Games We Play
Story # 0228
by Kaline Reine

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or setting from Naruto. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

WARNINGS: As most of you should already know, I have a very sick mind. This fic may contain graphic adult content, drug use, and some violence/gore. It is also a yaoi fic, so it contains male/male relationships. There is also incest/Uchihacest. :D Teehee. Contains 2 pairings. And there probably won't be any other pairings than those 2. So don't get your hopes up.

This fic is for Akatsuki-kage , as my share of an art/fic trade. They asked for ItaSasu and TobiDei, so that's what this is.

Chapter 1:

------Itachi's POV------

It was around Nine in the morning when I got the call. The ringing phone shattered the haunted silence of the Uchiha residence.

I was almost afraid to answer it. The weather was dark and stormy outside, and it had been raining all week. The eerie sounds of a thunderstorm could also be heard. That was why I had decided to sleep in today, keeping my little brother close to me for warmth.

I had just turned twenty one, and I had been given the responsibility of guardianship over my younger sibling three years ago. At least Sasuke was a good kid, for the most part, and had learned to stay out of trouble.

"Go answer the phone, Aniki!" The younger teen whined, rustling about under the covers.

We usually didn't share a bed, but late in the middle of the night, Sasuke had been scared. It was a bit awkward, but he'd always hated thunderstorms like these. He was so cute and innocent, it was hard to believe he was legally an adult.

"Hai, fine…" I grumbled, making my way to the living room of our tiny one-bedroom apartment that we shared. I stumbled over lots of things in the darkness, and was actually grateful for the flash of lightning, which illuminated my path. It didn't scare me. Finally, I had reached the wall dividing the kitchen and living room, where the phone was. "Hello?" I breathed into the receiver.

Someone was breathing heavily on the other line. They continued to do so for several more minutes, before speaking. "Uchiha Itachi?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"My name is Tobi. Tobi is a good boy!" He said gleefully.

"That's… er… nice. What do you want? We were sleeping."

"We? There's two of you?"

"Well yeah, me and my– Wait a minute. I don't know you!" I caught myself just in time. It was none of this person's business who I was staying with. "…Do I?"

"Maaaaaybe!" His voice was getting higher pitched by the second, and it sounded creepy enough as it is. He then proceeded to giggle, the sound of it irritating to me. Whoever this Tobi guy was, he was annoying as hell.

I gritted my teeth. "What the hell do you want?"

"Tobi wants to invite you over to his house. Tobi is having a party this weekend, because Tobi got an inheritance. Tobi is a good boy."

"…I see."

I thought it over. Normally, I wasn't used to receiving random phone calls from people I didn't know… That was when it clicked. Inheritance…

When our parents had been murdered, Sasuke and I were supposed to receive an inheritance from them. The Uchiha family fortune had been handed down to our parents from the generations before them. And now it should have been my turn, as I was the oldest, and therefore next in line. But things hadn't worked out that way. Not at all.

As it turned out, there had been another person who was in fact older than me, but he was younger than our parents. So he was the one that all that money went to. Meaning that we got nothing, until he passed away. Rather than live off of what we were, by all rights, entitled to, we were forced to live like common people.

"You bastard!" I yelled into the phone. "I can't believe that you have the nerve to even ask-"

"You should come…" Tobi replied meekly. "Tobi wants you to. It will be fun. Tobi promises, and Tobi is a good boy. You can invite whoever you want. You should ask Sasuke. Tobi wants you both to be there."

"I'll think about it."

I hung up.

"Who was that, Nii-san?" A sleepy-eyed Sasuke had made his way into the living room. He was so cute. Especially when he was wearing only his fuzzy pajama bottoms, with no shirt.

"It was no one…" I muttered angrily.

"I want to know. Was it something bad? Was the call for me? Or what?"

"No, Otouto. It was… Tobi."

"Tobi?" The poor boy was confused.

"Apparently he's the one who inherited the family fortune," I smoothed a hand through my unkempt hair, and leaned against the wall.

Sasuke hugged me, cuddling into my chest. We knew it wasn't perhaps the most appropriate thing for brothers to do. Yet that had never stopped us. It was an old habit, and ever since the death of their parents, it had been hard to break.

I had gained custody of Sasuke when I was eighteen. Our parents hadn't died before then. For the past three years, we had lived together, in this apartment. I had been unable to afford to stay in our parent's house, much to my regret. I had found a job at a local restaurant, which had also been generous enough to hire Sasuke on as well, so we could work together.

"He wanted us to go to a party at his house this weekend."

"What did you tell him?"

"No. There's no way we're going," I petted Sasuke's hair, as we cuddled, my fingers running lovingly through the messed up spikes.

Sasuke pulled away. "I think we should. What if he wants to share the money with us?"

