Chapter 16
"A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away."
-Bil Keane

"What?" cried a voice "How could this happen? It's too sudden!"

"Calm down my lord"

Toshiaki paced around and his new servant sitting on a couch "They've been married for three weeks now, in my opinion you should just give up on her"

Toshiaki stopped pacing, his back facing his new servant "what?"

"It's just an opinion, My Lord. You don't have to do it" he said in defence with his hands up, he took one hand and sleeked his dark hair back and looked at his master with his cat like eyes

"Good, because I need her…Do you know why" Toshiaki turned on his heal and looked at his servant, meeting eye to eye

"Nope, I just started working here, Lord Toshiaki"

Toshiaki sighed, "She's the only one to bring her back," he mumbled, turning to gaze into the painting of his beloved

"Don't tell me you're going to do what you think you are doing?" Toshiaki ran his hand through his orange and black hair and his tail whipped back and forth and let out an evil grin "Ken, prepare yourself, you're going to run an errand"

Rin's eyes fluttered open a golden light shined in her eyes, "When the Moon met the Sun, all was golden in the Sky" she thought to herself as a smile crept up her lips, she began to stir but a strong arm kept her in place, she looked up at her new husband, sound asleep in the bed, his pale skin shown in the peaking light, "He is so peaceful when he is asleep" Rin mused, it has been 3 weeks since the wedding, and Rin couldn't be any more happier, and sicker. For some reason she'd been getting sick for a while, and always wanting food.

Rin kissed Sesshoumaru's nose and stealthily got up, and covering he nude body with her kimono, she suddenly felt nauseous, she held her hand on her mouth and hurried out on the porch to find Aika. She ran frantically until she found her servant putting her light auburn hair into its usual high pony tail, Aika looked up "Rin, what's wrong?"
Rin swallowed down "Bucket. Find A. Bucket!" Aika's eyes widened and ran as fast as she can to the kitchen grabbing the first bucket like object she can find and ran right back to a Rin that had tried to follow her.

Aika gave her a vase; Rin opened the lid and began to vomit. Aika held the vase the awful aroma of the vomit stunk up her nose, making her squint up her nose. Rin gagged, Aika handed her a towel, to wipe her face. Rin finished wiping her face and breathed deeply "Is it what I think it is?" she asked between breaths

Aika nodded "Rin, my dear lady, you are pregnant"

Rin looked down, and a small smile came to her face "Would he find out? Because I don't want any scents or anything to ruin the surprise"

"No, there is no scent, well, at least not yet. But he will smell the vomit"

"Well, get rid of it!" squealed Rin, Aika giggled and silently whistled for the garbage boy, she placed a hand on her abdomen "A child of my own" she thought " I wonder who he or she will look like the most? I wonder how they would act" then Rin thought about how many births she had help women give and especially Kagome, and how she kept screaming and hanging on tightly to Rin's hand nearly squeezing it off, Rin began to worry

"Don't worry Rin," Aika reach out towards Rin's face, pulling one messy strand of hair behind her ear, then placing it on her cheek and said "it'll be just fine, I can feel it"

Rin grabbed Aika's hand, "Thank you, I knew I can count on you. Now," Rin took Aika's hand and dragged her towards the dining room "Let's go. I'm craving grapefruit"

Mean While…somewhere else…

"Inuyasha, there is a barrier" Miroku looked at the little cottage then at the barrier, he placed a hand on the barrier and the barrier pushed his hand away "I think you know what to do"

Inuyasha Smirked "Heh, no need to tell me twice" Inuyasha took out his tetsaiga it pulsed and turned a deep crimson red, "Stand back" the by standing villagers did as they were told he said, he lifted the giant sword with ease and brought it back down at the barrier. The barrier sliced in half but instead of usually just breaking apart and disappearing; it seemed to absorb in into the little cottage.

