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Forbidden Imprint (Embry's Story)



Let me tell you something about imprinting. It's not all hearts and flowers that people make it out to be. It's painful, destructive, and it can bring a grown man to his knees. I once envied my friends who'd imprinted. I was secretly jealous because they had found their soul mates…that special someone that they'd get to spend the rest of their lives with. As years went by and more friends imprinted, I began to feel like it was never going to happen to me. I didn't know that my other half did in fact exist. I didn't know that one day I'd come face to face with her and my world would be changed forever. I didn't know that the one person I was meant to be with would be forbidden to me…

Chapter 1 – Why Imprinting Sucks

Embry's POV

I looked down at my watch and swore. 7:12 pm. I was supposed to be at Jacob and Renesmee's wedding rehearsal at 7:00 pm. Alice Cullen would have my ass if I screwed anything up for her niece.

I pushed my car to its limits as I raced towards the Cullen house where the wedding was going to take place. After we were done with the rehearsal tonight, we were going out for dinner at "The Lodge" in Forks. I was looking forward to tonight and tomorrow. I was happy for Jacob and Renesmee, not only for their upcoming marriage, but for the twins they were expecting as well.

The two people I was closest to in this world, Jacob Black and Quil Ateara, had found their imprints…their soul mates…though Quil's imprint, Claire, wasn't even nine yet. But they had found the girls they would some day marry and have children with. They had a sense of contentment about them that I lacked. I envied them that, but I loved them too much to not want the best for them.

Jake and Quil were my brothers growing up. Their families became my family. I could have just been Jake and Quil's fatherless friend, but both the Blacks and the Atearas had taken me into their homes and loved me as though I were their own flesh and blood.

My mother had told me my "father" had died shortly after I was born. They weren't even able to get married first, so I was born with my mother's maiden name, Call. We had moved to La Push when I was only a few months old. Because of my closeness to Jake and Quil, I looked at both of their fathers as though they were my own. I always had a father figure to look up to.

Of course, after I phased for the first time into a shape-shifting wolf, I knew that my father couldn't be who my mom said he was. My mother wasn't Quileute and neither was the man who supposedly sired me. For me to be a wolf meant that my father had to be Quileute. For me to be a wolf meant that my father had to be Quileute. That/Which meant that my father was either Jake's dad, Billy, Quil's dad, Quil II, or Sam Uley's dad, Joshua.

Joshua seemed the most likely candidate considering he was known for being a sleaze who left Sam and his mother, Dorothy, when Sam was a kid. I had asked my mother once right after I phased the first time if my "father" was my actual dad. Her response was to ground me for a week without explanation.

My mother was gone a lot while I was growing up. She had me when she was young, just 19, and I think she spent a lot of my youth enjoying her 20s to the fullest. Still, she did the best she could, given that she was a young, single parent. She was there for me when I needed her. She didn't even have to work a full time job, because she lived off some trust fund she had received. But I spent a lot of my younger years sleeping over at Quil or Jake's house.

And I was always welcome. I think that was why I bonded as closely to the Blacks and the Atearas as I did. Quil's grandfather, Quil Sr., and Billy Black, are Elders of our tribe. I think they took pity on my fatherless state and made sure I was included in everything on the reservation. In fact, when I first started phasing and my mother would ground me because she'd always find my bed empty in the middle of the night, it was Quil Sr. who'd talked to her on my behalf. After that conversation, I had been able to patrol without getting grounded. I loved both the Blacks and the Atearas for everything they had given me, though I had always felt a special closeness to Jake's family.

Jake's mom, Sarah, had been like a second mother to me. When she died, it devastated the Black family. The accident had occurred when Jake was twelve and Jake's twin sisters, Rachel and Rebecca, were sixteen. The girls helped around the house as best they could, but both had been exceedingly close to their mom and had left the reservation as soon as they turned 18. The memories La Push held for them were too excruciating.

Rachel went off to college. Rebecca met some surfer when he came to the area for a surfing competition and when he returned to Hawaii, she had gone with him, marrying him three months later.

My thoughts drifted to Rebecca as I pulled into the Cullen property and hopped out of my car. I couldn't prevent the excited feeling I had as I walked towards the house. Rebecca had finally come home after a nine year absence. I was really looking forward to seeing her.

I had never told Quil or Jacob this, but I'd once had a crush on Rebecca around the time I hit puberty. It had really bothered me when she moved to Hawaii. I still thought of her often, especially anytime I saw Rachel who was married to Paul, a retired wolf.

Rebecca and Rachel were identical, and yet personality wise, they couldn't have been more different. Rachel was studious and serious, which was probably what made her a perfect match for Paul, who had always been so temperamental before he imprinted. Rebecca, on the other hand, had always been the wild, impulsive one.

