Author's note: Felt like writing a sequel :3


Prussia whimpered as Hungary's hand tightened on his crotch. What would she do? Rip it off? He really hoped not. He was too awesome to lose his manhood. "We can take this to a private room," she said sweetly, dragging him by the crotch towards the mansion. He yelped, looking all around to see if that damn aristocrat was in the area. "Roderich is out on business," Hungary mumbled.

"I…I wasn't looking for him!" His excuses were starting to make even him laugh.

Hungary turned to look at him with dead eyes. "Really? You just wander into other people's homes daily then?" Her hand seemed to hold him tighter and he winced. He was getting harder by the minute. She led him down many hallways before entering the kitchen, of all places.

"What the…hell?" he panted, eyes wide.

"I needed something." He watched as she reached for a frying pan and he started praying for his life. She's gonna kill me. I knew it. FUCK! I'M TOO AWESOME TO GO OUT LIKE THIS! She smiled at him then before her expression turned dark. She released his crotch and watched with a satisfied smirk as he slid to the floor, panting for breath.

Prussia looked up at her, scared for his life and yet still turned on. She had a way of making his 5 meters go crazy when she went all psycho. Her foot suddenly pressed down on his cock and he cried out. She was wearing fucking heels! "The fuck?!" he shouted, groaning slightly as she moved it back and forth. It was pressing so wonderfully and if she pressed any harder he wasn't sure what would happen. She slipped out of her shoe and then he felt her bare foot stroking along the shaft and the head. A footjob? he thought, mildly interested.

She was somehow able to unzip his pants with her toes and then let her foot massage around his balls. Prussia moaned and watched her with glazed eyes. She was pressing down on the shaft again and he was loving every minute of it. Despite the fear and uncertainty in his mind, he needed release. Her foot suddenly left him and he let out a whimper until he felt something hard and cold on the head. He looked down and gaped. The frying pan…she wasn't thinking of…

Oh shit…

Hungary smirked as she moved the pan back and forth on the tip of his cock. The friction felt so good, making him arch his back. "Oh…fuck…" he moaned, feeling the pan being pushed under his balls. She rested the pan under his cock before leaning down and sucking on the very tip. Prussia gasped, fighting the urge to fuck her mouth. "E-Elisaveta…" he whispered.

She pulled back and licked at the pre-cum. "Yes…Gilbert?" she purred, using feather light touches on him.

"Mein Gott…"

Her delicate hands were stroking him so well he couldn't even think clearly. And then when her tongue did something amazing, he lost all willpower and came into the frying pan. Hungary clicked her tongue. Prussia, drained from energy, looked up just in time to see her lifting her dress and lowering herself down onto his cock.

"Whoa! What the hell?!" he cried.

"You didn't think we were done yet, did you?" she said, wincing a bit as she adjusted herself. "This isn't only for you." She started rocking back and forth and he groaned.

This…This can't be happening! We aren't fucking! She's not riding me and—oh fuuuuuuck. She's so damn hot and wet and—

Hungary was in need of release as her speed increased. Prussia was sick of being on the bottom. He wanted to fuck her properly against the kitchen counter. "Hey," he mumbled. "I'm gonna fuck ya."

"What?" she snapped, glaring at him as she bounced up and down.

"You heard me." Gathering up his strength, he pushed her off and stood up. Then he positioned her over the counter top, smirking as she gave him a death glare. "You'll thank me later." He thrust inside her, moaning appreciatively and began to move. Her legs wrapped around his body, pulling him even closer until he was buried deep within her.

"Oh…mmm…faster…harder…yes! R-Right there! G-Gilbert…!" She screamed his name when she released. He felt a sense of immense pride, orgasming a few minutes later with her name on his lips. He pulled out of her and zipped up his pants, planning to leave. She sat up on the counter with her frying pan, still covered in his fluids. Her hand touched his shoulder and he looked at her as she licked the cum from the pan. His mouth went dry and his eyes widened.

"You slut," he sneered, enjoying the view a little bit too much.

She smirked. "Says the one who conquers 'vital regions' whenever he can."