Hermione's Study Year with the Cullens

Chapter 1

Hermione woke up in a cold sweat, panting. 'Oh thank God it was only a nightmare,' she realised, trying to push the memory of the fight in the Ministry of Magic to the very back of her mind. At the end of her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she had been badly injured during a fight with Death Eaters and had spent several weeks in the magical hospital St. Mungo's, before she had finally been able to return to her parents. The Grangers, who were Muggles, had decided to not allow their only daughter to return to Hogwarts for her sixth year, but to send her abroad for a study year in the Muggle world.

The Grangers had spent several weeks discussing where to send Hermione, until they had decided to send her to the Cullen family in a small town called Forks in the United States. The Cullens and the Grangers had been friends for several years, since Mr. and Mrs. Granger, who were both dentists, had met Mr. Cullen several times at doctors' congresses and on numerous other opportunities. The parents of both families had even visited each other a few times, using congresses abroad and other occasions, and the Grangers knew that the Cullens were Vampires, but that they were very responsible and would never ever willingly harm their daughter. In the same way, the Cullens knew that Hermione was a witch and had contacted the American Ministry of Magic to ensure that Hermione would be allowed to do magic when she was in their house.

Unbeknownst to her parents, Hermione had arranged with Professor McGonagall to nevertheless try to continue her Hogwarts studies. Harry had kindly paid the school fees for her, and the Gryffindor Head had handed her a small booklet. The pages were charmed, so that everything Hermione wrote appeared on parchments in McGonagall's office. In return, the professor could leave messages and assignments for Hermione, and they would be displayed on certain pages in Hermione's book.

So far, everything had worked out very well. Hermione had no problems to follow the Muggle school, which she attended together with Edward Cullen, and at the same time she had been able to finish all the assignments she had received from Hogwarts. Every evening, when she had finished her homework for the Muggle school, she eagerly opened her magical book to look for McGonagall's comments on her previous homework and to receive her next assignments.

Only recently, Esme and Carlisle, her foster parents for the time being, had found out what she was doing, and they were not very pleased.

"Hermione, you are working way too much. You must get some fresh air and enough rest, if you want to remain strong and healthy over the winter," Carlisle had scolded her lightly, and his wife had agreed.

"The winters are very cold and wet, Hermione. Listen to Carlisle. Working for one school at a time is enough."


'Maybe they were right, but I just can't abandon Hogwarts. I know that my parents are afraid to let me attend Hogwarts, but doing the work from here is no problem whatsoever,' Hermione thought and glanced at the alarm clock. '1:26' the display read. 'Oh no, I only slept little more than an hour; I need to get a bit more sleep,' she decided and turned to the wall, but sleep didn't come easily that night.

At three o'clock she gave up and fetched her Potions book from the night table. 'I'll just use the time to study for the tests,' she thought, knowing that she had to do her theoretical tests in Potions, Transfiguration, Defence, Herbology, Charms and Ancient Runes during the following week. It was the first week of the winter holidays, but Professor McGonagall and the other teachers had agreed to spend two hours in the early afternoon sitting in front of the book, so that she could write her tests in her book at a convenient time in the morning. She spent the few hours until breakfast studying, and by the time she climbed into Edward's car to go to school, she felt absolutely exhausted.

"Are you feeling all right?" Edward asked in his soft voice, shooting her a concerned look. "You don't look great today."

"Thank you," Hermione replied, feigning a pout. However, still seeing his eyes linger on her face, she admitted in a small voice, "I couldn't sleep last night, so I'm a bit tired."

Somehow, she managed to drag herself through her classes, although she felt worse by the hour. By lunchtime, her head had begun to pound badly, and she felt her whole body getting heavy. 'I just hope I will be able to keep myself awake enough to do my homework tonight,' she mused, jerking back badly when she felt something ice-cold on her right hand.

"Hey Hermione, it's all right. I won't do anything to you. You're falling asleep," Edward's whispered voice penetrated her ears that suddenly felt strangely foggy. "You're burning up. Let me take you home."