"That's odd" mumbled Miroku

"Yeah, we should see what's inside the cottage" Inuyasha placed his tetsaiga on his shoulder "You guys should get back into your homes, this can be messy" the villagers hesitated but slowly, one-by-one al went back into their homes except for the owner of the cottage he just walked a few steps back at stood at a safe distance

Miroku and Inuyasha both made their way into the cottage, it was dark but they can still see a figure with its back facing them "You there," called Miroku "Are you the demon that possessed this cottage?"

The demon chuckled and two candles lit on their own as he turned to face them with a katana that was glowing red, his dark hair highlighted the red, and his yellow cat like eyes glowed "I take it you must be the famous Miroku and the Lord of the West' half-brother Inuyasha"

Inuyasha grunted "You know who we are then you won't mind telling us just who the hell are you?"

The demon leaned forward and waved an index finger at Inuyasha "Tsk, tsk! Such a mouth" the demon ran his hands threw his dark hair "I am Ken, Panther demon of the main-land, here on personal business"

Inuyasha pointed Tetsaiga at the panther demon "Basically, you set us up! You put up this barrier so I can use tetsaiga and then absorb its barrier breaking ability"

Ken smiled "Well, I didn't absorb it entirely, I can only use it once and I don't plan on wasting it here and I don't want to stay for another second" he took his katana over his shoulder and sheathed it, turned and began to head out but Inuyasha raised his tetsaiga, but Ken swiftly turned and took out his other sword and sung at him and Miroku creating a powerful gust of wind knocking them both into the wall, nearly breaking it down "Like I said, I don't want to stay here for another second" with that Ken just left, leaving a very frustrated and somewhat confused Monk and Hanyou behind.

Rin sighed in satisfaction, "I want to eat more"

Aika cleared her throat "Rin, you've had 10 grapefruits, don't you think that's enough?"

Rin glared at her servant, Aika flinched, and Rin sighed "fine, ruin my hunger"

Aika let out the breath she held and mumbled something about hormones fortunately for her, Rin did not hear it, and she then got up and walked towards the door only to meet the bare chest of her husband

"Where are you going?" he asked, Rin looked up and sheepishly smiled

"I wanted to go for a walk, after my big breakfast and all"

"Big breakfast?" he raised an elegant eyebrow, a sweet yet sour scent entered his nose "Grapefruit?"

Rin nodded and smiled widely "I love grapefruit"

Sesshoumaru raised his eyebrows at this and smiled. This made Aika flinch, but she took a deep breath and looked down at her necklace then snuck a peek at the newlyweds who now were embraced in a loving kiss. Aika smiled.

They released, Sesshoumaru pushed a strand of Rin's hair behind her ear "I'll let you go out if you take Aika with you"

Rin pouted, "Fine,"

Aika gathered Rin's dishes and handed it to the kitchen boy, she then fixed her kimono and walked towards Rin and Rin looped her arm around Aika's and dragged her out the door. Leaving a happy Sesshoumaru to his breakfast.

"Aika," called Rin, balancing on the railing of the small bridge linking to the small island in the middle of the pond, the bridge where Sesshoumaru proposed to her

"Yes Rin?"

"How long have you served for Lord Sesshoumaru?" Rin stood tip toed on the end of the railing, her right arm curved above her head while her left covered her chest, her index and middle finger pressed together pointing up to the sky. And her free leg is slightly lifted at her side. Aika giggled hysterically at this. Rin glared at her then hopped down onto the grass and pouted.

"I'm sorry Rin, it's just that" Aika wiped a small tear from her eye with her sleeve "For a pregnant woman you never looked so graceful"

Rin hushed her silently "Lord Sesshoumaru may be distant but he might hear you"

"Oh, sorry" Aika smiled sheepishly

"So, how long?"

"Excuse me?"

Rin giggled "How long have you served Lord Sesshoumaru?"

"Almost 260 years, why do you wish to know?"

"Oh, just curious" Rin narrowed her eyes at the Sakura tree, she ran up, gave herself momentum by jumping on a rock and grabbing the branch of the Sakura tree and swung herself up.