"I doubt it. He sounded like an idiot to me."

"Everyone sounds like an idiot to you, Nii-san," The younger Uchiha pouted.

And then it happened. Sasuke gave me that look again. The one that sent a shiver down my spine. Ever since I'd hit puberty, all I had thought about was how hot my little brother was. …How I wanted to take him, to hold him close, look deep into his eyes, and make him moan. I wanted Sasuke to be mine. And in some ways, we already did belong to each other. But only as brothers.

I had to push him away from me now, to keep myself from doing bad things to him. I didn't want to, but… What else was I supposed to do? I could see the look of hurt in his eyes, and somewhat regretted it. Just when we were having a nice moment, I had to ruin it, like always.

I couldn't tell anyone of this secret obsession that I had, of course. It was my secret, and mine alone. But that was normal, right? Not many people told others of their fantasies. In most cases, fantasies were harmless. I wasn't ignorant. I knew the implications of such a thing, and that I had to make every effort to hide it from Sasuke. But there was nothing wrong with showing him a little brotherly affection.



------Sasuke's POV------

I hated the way my brother shoved me away from him. I was enjoying cuddling with him. He always had to ruin the moment, just before something could really happen between us.

Then again, I wasn't sure if he really wanted it to… We were brothers, after all. But I wanted, and needed, my older brother badly. I didn't know how much longer I would be able to handle this. If something didn't happen soon, I would explode. This had gone on for so many years, the game that we played with each other.

I was afraid that he had found a boyfriend or worse, girlfriend. I secretly hated whenever Itachi had phone calls. That was why I'd gone into the living room in the first place.

When he told me it was Tobi, a part of me had panicked. I didn't know who that was, until he told me. I had more than one good reason why we should go. The chance to actually go to a party, and spend so much time with my brother was just too enticing. But also because, like I'd told Itachi, I really felt like he was asking us there for a reason.

I adored my brother, more than anything else. I was so happy to find out that we'd be living together, just the two of us. I went into a depression when our parents died… It didn't last long, but I think it would have been a lot worse, if not for Itachi. I knew I could count on him. He was the only stable thing in my life. I could always lean on him when I needed to. I didn't care about the money as much as I let on. But I had always pretended for his sake. No, as long as we were together, I was happy…

After he left, presumably to go get dressed, I made my way to the kitchen to find something to eat. I checked the fridge first… Nothing. I looked in the cabinets, and there was still nothing. Our kitchen was, as it could be often be found, empty.

"Anikiiiiii!" I yelled.

Within moments, a half-dressed Itachi came into the room. I more than liked what I saw. He was just zipping his pants, as he turned the corner. That was so hot… I wish he would sleep without his boxers, or accidentally drop his towel around me after showering… Just once, I'd like to see-

'What the hell is wrong with me?!' My mind screamed.

A very shirtless, very delicious looking Itachi looked ready to kill me. "What?" He glared.

"We're out of food," I gave him my best sad puppy eyes.

He sighed. I could tell the stress of having to take care of both of us was getting to him. But I was already doing everything I could to pull my own weight too. I knew I could move out now, I was old enough… But life would be so much harder without each other. And deep down, I didn't want to leave him. +

"I'll take you out for breakfast, Otouto. I'm sorry…"

"Don't be sorry, Nii-san. It's my fault too. Well, I guess we both forgot to buy groceries… I need a shower first."


I felt kind of bad for my big brother. He seemed so down lately. I wanted to comfort him, and tell him that it was all okay, but my stomach wouldn't let me. I went to the other room for my shower.


------Itachi's POV------

"You know Aniki…" Sasuke was walking across the room to find his clothes. My jaw dropped when he let his towel fall to the floor half way across the room. He was still dripping wet from his shower.

"Sasuke, you should-" I stopped to clear my throat, because of how husky my voice sounded. I practically had a nosebleed! "You really shouldn't do that!"

'Don't tease me like that… Please.' I thought. 'I've had enough torture already!'

I turned around quickly to stare at the wall. I could still see Sasuke in the full length mirror, but I didn't let on that I could. I watched as his pale frame bent over to pick up a T-shirt that had been discarded on the floor earlier…

"Don't wear that!" I scolded, crossing the room, and snatching it from him. "It's filthy. You've got plenty of clean clothes to wear."

Sasuke just looked at me for a moment, stunned. Oh crud. Now he knew that I had been watching him.

"I don't have anymore clean clothes. I haven't done my laundry yet… A-aniki?" He gazed up at me with nearly expressionless eyes. He looked so confused, questioning almost. I knew he knew that I'd still been watching… I was just grateful that he didn't say anything about it.

"Don't worry," I moved away from him, before I did something that I would surely regret later. "I have some clothes you can borrow."

