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Harry edged his way around the corner, listening intently for any signs of someone approaching. The dark hallway remained silent and deserted, so he carefully crept along, keeping close to the shadows that hung around the stone walls. He reached the stairs that lead further down in to the dungeons and began the descent, feeling the temperature drop immediately. The air became suddenly damp (they were under the lake, after all) and a shiver crept its way up Harry's spine. His heart thudded in his chest; he never quite felt comfortable in Slytherin territory the way he did in other parts of the castle. But soon Draco would be here…

Like the thought had triggered something in the magical bond between them, Draco suddenly emerged from the Slytherin common room. "Harry!" he gasped in surprise. His eyes raked up and down the delicious Gryffindor boy that stood before him a few moments before he remembered what had shocked him. "Why aren't you under the Cloak?" He spoke as thought chastising a small child, and his expression greatly resembled one his father often wore.

"I like a little bit of a challenge," Harry shrugged while slipping the Invisibility Cloak over himself. Draco stared at the spot where he'd vanished as Harry's disembodied voice continued. "It gets too easy, just waltzing down here, invisible."

"It's foolish," Draco muttered. He paused before opening the door. "No one is in the common room, but you should stay quiet nonetheless."

"Yes, sir," Harry said mockingly, a smirk on his invisible face. A ghost of a smile twitched Draco's lips, but he said nothing and made his way up to his dormitory with his invisible boyfriend by his side.

The second they entered Draco's private bedroom, Harry closed the door and shed the Cloak. He dropped his bag on the floor and pulled out his wand, quickly casting a Silencing charm over the room and securing the door.

He turned to Draco, who had seated himself on the edge of his rather large and luxurious bed and was casually picking at the emerald silk comforter. The Slytherin's gaze lifted to meet Harry's and he finally broke into a smile.

"God, I've been thinking about you all day," Harry murmured, reaching Draco in a few long strides. He stood between the blond boy's legs and pushed him backwards onto the bed, showering his clothed body with kisses. Draco arched his back and groaned, the sound like sweet music to Harry's ear. Fingers quickly fumbling with the button and zipper Harry divulged Draco of his pants while Draco slipped out his shirt, both discarding the clothing onto the floor.

Harry cupped Draco's growing erection through his boxer briefs and the boy groaned again. "I've been fantasizing about all the things I want to do to you…" He pressed his body on top of Draco's and after days of waiting, days of planning their secret meeting, finally their lips met.

Harry wasted no time with petty little kisses and quickly began working Draco's mouth with his tongue. The boy writhed with pleasure underneath him, rubbing his hard cock against Harry's leg and running his nails up and down Harry's clothed back.

Draco turned his head to the side, breathing hard. "Take your clothes off," he asked with a pleading note to his voice. Harry snagged his fingers in Draco's perfectly groomed hair and jerked his head back forward, claiming his mouth again.

"Oh, no," he whispered when he finally pulled away. "You're not calling the shots tonight."

Before Draco could even register what he'd said, Harry grabbed his wand. With an unsaid spell, Draco's arms were tugged above his head, his body dragged backward over the bed, and his wrists secured to either side of the headboard. He struggled violently against the bonds, but it was just for show. He knew Harry's ties would be unbreakable.

Those grey eyes narrowed in a glare, but Harry merely returned it with a smirk. "Uncomfortable, baby?" he purred, climbing up onto the bed and settling himself in between Draco's legs. Draco let out a low growl but said nothing.

Harry had a couple long lengths of rope in his hand that Draco realized he must've grabbed from his bag. The lump that had formed in his stomach grew a little, but his erection stayed strong against his stomach.

Harry was a perfectionist when it came to tying Draco up. He liked the twists and knots to be flawless, just like his lover. He took Draco's left ankle and bent his leg at the knee, pressing the boy's heel to the back of his thigh. He then wrapped the rope around the bent leg five times, never overlapping, before waving his wand and sealing the ends of the rope together seamlessly. He then repeated the process on the other leg.

Draco growled softly again, the ropes cutting into his flawless skin. Harry picked up a silver candle from Draco's bedside table and transfigured it with ease into a three-foot-long metal rod. He placed it between Draco's knees, spreading them wide apart, and instantly the ends of the rod grew and wrapped themselves around the Slytherin's joints.

Harry summoned over his book bag and took out of it a small black box. "I bought you a present," he murmured to his captive. Draco eyed him warily as Harry eased the cover off and presented Draco with a thin, black leather collar. From the D-ring in front dangled a small silver tag, engraved with the letters 'HP.' Draco couldn't deny that it looked like a well-crafted, expensive piece, and it appealed to his fine Malfoy taste.

"I'm no dog," Draco spat haughtily nonetheless.

"Mmm, but you are my bitch," Harry responded teasingly, slipping the collar around Draco's neck and securing it tightly. The blond boy had no chance of fighting Harry in his current position, so he took to glaring at him some more instead.

Harry took his final piece of rope and tied it from the ring on the collar to the center of the bar spreading Draco's knees. He made it short enough to keep Draco's thighs pressed against his ribcage.

Realizing that this position left his ass completely exposed to Harry, Draco began fighting the bondage anew. He was a virgin in that regard; he'd fucked but never been fucked. Harry's handiwork put him in a state of total vulnerability. But the ropes that bound his legs into their awkward position stayed unerringly in their spot, the rod that spread his thighs would not budge or break, and the length that tied his new collar to that rod was flawlessly secured.

Once Draco had finished his futile struggles, Harry forced his forefinger between the boy's tight lips. "Suck it," he commanded, and with only slight hesitation Draco's mouth and tongue enveloped the digit and wet it thoroughly.

Once satisfied, Harry pulled his finger back and proceeded to press it against Draco's entrance. The Slytherin boy instantly tensed up, every muscle taut and quivering, waiting for the breach. But Harry lifted his other hand and brought it down in a loud smack against Draco's creamy white thigh.

The boy whimpered in pain, testing his bonds again as he tried to get away from Harry's punishing hand. "You know it's going to hurt more if you tense up like that," Harry said almost gently, rubbing the spot where he'd slapped. It'd turned an angry shade of red in mere seconds and Harry regretted losing his temper like that. He should've known Draco would be nervous about this. He'd been too eager and forgotten Draco's ass-virginity. Hormones had clouded his judgment.

"Just relax… It will feel good, I promise…" He tried again, rubbing his fingertip around Draco's tight hole before plunging it in.

Draco's gasp caught in his throat and came out as a deep groan. Harry smiled; he remembered the first time he'd experienced the same thing. "Ohh, Harry," he moaned, arching his back and giving Harry even better access. His eyes were closed and a small smile parted his lips.

Harry curled his finger a bit, searching for that magical spot deep within his lover. The boy's bound body suddenly convulsed in unbearable pleasure, a yell tearing from his throat, and Harry knew he'd found it.

"Feels good, doesn't it, baby boy?" he crooned, stroking the spot repeatedly until he had Draco shaking and shuddering in ecstasy.

"Mm, yes… yes… more…" he moaned, voice hoarse with desire.