I think that was what attracted me to her when I was younger. I was always shy whereas Rebecca was just the opposite and completely open. Our personalities always reminded me of ying and yang. She was rebellious and didn't give a damn about things like school. I was quiet, always did what I was told, and was a straight A student. We were completely different and yet, we somehow got along perfectly. I had always felt especially close to her even when I was a kid.

I had long outgrown my crush on her, but I couldn't help the anticipation I felt, knowing I was about to see her again. She had come back and was in fact, participating in her baby brother's wedding. I was going to be the one she walked down the aisle with tomorrow. The urge to see her again was actually getting strangely painful. I walked quickly up the front steps. The door opened before I even had a chance to knock.

"Embry Call, do you have any idea what time it is?" came a high musical voice. I looked into Alice Cullen's wrathful face and took a step back. I had never seen her look so much like a vampire as she did in that moment.

"I'm sorry Alice…I was doing some paperwork," I explained.

Quil and I had opened a garage the year before with Jake as our head mechanic. It worked out pretty well too. Jake got flexibility to leave the area with the Cullens if they ever decided to move, and in the meantime, we got the best mechanic in the area.

"You mess up my niece's wedding, and I can promise you…I will make the Newborn War look like a picnic!" Alice threatened.

"Yes ma'am," I smiled winningly.

Alice rolled her eyes and let me into the house. "They're out back near the river already."

I hurried out to the backyard where I could see Ness and Jake holding hands while they talked to the minister with Quil. There was some blond guy I didn't recognize talking to Paul while sitting in one of the chairs set up near the makeshift altar.

My eyes quickly scanned the area as I walked towards the rehearsal. I saw Rachel talking to a woman who matched her exact height and hair color. I realized it was Rebecca and felt my heart lurch. Rachel caught sight of me and waved in my direction. I nodded in response but didn't take my eyes off her twin. I continued to stare at the back of Rebecca's head, hoping she would look at me.

You fucking idiot! She's a happily married woman, a voice inside my head reminded me.

It was the last coherent thought I had before Rebecca, upon seeing her sister's wave, turned around and caught sight of me. I saw her face break into a beautiful, welcoming smile. I tried to smile back, but when I looked into her eyes, I lost all sense of reality.

Everything around me suddenly went blurry and the only thing I could see with perfect clarity was Rebecca. I felt every single bond I had ever felt towards other people disintegrate as though they never existed. Nothing else mattered to me more than the woman standing in front of me. My whole world now spun around Rebecca. Vaguely, I registered in the back of my mind that I just imprinted, but all I could do was stare.

"Hey little brother, it's been a long time," Rebecca said with a laugh as she walked towards me.

I felt her arms wrap around my neck. My own went around her waist as I pulled her close, taking a deep breath of her very essence. I rubbed my cheek briefly across her hair, learning its softness. The blond guy talking to Paul stood up and crossed his arms, glaring at me as I continued to hug Rebecca. She removed her arms and pulled away, looking at me expectantly.

"Yeah…it's been a real long time," I responded gruffly. I already longed to hold her close to me again.

"I can't believe how big you've gotten. Last time I saw you, your voice was cracking, and now look at you. What are they feeding you guys anyway? You, Jacob, and Quil are so huge now." Rebecca said with mirth in her eyes.

"Oh you know…we're eating our spinach like Popeye." I attempted to joke. Spinach? What the fuck?

Rebecca rolled her eyes and grabbed my hand, dragging me over to the blond guy, who looked like he had taken one too many steroids…not that I couldn't take him.

"Embry, I'd like to introduce you to my husband, Ian Cleary. Ian, this is my brother's friend, and my unofficial brother, Embry Call."

Shit! I had to meet her husband...right now? And did she really have to describe me as her brother? I felt sick at the thought.

I watched as her husband wrapped an arm around Rebecca's waist in a possessive manner. I felt myself tremble slightly.

"Shall we begin the wedding rehearsal?" The minister asked us, distracting me from my sudden urge to attack Surfer Boy.

Jacob said an eager "yes." I blinked and forced myself to look away from Rebecca. I quickly glanced around. Jake and Ness were staring into each other's eyes and hadn't noticed that I had finally imprinted. Paul was looking at me strangely, and I could see Rachel and Quil whispering to each other and glancing in my direction.

The rehearsal didn't take long. We got to the end where I was supposed to walk Rebecca down the aisle. She smiled at me brightly as she walked over to me. My heart sped up as Rebecca grabbed my arm and slid her hand so that it rested on my forearm. Because I couldn't help myself, I placed my hand over hers, brushing my fingers across the silky smoothness of her skin. She looked at me when I did this, staring at me in perplexity.