"No, I'm fine. I'm only tired, and I can't miss my classes. Tomorrow is the last day before the holidays," Hermione whispered back.

"Ms. Granger, Mr. Cullen, is there a problem?" the teacher asked sternly.

"No Professor, I'm sorry," Hermione replied quickly.

"Yes Professor. I believe that Hermione is ill. May I take her to the nurse?"

The teacher threw them an irritated look, apparently noticing that Hermione looked worse for the wear, and said, "Yes Mr. Cullen, please do so."

Hermione cast Edward an angry look as soon as they had left the classroom. "That's not too impressive coming from your glassy eyes," he chuckled, gently steadying her as she lightly began to sway.

"What's the matter?" the school nurse asked gently, throwing the two students a sharp look.

"I think that Hermione is burning up," Edward explained, causing the nurse to settle Hermione on the nearest bed, handing her a thermometer.

'I love his voice. It sounds a bit like Professor Snape's,' Hermione mused, unconsciously letting out a relieved sigh that turned into a huge yawn as her achy head hit the pillow.

"Let me help you," Edward said softly as he gently pried the thermometer out of her hand and coaxed it under her tongue. "I think that's what you were supposed to do with it."

"Sorry," Hermione said weakly, looking up startled when the door was flung open.

It was Alice. "Edward, you have to take Hermione home. She needs Carlisle's help. I'll check both of you out and call Carlisle to send him home."

Hermione merely sighed, rubbing her achy forehead, before she held the beeping thermometer out to Edward, feeling too dizzy to decipher the numbers on the display.

"104.2," Edward read, gasping. "I guess my sister was right," he turned to the nurse. "May I take Hermione home, so that my father can check on her?"

"Yes, I think that would be for the best," the nurse agreed, making a note on the card in front of her.

Edward scooped Hermione on his arms and sped home, worried about Hermione on one hand, relieved that she didn't complain about his speed on the other hand. Esme and Carlisle were already waiting for them and immediately followed them into Hermione's room, where Edward gently laid her on her bed.

Carlisle sat on the edge of the bed, laying his cold hand on the girl's forehead, where it came to rest for a moment. 'Feels good,' Hermione mused, trying to lean into the cold touch. "104.65," Carlisle spoke the verdict, causing Esme and Edward to gasp. "Hermione, what exactly is wrong? Does anything hurt? Do you have any problems?" the doctor asked in a soft voice.

"My head hurts terribly. Other than that I'm only tired because I couldn't sleep last night," Hermione replied, slurring the words.

"Well, then let me have a quick look to assure that nothing else is wrong, all right?" Carlisle said gently and motioned Edward to leave the room, before he brought a stethoscope to Hermione's chest and carefully listened to her lungs. Afterwards, he closely examined her throat, her ears and her eyes, before he sat back in thought. "Hermione, I'm not exactly sure what it is that you have caught. Everything seems normal to me except for your fever. I'm going to observe you for the moment. We'll see if your fever comes down with Tylenol and a few hours of absolute rest. If not, we'll put you on an antibiotic. I am not sure, but there might be a slight chance that you developed a magical illness, which I can't diagnose. Therefore, it's important that you tell me exactly how you feel. Now, Esme will give you a few tablets and some water, and I want you to sleep. I'll be back to check on you in an hour."

"Kay, thank you," Hermione mumbled sleepily.

An instant later, Esme appeared at her bedside and gently helped her just to sit up a little bit. She handed her two small tablets, followed by a glass of water that felt soothing to Hermione's hot body.

"Now go to sleep; Edward and I will take turns staying with you," Esme said softly as she carefully adjusted a cold cloth to Hermione's forehead.

"Thank you," Hermione mumbled. 'Esme is like my mother or Madam Pomfrey at Hogwarts; I really like her,' she thought as she drifted off into a much needed healing sleep.


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