invitation to your room?"

"I won' have t' do no dance." Remy corrected. "But oui, Scott will accept."

"When Ah said Ah thought Scott was pervy for me, Ah was half-kidding Remy. Ah mean, Ah've caught the guy lookin', but that doesn't mean anything."

"It means everyt'ing." Remy assured her. "Trus' me, Scotty will accept at de drop o' a dime. Y' give me t'irty seconds an' I'll have him eatin' outa m' hand."

"Ah don't know." Rogue said doubtfully. "An' what happens when he doesn't accept an' thinks Ah'm some kinda horny slut?"

"Dat won't happen." Remy still saw her reluctance. "Come on, chere, dis be an integral part o' de plan!"

Rogue sighed deeply. "Why am Ah always the one put into compromising positions? No matter who's body, Ah'm always the one with the short stick."

"Who's stick y' callin' short, chere?"

Rogue rolled her eyes. "Fahne Remy, do what ya must."

Remy yipped happily and rolled over to hug her. Rogue backed up. "Uh-uh! Keep those hands away, Cajun!"

Remy gave her a lazy grin. "Let's go find Scott, chere."


Scott happened to be in the kitchen when they finally located him. Rogue stood in behind the wall next to the doorway, looking nervous as Remy gave her a carefree smile and strolled inside the kitchen. Rogue pressed up against the wall and leaned over, listening intently.

"Hello Professah." Remy greeted with a thick replica of her accent. Remy sassily wiggled his butt as he made his way over to Scott's chair. Rogue rolled her eyes from her peeking position. This is a stupid idea. Why did Ah agree ta let him do this? Ah'm gunna get suspended from the school fohr this.

Scott glanced up from his breakfast and smiled widely. "Rogue!" He stood and rushed over to Remy, meeting him halfway across the kitchen and grabbing his hands with his own, holding them. "I've been looking for you."

What the hell? Rogue thought incredulously, eyeing their linked hands.

"Ahh've been lookin' forr y' too, handsome." Remy laid it on thickly and Rogue cringed at his words.

"You have?" Scott asked hopefully, his eyes shining with happiness.

"'Course Ah have." Remy continued, rubbing his hands up Scott's arms. Scott shivered in pleasure. "We have a little date, don't we?"

A date? What the hell is going on here? It looks suspiciously lihke Remy's done this before.

"Mmm, yes." Scott's eyes drifted down to her boobs, where Remy was wearing a revealing top. "I'd like that." Remy winked at him. Scott looked up suddenly. "But-what about your skin, Rogue?"

"Don't you worry none 'bout that." Remy assured him. "Ah've got that problem covered."

Ah hate it when he makes stupid puns lihke that.

Scott was practically drooling with desire. In a surprising act, he dropped his hands to Remy's butt and hefted Remy up off the floor before taking several steps forward. Remy's back collided with the other side of the same wall that Rogue was using for cover and Rogue's eyes widened in surprise and shock. Scott grinded his hips against Remy's stomach and even Remy let out a peep of surprise. "Feel her?" Scott asked huskily. "She's for you, baby."

What the fuckin' hell is goin' on?! Ah swear to God, no one in this mansion's innocent! And we're supposed to be the good guys?

"Bessy's ready for you." He punctuated it by thrusting at Remy again.

Rogue covered her mouth in horror, afraid she might squeak and give away her position. Bessy?! He named his penis Bessy?!

Remy made a little noise that kind of sounded like he was choking, but Scott took it as a pleasurable groan. "Oh-oh baby!" Remy gushed. Rogue glanced down the hallway behind her again to make sure no one was coming to see this. "Y' so hard!" Another choking sound erupted from his throat. What is he doin'? Ya gotta get outa there, Remy!

"All for you." Scott replied in a thick voice. He dipped his hand and started to go for Remy's zipper.

Rogue blanched and was about to step forward to break this up, but Remy beat her to it. "Oh baby! Not here!" He glanced around the kitchen speculatively. "It's too public."

Scott drew back his hand. Rogue breathed a silent sigh of relief. "I understand. Would you like to come to my room?"