As soon as we finished walking down the aisle, Rebecca let go of me and walked nonchalantly over to her husband, grabbing his hand in hers and resting her head against his arm. He leaned down and pressed his lips against her forehead. Seeing that gesture, pain shot through my body. I had to look away and take a deep, controlling breath as my hands began to shake. If I didn't control myself, I was going to end up phasing in front of everyone and rip Ian's throat out.

"So what next? The Lodge?" Jake asked, his arm around Ness's waist, his hand resting against her pregnancy bump.

He and Ness had already had their bachelor/bachelorette parties the weekend before. I didn't remember much of it as Jasper and Emmett had continuously given me alcohol throughout the night. I found out later that they had made a bet with each other to see how quickly they could make a wolf drunk. I didn't know what they had given me, but I passed out after two hours. I'm glad we had decided on the party last week instead of tonight. I would have hated to face Alice if we all had hangovers.

"The Lodge sounds good," Paul replied, his hand rubbing Rachel's shoulder.

We each took separate cars into Forks. I followed behind Quil's car. Already the longing to see Rebecca again was painful. Fuck, what was I going to do? Rebecca lived in Hawaii. She never came to the area anymore. How was I going to handle this?

I parked outside of the restaurant and sat there for a moment before taking a deep breath and getting out of my car. I kept my eyes on the pavement in front of me as I followed Rebecca and her husband into the building.

My eyes jerked back to them just in time to see Ian's hand slide down and grab my imprint's ass, cupping it before moving back to her hip. I looked back down immediately and concentrated as hard as I could on not giving into my instincts to make Rebecca a widow.

We were seated at a table and soon placed our orders with the waitress. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Rebecca. I knew I was pissing off her husband, but I was unable to make myself stop looking at her. She should be mine, not his. Isn't that the whole point of imprinting...to find your fucking soul mate? Just then Rebecca looked at me and frowned. I forced myself to look away from her.

The table got very quiet. The only sound I could hear was the sound of Ness and Jacob kissing, which they had pretty much done nonstop since we'd been seated. I looked up and saw Rebecca staring at the table with a confused expression on her face. Ian was looking at me like he wanted to throw a punch. My eyes challenged his briefly.

Yeah, you go ahead and try it, fucker. I'd love nothing more than to crush your kidneys with my bare hands.

Paul and Quil immediately started talking about football and kept throwing questions at me. I reluctantly tore my eyes away from Rebecca, who I was staring at again, and joined in their conversation. I thought I felt Rebecca glance at me several times once our dinner arrived and we began to eat, but whenever I looked over, she was either talking to her husband or to her twin.

Ian kept kissing Rebecca's neck. I could hear him whispering things to her. Something about taking her back to the hotel and trying out their bed. When Rebecca giggled and murmured her consent, I had to clasp my hands together under the table so no one would notice the revealing trembling. Rebecca suddenly leaned in and kissed Ian on the lips. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

Jumping up, I ran to the bathroom. I went to the sink and filled my shaking hands with water, bringing them close to me to splash my face. Looking up, I was startled to see how pale I looked. My eyes seemed to be sunken in my head.

Get a fucking grip!

Sighing, I went back out to our table only to notice that Rebecca, Ian, Ness, and Jake had left.

"I think I'm going to head out too," I told Rachel, Paul, and Quil.

"You okay?" Quil asked. I nodded, paid for my dinner, and left.

Yeah, I'm just great. My world feels like it's been turned upside down and my insides feel like they've been ripped out, but other than that I'm just wonderful.

I walked out into the cool night air hoping the fresh scent of pine would calm me. Instead, all I could smell was Rebecca. She smelled like a combination of vanilla and lavender. Hearing a small groan, I looked over and saw Rebecca and Ian plastered against their rental car. They were locked in a passionate embrace, completely oblivious to what was around them. Ian's hands were cupping Rebecca's ass again as he held her against him.

I knew in that second, I couldn't hold on any longer. I ran to the forest edge and barely made it in the trees before I phased out of my clothes. I ran faster than I'd ever run before.

Jesus…I can't believe I actually envied Jake and Quil at one time for imprinting. I remembered feeling their bonds to their imprints whenever we patrolled together. I thought it was the best feeling in the world. But I was wrong. Imprinting sucked. I wanted nothing more than to go back in time and have the imprint undone. Even as I thought this, I felt sharp pain race through my body. It was like the magic in my blood knew I was trying to reject the gift it had given me. Gift? What a fucking joke.

Well, I guess the one good thing that happened out of this mess was that I figured out who my father was. Billy Black couldn't be my father. I couldn't have imprinted on my sister. Quil's dad most likely wasn't a candidate either given that Quil and Jacob were second cousins. Which meant Joshua Uley was my father.

I pondered this only momentarily though as I ran all night until I finally knew I was going to collapse if I didn't get home soon. As I made my way back to town, two thoughts played over and over again in my head.

I had found my soul mate…and she was married. What was I supposed to do now?

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