Aika sighed "Rin, you mustn't do those kinds of things anymore, you are" Aika looked around and whispered "expecting"

"I know it's just that I haven't done any training for awhile now, and I don't want to get rusty. Just in case Kohaku comes for a visit and challenges me"

Aika smiled "Was he a good teacher?"

Rin looked at Aika and smiled too "Yeah, he's a big brother to me" Rin sighed and thought of her family. How they would greet her from coming back from the fields, their warm smiles brightening the room. Sudden flashes of blood splatter filled her mind, her dead mother and father lying on top of each other with spears in their backs. Her brothers also lying along the floor covered in blood. She saw flashes of her oldest brother, carrying her, despite his blow to the head, he threw her into a bush and yelled at her to run and never look back. She did what she was told, but she did look back to find her brother being pulled back by a bandit with a large axe. He raised it and brought it down fast-

"Rin? Rin! Please answer"

Rin gasped, Aika was also on the branch patting Rin's cheeks to wake her up. Aika's slit green eyes stared into Rin's hazel eyes. "You're crying Rin" mumbled Aika from under her breath

"What? Oh, I'm sorry" Rin wiped her tears with her short sleeves "I just suddenly remembered something"

"Dear Rin," Aika pulled her into a hug "Whatever you just remembered, do not worry, I'm sure they would wish for your happiness"

"Thanks Aika," Rin returned the hug "why am I remembering this now? What does it mean? " Rin smiled "Let's go to the other pond" Aika nodded and they both jumped down from the branch and made their way to a pond that Rin always loved.

Ken sighed "All this, for a woman. Not to mention a human woman. What has the world come to?" Ken started to descend, the barrier seemed almost invisible but he can see that there are two women inside walking. One demon and One Human, they didn't take any notice to Ken. "That can't be," mumbled Ken, he shook his head and unsheathed his sword, striking the barrier.

Aika flinched "What's wrong Aika?" asked Rin. Aika looked up at the barrier, it split in half. Aika's eyes widened at this "Rin you must go" she growled

"What's happening?" asked Rin

"You have to run-..." something hit Aika's head, she collapsed onto the ground and Rin ran up to her friend "Aika, Aika please answer!"

Aika's eyes narrowed "This scent, it can't be"

"What happened?"

Rin looked up "Lord Sesshoumaru, I don't know, but something attacked Aika and..." Rin looked up to find that the barrier had disappeared "Only the red tetsaiga can break this barrier," she whispered

"So, this is the famous Rin"

Rin looked turned towards the source of the cold mocking voice and narrowed her eyes "Who are you?"

"Feisty" the demon smirked "I'm here to pick you up; my master really wants to see you again"

"Who is your master…?"

"Your scent, it's similar to my servant, it also has a lingering hint of tiger" Sesshoumaru stood tall and stern, ready for any type of attack

Rin looked at Sesshoumaru then at the demon "Tiger? Is your master Toshiaki?"

"Aw," whined the demon "You've caught me, the name is Ken" Smirking he looked at Aika, she glared back "Well, if you don't mind me" Ken moved, in a slight blur towards Rin. But Sesshoumaru clawed at him, he narrowly dodged it. "Humph, seems Toshiaki was right. You are quick" Ken's smirk grew larger "But not fast enough". Rin looked down to find a black circle just below her it sucked her in "Lord Sesshoumaru!" she cried

Sesshoumaru tried to grab Rin's hand but she slipped away, the black circle disappearing along with her. With crimson eyes Sesshoumaru glared at the panther demon who just smirked. He started to float away "My job has been done," he said "It's a shame you couldn't save her in time. I suggest you let her go, there is no going back"

Sesshoumaru jumped at Ken clawing his chest, but Ken started to fade away "I hear that she had died twice, and you brought her back each time." Ken chuckled as he faded away his words echoed in Sesshoumaru's ears "Unfortunately, you won't be able to save her the third time around"


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