"Ahh would liike that." Remy drawled. Scott stepped back and released his grip on Remy. Remy slid to the ground and Rogue saw him visibly restraining his own relief. "Could ya give me a little bit ta get ready?" Remy asked seductively. "Ahh'm sure yaah have somethin' nice ta wear fo' me too, heh?"

Scott looked excited by the thought. "Yes, of course! Come by when you're ready, I'll be waiting!"

Remy nodded. "It won't be long."

Scott gave Remy one last smile before heading for the door. Rogue ducked down and crouched in the corner to avoid being seen, but Scott didn't even notice. He was too busy happily strolling away, hands over his obvious erection. Remy waited for half a minute before coming out.

"What the hell was that all about?!" Rogue demanded. "He was sniveling fohr you!"

Remy shrugged. "I tol' y' Scott would say yes."

"That wasn't a yes! That was a let-me-die-in-your-hands-and-rub-my-Bessy over you." Rogue's jaw locked. "This isn't the first time you've done this in mah body!"

"Aww Roguey, be serious. Why would I hit on Scott in y' body?"

Rogue tried to think back. "Mah paper!" She finally exclaimed. "The test you cheated on! You did give Scott a lap dance, didn't you?!"

"It wasn't exactly a lap dance…" Remy treaded carefully.

"You did?!" Rogue looked horrified. "Ah'm gunna kill ya, Remy!"

She made to move against him, but Remy stepped back and held up his hands. "I'll kiss y'!" He threatened. Rogue froze and Remy grinned widely. "We all know how hot y' become when I do dat." Remy grabbed her hand; Rogue immediately tried to pull it away, but Remy kept his grip tight regardless. "Now let's go, chere, we gotta talk t' Alison. Y' don' want Scott keepin' Bessy fo' y', do y'?"


Alison licked her lips lusciously. Rogue quirked an eyebrow at her outfit while Remy gestured her away. Rogue shook her head as the girl pranced away to Scott's door. "Ah cannot believe the residents of this mansion! Is everyone so sex-driven? God, even the teachers!"

Alison made her way to Scott's door and pushed it open without knocking. Scott was laying out on his queen size bed in a white speedo, his erection painfully evident through the cloth. He wore nothing else and was prodding himself gently. "Harder. Harder. Come on, Bessy. Harder." He looked up as the door opened and jumped back in surprise. "Alison!"

"Well don't you just look like sex warmed?" Alison shut the door behind her as she sashayed into the room, looking Scott up and down while Scott blanched back, very confused.

He covered his bottom half with a blanket and stuttered. "W-what are you doing here, Alison?"

"Hopefully I'll be doing you." She reached the edge of the bed and started crawling up it predatorily. "Come here, big boy." She tore the blanket off him. "I'm ready for you."

"A-A-Ali—ugh!" she had reached him and now was climbing up his chest slowly until they matched up. She grabbed him up then and squeezed him to her chest.

"Shhh." Alison silenced, pressing her mouth against his. Scott quickly took up the heat as she began making out with him. Scott's hands went under her shirt and Alison pulled away only long enough to let him remove the garment. "Let's play."

Together they fell into a world of pleasure.


Remy, Rogue, may I see you please? The telepathic message was projected through both their minds simultaneously and Rogue jumped in surprise.

"Do ya think we've been caught?" She asked anxiously, glancing over at Remy as she observed his brow crease as Jean's message caught him too.

Remy shook his head. "Nah, Jeany jus' wants t' switch us back now."

"Are you sure?" Rogue asked cautiously. "How do ya know that? Ah thought we were settin' up Jean to make her switch us ba—"

Remy continued shaking his head. "Non, chere, dat's jus' for revenge fo' all de sufferin' she put y' through, heh? I always knew she'd switch us back before we get her."

"Not that Ah'm not grateful ta be on mah way ta switchin' back, but won't she see in our mahnds what we've been plannin'?"

"Non, Jean's all 'bout code o' ethics when scannin' a mind, like de professor. If y' purposely block off thoughts from her, she's not gunna dig t'rough dem t' see. Jus' put up walls around what we currently been doin'."

Rogue looked slightly doubtful, but she followed Remy to the lab anyway. Jean was there, waiting. She smiled at each of them kindly. "I've found a way to cure you!"

