A/N: This just a bit of cute fluff.
Maybe it's just me, but in the manga,
Haruka seems to been in love with her princess (as an idea, sorta),
so I decided to write a little one-shot about it.
Please enjoy. And maybe a review might be nice, too.

She was a beautiful princess. No one could deny that, not even Haruka. She had a pure and loving heart, was the kindest person that she'd ever met, and she couldn't forget the times that she had seen her body. Oh, yes, her princess was indeed beautiful. Her princess was also quite attractive.

Don't misunderstand. Haruka didn't think Usagi was attractive the way she thought Michiru was, but the younger girl had a certain charm. She was cute. The way she never quite knew what she was talking about, her easy excitability, the brightness of her smile.

Yes, Haruka was in love with her princess. It was this love that guided her. While her princess walked beside her, rambling on and on about who knows what, Michiru standing on the girl's other side; Haruka took a few steps before her and stole a quick kiss. The girl didn't have the chance to react as their lips pressed together softly and it was over before she could find any words to protest.

"Kkyyyaaahhh!!!" Usagi sqaeked out in embarrassment as her face turned numerous shades of red. Michiru chuckled at the girl's reaction, not at all angry with her lover. "H-H-Haruka!!! Wha-what was that for!?!?"

"Maybe she just couldn't help herself." Michiru smiled. "You did look as if someone should kiss you."

"I-I did not!" Usagi protested.

"Are you sure?" Michiru teased more.

Yet Haruka's action had not been teasing. Her actions had been driven by her feelings of love for her princess, the desire to touch her lips just once. Still, her princess was cute with her face flushed, and she thought maybe she liked her best from a small bit of distance. "How could I resist seeing your face turn that color?"

"It isn't nice to tease!" Usagi insisted. "I'm...I'm just going to go ahead and you guys catch up!" She said as she dashed forward.

Usagi hadn't stopped to think about the fact that they were just on a walk and didn't have an actual destination, yet.

Michiru stepped closer to her once Usagi was no longer between they. She spoke in the same teasing voice when she asked, "So how was it?"

That sparked a bit of embarrassment for her and she blushed just slightly. "Come on, Michiru, I was just teasing."

Michiru spoke her that quiet, knowing voice that she often used. "I love her, too, Haruka."

Haruka looked slightly surprised for the shortest moment, then nodded. In a way, she supposed that they all loved their princess. But maybe...just maybe...she loved her the tinest bit more.

"Slow down, Odango, you're leaving us behind." Haruka yelled to Usagi.

"You guys just have to catch up!" She yelled back.