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Before Harry had fully recovered from the Cruciatus curse, Lucius lifted him bodily from the floor and threw him onto the enormous master bed. Another flick of his wand and the boy was chained down on his back, each limb attached to a bed post so his body was stretched taut in a X-shape. Harry began to struggle wildly after a minute, but the magic chains gave him no slack. He was completely at Lucius' mercy.

"Let me go," Harry growled, his emerald eyes narrowed in unmatched fury. Lucius simply returned the glare with a smirk.

"Accio collar," Lucius murmured, pointing his wand at the door. In a matter of a few seconds, the collar Harry had given Draco soared through the door and into Lucius' hand. "Does this look familiar, slut?" he asked his son, showing him the 'HP' etching on the tag. "Hm? Does it?"

Draco averted his frightened, tear-filled eyes, but nodded his head nonetheless. He was terrified of further angering his father, and thought that his only chance of finding a way out of this situation was to play along.

Lucius pointed his wand at the collar's tag and, with an unsaid spell, chanced the 'HP' to 'LM.' When he went to affix it to Harry's neck though, the boy twisted his head and managed to clamp his teeth down on Lucius' wrist.

Cursing with pain, Lucius jerked back. He grabbed Draco by the hair and pushed him towards the bed. "Hold his head down," he ordered, coming up beside him. Draco hesitated momentarily before putting a soft hand on Harry's forehead and pressing his head down onto the mattress. Lucius swiftly slipped the collar around the boy's neck.

"Draco," Harry said firmly, trying to catch the boy's eye as he released his hold on his forehead. "Draco, don't listen to him. Baby, we've got to fight him together. Don't let him--"

"Be silent!" Lucius hissed, pushing past Draco to slap Harry across the face.

"Don't let him do this to me! Don't let him tear us apart!" Harry continued anyways, his voice growing slightly more panicky. "Do something, Draco!"

Lucius handed Draco the black ball gag that had been in Harry's mouth earlier. "When he opens his mouth, put this on him," he instructed. Draco took the gag nervously, his hands trembling as he knelt next to Harry's ribcage on the bed.

"But how will I get him to open his--"

Draco's question was cut off as Harry sudden opened his mouth to let out a terrible scream. Draco glanced over and saw that Lucius had a hand wrapped the boy's balls and was squeezing violently. Scared of getting a similar treatment, Draco quickly pushed the ball between Harry's parted jaws and buckled it behind his head. Only then did Lucius release his hold.

"Sorry," Draco mouthed, his bottom lip trembling and his eyes filling with tears. He'd never felt so torn and confused in his life.

Lucius stood back a moment and examined the boy. He was tied securely, collared with Lucius' own initials on the tag, and now gagged sufficiently. But the truth question here was how to break him. How to knock the fight right out of him until he was simply a Malfoy household pet.