Yeah, thanks. Ah hate telepaths. Jean gestured to two medical tables that were side by side next to each other in the med lab. "If you two would both sit down, I could get started." She nodded encouragingly as Remy and Rogue went to the tables and laid down on top of them. "I'm going to have to knock you out." Jean told them. "When you wake up, everything will be back to normal."

Rogue cast Remy a glance that showed how worried and scared she was. Remy wanted to hold her hand, but the tables were too far apart. He gave Rogue a sympathetic, reassuring look and tried to keep her calmed by staring straight into her. Ignoring the obvious differences in their situation, Rogue rested her head to the side and stared back too. She chewed on her lower lip nervously, then winced when she hit her cut.

Jean knocked out Remy first. Rogue wished she done it to her because now she truly felt alone. With Remy out and just laying there limply, Rogue swallowed thickly and tried to train her mind elsewhere. She wasn't left alone for long. Not but a few moments after Remy was knocked out, Jean came up to her side and put a hand over her head. "I'm sorry." Jean apologized. Rogue wondered if it was for their situation or for the knockout that was about to occur. Two seconds later, a telepathic bolt fired into her mind and Rogue's head lit up in a flair of pain and protest before shutting down altogether. Rogue lay limply on the table at the mercy of her antagonizer's whims.


Rogue's mind stirred slowly as she was roused from the restful slumber into a bright world with bright lights. It only took her mind half a minute to recount what had happened as she went under before Rogue sat bolt upright and her hands went to her chest as her eyes trailed downward too.

"Ah'm a girl!" Rogue cried out happily as she felt two familiar breasts under her fingers. She rejoiced in the feeling of her returned parts and lack of others, hugging herself tightly and closing her eyes happily.

"Roguey!" Another familiar voice called out. Rogue opened her eyes and dropped her hands in just enough time to be bowled over and tackled. Both bodies fell off the table and rolled to the ground, Remy hitting back first and Rogue plumping on top of him. Remy didn't seem to care though. He wrapped his arms around Rogue tightly and pulled her even closer into him in a warm, secure embrace. "I missed y' like dis."

Rogue fixed her arms up under his shoulders and squeezed him back, content to stay there with him, just sprawled out and relaxed over his body. "Ah missed me too." She joked, snuggling into his comforting, flat chest. It was warm and relaxing, his lungs slowly taking her up and down with every breath.

Remy chuckled lightly and simply held her, happy and light of spirit himself. They stayed that way for awhile, neither knowing how long, but both content. Rogue was the first one to break the comforting silence between them. "When did ya take off ya shirt, Remy?"

"Y' noticed dat, huh?" Remy asked with a grin. "I figured y'd like m' manly, hairless chest, chere."

Rogue smiled softly. She lifted her cheek from Remy's chest and propped her chin down instead, staring into those beautiful ruby eyes of his. Remy kept her gaze. "Remy?"

"Hmm?" Remy mumbled, tracing a hand through her white streaks. Her hair was so soft, so perfect and light.

"Ah think Ah lihke ya raght now."

Remy grinned broadly. "Is dat what y' t'ink, Roguey?" Rogue blushed, but it wasn't like when she colored in his body. This was just a soft, rosy coloring that filled her cheeks and made her all the cuter. She had turned her eyes away from him in sheepishness, but Remy gently took her chin in his hand and directed her gaze back to him. "I definitely t'ink dere's somet'ing we can do 'bout dat." He lifted his head very slightly.

The rosiness rose in her cheeks more. "Ah haven't…"

"I know, Rogue." Remy assured her, tracing the line of her jaw with the back of his hand. He smiled at her softly, ever patient with her and waiting.

Rogue stared down at him with those wide, emerald eyes of hers. Slowly lowering her head, she touched her lips against Remy's. A tingling sensation arose in her tummy as she slowly lengthened the kiss to absorb him all in and memorize every detail, every texture. Remy was soft and gentle with her, cupping her face as her own arms reached around his neck. Rogue lightly nibbled on Remy's lower lip and he responded by poking his tongue out to lick her own before he drew it back in. Rogue moaned softly.

Rogue's stomach was positively skittering with jumpy, hungry butterflies. They drew back together again and Remy pressed against her possessively, capturing her mouth and claiming her. Rogue was just as eager and let him hungrily take her before coming back and driving his head down to the ground with her own force and enthusiastically kissing him back. Taking turns as they played and teased each other with their mouths, the two were oblivious to all else but each other. Rogue reveled in every touch, every texture; it all felt new and brought her body alive in a way that a simple kiss had never done before.