"I really just need a shirt, Aniki."

He blushed, pulling on his boxers, as if to tempt me more. I don't know what is wrong with me, anyway. Taking clothes off is supposed to be a turn-on, not putting them on! I did my best to ignore him wiggling his way into some jeans, and gave him one of my T-shirts. It was navy blue, so I thought he'd like it.

"Thanks," He took it from me, carefully.

This had been going on for months now. I wasn't sure why I was acting this way around Sasuke. But since we'd moved in together, and gotten jobs at the exact same place, we had grown much closer. Then again, Sasuke and I had always been very close.


------Sasuke's POV------

I wasn't sure where my brother was taking us. We usually took the car if it was anywhere far away. But we walked most places, since we had an apartment in the city. Pretty much everything was in walking distance of where we lived.

Breakfast was too far past, so I followed him into a place that served lunch. My stomach was growling by the time we got there, and I had a bit of a headache. I was happy when we sat down, and were immediately served a basket of bread as an appetizer.

A blur of yellow, orange, pink, and red caught my eye. Some of my friends were here, having lunch too. Naruto and Sakura. Damn it. I hadn't wanted to run into anyone today. I was supposed to be with my Nii-san, until we started our shifts at work.

"Oi, teme!" Naruto came running over as soon as he saw us. Sakura just blushed and stayed behind him. She had gotten much calmer after graduation.

"Hi dobe," I replied, trying to stay calm. "I didn't expect to see you here," I gestured toward Sakura with a tilt of my head. "With that thing."

"Be nice!" The pink haired girl yelled, gaining a little too much attention from onlookers. "Would it kill you to say hi to me, Sasuke-kun?"

"It might."

Itachi just smirked, and started reading his menu, without paying much attention to us. I could see him stealing the occasional glance though. Naruto and Sakura both chattered on about useless things, and they even had the nerve to sit down with us. Naruto was my best friend, but… Sometimes he was annoying. Like today.

We talked for a few minutes, before the waitress came to take our order, and they were finally ready to leave. Naruto mentioned something about all of us hanging out this weekend.

"It's at my house," The blonde kept on talking. "I was thinking of having the whole gang over. You can bring your brother too. It'll be fun."

"Yeah sure, whatever dobe. Now leave, so I can eat."

I'd had enough games. It was time to be blunt.

Itachi stopped fidgeting and looked up. His eyes met mine. "Otouto, aren't you forgetting something?"

"Uh… no?"

"We're supposed to go to Tobi's."

"Who's Tobi?" Sakura sounded almost jealous, despite the fact that it was a guy's name. But she was pretty used to the fact that I was gay by now. I'd never told anyone but… Come on, it was obvious! "Some new friend?"

"Waaah! You haven't forgotten about us, have you Sasuke?!" Naruto trapped me in a crushing hug.

"Get your hands off me, dobe."

Itachi chuckled darkly from his corner. "I thought you wanted to go, Otouto?"

"I do," I admitted. It sounded more interesting than hanging out with my friends, like I always did. "I think we should. I mean, he's family."

"But te-meeeee!" Naruto sounded unusually whiney, even for him. "We were supposed to hang ou-"

"Then you and Sakura-san and whoever else can come with us," Itachi cut in. "That way it shouldn't break any plans that you have. I'll have Sasuke give you the address later this week, when I find out."

"Uh… yeah sure," The blonde settled down.

"That sounds like fun," Sakura gave a cute little bow, and dragged Naruto away. "We'll see you there."

I smirked. Finally, that got rid of them. But now I was going to have to put up with them this weekend. Oh well, what could it hurt? Maybe I'd finally get to meet some of Itachi's friends too. He was always going places with them, and never inviting me. It wasn't exactly fair.

"You look like you're lost in thought, Otouto."

Itachi's voice broke me from my reverie. "I was just thinking… You should invite some of your friends too, Nii-san. It's only fair that you do."

"I suppose you're right."

We finished our lunch in peace, and then headed back home. It was almost time to get ready for work. Our shift started at two, and it was nearly one o'clock now. I was nervous and excited about this weekend. I didn't know what to expect, but it sounded like fun to me. It had been ages since I'd been to a party. Now all I had to do was see if someone could trade shifts with me. I had been scheduled to work on Saturday, and I would need the day off if we were going to be gone all weekend. Itachi was lucky. He only worked weekdays.


A/N: Well, here's the first chapter of my newest fic. I have planned it to be around 3 chapters, but it may end up being longer… I'm not sure yet. Written for Akatsuki-kage, for my share of an art/fic trade. I'm sorry it took me so long to finally do it. This is the first time I've ever written anything in First Person point of view. So it was kind of awkward for me, but I've been wanting to try it out for a while.

-Kaline Reine