When they mutually pulled away for a brief second, after what had seemed like a small eternity, Remy was smiling up at Rogue. His beautiful face tugged at her heartstrings as the butterflies in her stomach continued to flutter. "How's dat fo' y' first real kiss, Roguey?" His gorgeous features were handsome and cocky and sure all at the same time.

Rogue smiled softly. "You're a bit rusty. How often did ya say ya do this? 'Cause it hasn't appeared to help any."

"Why, y'!" Remy tickled her sides with his fingers and Rogue squirmed on him, giggling and trying to bat his hands away.

"Stopit!" Rogue laughed and wriggled, trying to escape his flexible fingers. Remy silenced her little tickling fit of struggles when he finally stopped and kissed her again, effectively ending the tickle war as he lost himself in the feel of Rogue against him. Rogue melted into Remy again, picking up his same eagerness as the two quickly became lost in each other again.

From a distance away from the united two, Jean smiled softly at the peace and comfort they obviously found in each other. The sight of them together made her heart warm. See? I did do a good thing, no matter what my intentions were. I've never seen Rogue so happy before. Both of them made her think of her own happiness, which bended her thoughts over to Logan. Not wanting to disturb the happy couple, Jean quietly left the med lab and went off to find her own tiger.


"Jean's gone." Rogue announced, her head resting against Remy's chest. Remy's arm was curled around her shoulders protectively

"Jean's been gone." Remy pointed out.

"Shouldn't we go?" Rogue asked. "Follow her an' complete your plan?"

Remy shook his head. "Not right now, we shouldn't."

"Why not?"

"Jean went off t' go sleep with Logan again." Remy responded knowingly.

Rogue gave him a reprimanding expression, tilting her head back to look at him. "What makes ya say that?"

"She was watchin' us kiss, chere."

"So?" The idea was slightly embarrassing, but Rogue wasn't ashamed or anything about it.

"So we're hot as hell, Roguey, what do y' t'ink people watch porn fo' before dey have sex?"

Rogue slugged him on the shoulder then. "Ya sayin' that Jean was turned on bah watchin' us kiss? Eww, Remy, you're disturbing. It's not lihke we were havin' sex."

Remy chuckled. "O' course Jean was turned on. Have y' seen either of us, chere? We're sexy! An' together, we're double sexy! Dey should write stories 'bout how sexy we are t'gether! Or! Or we could star in a movie t'gether, chere! Somet'ing like: Remy an' Rogue, Two of a Kind, heh? De world would love us."

Rogue rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah, okaaay."

Remy stroked his hand through Rogue's hair. "Aww, Roguey, y' just de cutest little innocent fille. Some day y' understand de motives an' actions o' adults."

"Shut up." Rogue elbowed him in the stomach from her restful position and Remy chuckled.

"Roguey, if we ever have a baby, can we name it Romy?"

"What?" Rogue asked in bewilderment. "What're you talking about?"

"A baby, chere." Remy rubbed her stomach to emphasize.

"Lihke Ah'm ever gunna let you inta mah bed." Rogue replied sassily, but she didn't move to take away his hand as Remy continued to massage her tummy, sending all kinds of butterflies attacking at his touch.

"Y' already invited me once." Remy countered. "'M sure it'll happen again."

"Mah boyfriend, ladies and gents." Rogue presented wryly.

Remy's hand on her stomach paused then. "Boyfriend, chere?" Did Ah really say just that? Rogue turned her head away shyly as warmth spread through her stomach from the point of Remy's still hand outward. Remy's eyes appeared to be glowing, he was so happy.

"Well—Ah'm not gunna go 'round kissin' random guys." Rogue said defensively, hiding her embarrassment with her normal sarcasm. "What do Ah look lihke, one of ya hoes?"

"I don' need no hoes wit' a girlfriend like y'." Remy began rubbing his hand against her belly again. "Not t' mention de trouble I'd get in wit' y' if I did."

He called me his girlfriend! "Damn right!" Rogue replied haughtily, still hiding her warm face from him. Has he ever called anyone that before? Her thoughts made her blush even further, despite that she was trying to calm that. Damn boy! Ah've never been such a girl before about someone flirting with me. How does he always make me blush?!

Remy kissed the top of her head briefly and Rogue's stomach fluttered again at the touch of his lips. Remy reached under her shirt just enough to lazily drizzle his hand across her stomach and playfully tease her. Rogue's mind and body both lit on fire at his touch on her skin, so unfamiliar with the sensation she had been until only recently. Her insides felt like warm, melted peanut butter, his touch brought her to life like so. Damn body! Rogue glared down at herself petulantly. Traitor!

"When are we gunna go after Jean?" Rogue asked, just to have something to say, just to distract herself from how Remy's touch was sending her over the edge.

"'M in no hurry." Remy replied lazily, smiling so smugly that it seemed he knew exactly what his touch was doing to her body. And still, his other hand continued to stroke through her hair. The dual sensation of lying with her head on his chest and his fingers prodding her belly while his other hand toyed with her hair was just making her crazy. Rogue hadn't felt her body respond like this to anybody. It was almost ridiculous, how warm and content she was.

"So what do y' say?" Remy asked after awhile while Rogue tried to calm her racing heart and settle her defiant body.

"What?" Rogue asked in a daze, struggling even to snap enough out of the sensations to hear what Remy was saying. His words took half a minute to register. "What do Ah say about what?"

"'Bout little Romy." Remy prodded. "I t'ink dat's de cutest name."

It is really cute… Outwardly, Rogue snorted. "Fohr a dog, maybe."

Remy chuckled lightly. "Romy it is."

"What if we have a girl?"

"Romy's gender-neutral." Remy informed her.

"Romy sounds almost exactly lihke Remy. Are you sayin' your name is gender-neutral too?"

"Oh so now y' gettin' int' de t'ought of it, heh?" Remy teased.

"The day Ah have your children, Cajun—"

"—will be a glorious one indeed." Remy interrupted, smiling joyously at the thought. "Y' make a wonderful daddy, chere."

Rogue snorted again. "Okay Remelia. Gunna teach the girls how to walk in high heels and put in their tampons?"

"I t'ought I did dose quite well, t'ank y' very much." He patted her stomach again. "How's y' tummy, chere? Y' not gunna suddenly turn an' attack me, are y'?" He was gloating over all the jumping butterflies in her stomach, Rogue knew. How does he always know? That cocky little bastard!

Instead of responding, Rogue lifted her head and swung around, climbing up on Remy's lap. Remy looked pleasantly surprised. "How very bold o' y', chere."

"Shut up." Rogue commanded, pushing him down by the chest until he laid back against the floor again. "You bad, bad boy." Rogue leaned down and pressed against him, lightly chewing at the base of his neck.

"Does dis mean I can give y' a hicky too?" Remy asked excitedly.

"Silence!" Rogue commanded, pushing Remy back down to the floor. She moved away from his neck then and rose to his chin. Her free hand that wasn't pushing down against his chest came up and stroked the bristles desirously as she concentrated on his mouth, manipulating it with her lips and hungrily attacking down as she parted his lips with her tongue. Remy groaned loudly as she moved and it wasn't long before the reaction she was looking for happened. She could feel it against her jeans, fighting to grind against her.

Only when she felt his body respond this way did Rogue let up and rise from Remy, despite his own protests. She haughtily grinned down at him and patted his chest with her hand. "Ah'm not the only one who can't control her body's reactions." With that, Rogue stood and went to the med lab door, winking at him over her shoulder. "Go take care of yaself now." She disappeared through the door.

Remy glanced down at his pants after Rogue had left before looking back up at the door she'd gone through. Rogue had played him, the same way he had tantalizingly brought her to life as he touched her. He smiled widely. "Damn, I love dat girl!"


It was tricky; they were slumbering and the trio of antagonizers had no intention of waking them before they were finished. They worked silently and quickly, one watching the door, one watching the bodies, and one doing the work. It was a long ten minutes before the worker finally opened closed eyes. "It's done." They nodded and grinned at each other while the worker shook her head at them, grinning nonetheless.

"Let's go." They disappeared from the room quickly, leaving no trace of their arrival. It was as if they'd never been there at all.


Scott sighed happily in contentment as his mind slowly brought him into the waking moments of consciousness. It wasn't as he had expected, with Rogue, but Alison had been an amazing substitute. The girl was crazy about sex and she had shown him new things that he had never known before with Jean.

There was a heavy limb draped around his stomach and a back pressed up against his own, snuggled up tight and holding him. He was spooning, he realized. Why is Alison on the outside? Scott wondered idly. Doesn't the man usually sit there? Or have I just been doing this all wrong?

Scott turned over in the warm arms and lazily opened his eyes.

His scream could be heard for miles around the mansion.


Jean immediately knew something was wrong. There was a deep, pulsating bulge at her core that a woman should never have to feel. In horror, Jean gaped down at herself, unable to fully open her mouth because there was a white handkerchief tied around the back of her head and covering her mouth, effectively gagging her. This can't be happening. It's not happening. It's not happening. Oh please, God, no! She tried to pull her hand down to touch herself and confirm the nightmare when she realized that she couldn't. Her hands were bound to the bedpost with two pairs of fuzzy, pink handcuffs.

"Hey gorgeous." A feminine, sexy voice spoke from beside her.

Jean's eyes fell on her bedmate, Alison Blaire, who was dressed in the most auspicious stripper's clothing that Jean had ever seen. Alison eyed her like a piece of candy before grinning as her gaze fell upon Jean's speedo that had a very obvious bulge poking through. "You're hard already, that's good."

Alison looked up suddenly and grinned as Tabitha came out of the bathroom. "I've got the lotion!" Tabitha announced.

"I thought you'd like it if we shared." Alison explained. "So I brought some friends."


Blushing bright red, Kitty came out of the bathroom next with John carrying her over to the bed. "We're all gunna try some new things today." Alison promised, winking at her seductively before stretching out over Jean's nearly naked body. She licked a trail up Jean's chest and, to Jean's absolute horror, the hardness at her core hardened even more. Alison smiled. "Ladies?" She called. "And gent. Let's get to work."

Jean screamed through the cloth.


Remy sniggered as Betsy relayed what was happening through the mental link to the both of them. Rogue shook her head at him reprimandingly. "Fohr someone who didn't really have ta suffer through this ordeal, you are takin' an ungodly amusement from this."

"It's hilarious!" Remy chuckled. "Look at Scott's face! He's gunna wet himself any second now! And Jean?! Hah! Dat'll be de last time she ever messes with us, heh?"

Rogue smiled lightly as Betsy portrayed what was going on through the link. "You're shameless." She paused, grinning at the sight of Jean positively squirming to get away. "How long are ya gunna leave them there?"

"It don' really matter, long enough t' suffer t'ough. Betsy already tol' them all what we planned an' told dem dey couldn't do nothin' too bad."

"She didn't tell Logan." Rogue pointed out.

Remy grinned. "Dat's true, but the homme deserves a little outrage huh? After nearly dissectin' me, he can get his own too."

"Ah'd still be worried 'bout Tabitha." Rogue snickered. "That girl cahn be hard ta hold back, even with set limitations."

TABITHA! Betsy's mental shout suddenly pervaded through the telepathic link. GET YOUR MOUTH AWAY FROM THERE! The shout was accompanied by a mental image that made the three of them shiver in horror for Jean.

Whaaat? Tabitha complained. You said no sex! This isn't sex, it's oral!

Remy was positively beaming salaciously as Betsy mentally dragged Tabitha away from the poor victim Jean. Remy turned to Rogue and swept her up in his arms, ignoring Rogue's yelp of surprise, he dragged her close and kissed her fervently with hungry passion and clear desire. When he pulled away, Rogue was breathing raggedly and her pupils had dilated. "See, chere? Aren't y' turned on by seein' Logan an' Scott-in-Jean?"

"You're disgusting." Rogue muttered. Nevertheless, she was the one to lean back in and go for that second kiss. Rogue eagerly pushed up against him as they kissed, fighting to touch all she could of his warm flesh. She held him close and she was content. She silently cursed as he started playing his fingers across her belly again. Damn traitorous flesh. There, just like that in each other's arms while they were brought to life with each other's attraction, there was true happiness. Rogue smiled; she had finally found her bliss.