Games We Play
Story # 0228
by Kaline Reine

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or setting from Naruto. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

WARNINGS: As most of you should already know, I have a very sick mind. This fic may contain graphic adult content, drug use, and some violence/gore. It is also a yaoi fic, so it contains male/male relationships. There is also incest/Uchihacest. :D Teehee. Contains 2 pairings. And there probably won't be any other pairings than those 2. So don't get your hopes up. Also, extra warning for drug use/abuse! If you don't like it, don't read it.

NOTE: Also, I just want to say that I do not condone or support drug use. Drugs are very very bad. They can get you in a lot of trouble, and they're just not worth it. Personally I don't do them. I am just using them as a plot device in this fic.

This fic is for Akatsuki-kage , as my share of an art/fic trade. They asked for ItaSasu and TobiDei, so that's what this is. Note: I am adding KakuHida as well.

Chapter 10:

------Sasuke's POV------

"No, don't." I tried.


He continued undressing himself now, until he was fully nude. I was watching him over my shoulder, but he didn't seem to mind. On Itachi's face he wore his signature smirk, like always. I blushed when our eyes met, and had to look away.

An incredible feeling surged through me at his touch. I arched my back against him, as he moved me into a more suitable position. Strong, rough hands, the hands that belonged to a murderer, pulled me further back on the bed. Then I was pushed down. I was on my hands and knees now. I felt a little scared because I had never done it in this position… Then again, I'd never done it in any position before tonight, so I guess it was a moot point.

I sighed, feeling his hands sliding all over my skin. When was he going to do something? All this waiting was driving me crazy. Well, that was an odd thought. Since when did I actually crave his touch this badly?

I felt him leaning over me, our body heat mixing together. His lips were on me, then they were moving down my back in soft, slow, gentle kisses. I hadn't realized what he was doing, until his mouth had reached the top of my ass crack.

"Itachi, n-no- Oooohhh…" I moaned when his hot, wet tongue licked me from the bottom up. "Gods!" I cried out.

He just chuckled lightly under his breath. "Mmm… You like that, little brother?"

I nodded, but I'm sure he didn't see it. He was too busy using his mouth to do wonderful things to me back there. I felt the slippery organ move over my entrance, pressing inside a little, and I yelped… I couldn't help it.

Suddenly, he stopped, and got off the bed. I looked to see what he was doing, and he took a small bottle out of his duffel bag. I looked confused for a minute, but when he poured some of the oily stuff onto his dick, and started rubbing it around, I got the message. It was lubricant.

He returned to the bed, bottle still in hand, and smeared it over my hole. I moaned, wanting him to slip his fingers in, but he didn't. I guess he thought I was stretched enough from our earlier fucking. And I probably was.

Itachi was completely quiet as he mounted me from behind. I felt his hands on either side of my butt cheeks, opening me up for him. He slid into me, the lube doing it's job and making the entry much easier.

"Mhmm… Take my cock deep…" He muttered against my skin, making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Then he leaned back and pulled me on top of him. "Ride me, Otouto."

I wanted to, but it was hard to balance myself. We were in an awkward position. I waited for him to lay down flat on the bed. I shifted my weight to my legs more, and than carefully, without breaking our connection, I turned around in his lap to face him. I liked it better when I could see his face, and know this was Itachi that I was with.

The movement made his cock twist around inside of me. It was a unique sensation, and even if it did hurt a little, it had felt interesting. I moaned, and rocked my hips a little, experimenting with what would please both of us. I liked being in control a lot more, and I think watching me fuck myself on his huge dick probably turned him on too. I almost wished that I could see it. But judging from how big it was, it might make me lose my nerve to see what it was doing to me back there.

We kept the lights on the entire time we were doing all of this. I wasn't complaining. Though I would have liked to hide behind the darkness, I enjoyed watching Itachi and being able to see him so clearly. I think I knew why he'd left the lights on now. I glanced at the door to see that it was locked. He'd taken all precautions, I guess.

"Ohhh…" I couldn't hold back a moan. "Nnnh-Nii-san…"

He had one hand on my back to steady the way I was moving against him. It was helping me keep my balance. His other moved to stroke over my arousal, drawing another long moan from my throat.

"Ssss… Aaahh…"

I heard him hiss an intake of breath, and then I cried out when his thumb rubbed over the sensitive head of my cock. It was throbbing with his touch.

Itachi moved his hips under me, almost like he was trying to throw me off, only he was holding me still so I couldn't fall off, or get away. His hands moved to hold my hips and he brought me down onto him. Impaled by his silky shaft, all I could do was moan, as he worked me up and down on it.

A shiver ran through me, when he hit my sweet spot repeatedly. He was ramming right in the place where it would feel the best. I was panting and gasping for air. I could barely take anymore.

"Oh, uhmm… Mmm- Nnnh! Ah!"

"Mmm…" Itachi purred in that dark, husky voice of his. "That's… so fucking hot…"

He kept going, grinding his length into me until I couldn't stand it anymore.

And then all at once I was at my peak, the orgasm threatening to move through me. I moved frantically on his member, trying to get the extra stimulation I needed. I felt him arch his back, holding my hips down against his, and the cum pulsed out of his thick cock inside of me. That did it. My muscles drew tight when my vision blurred and I was spraying slippery white cream all over his bare chest.

Some of it went into his mouth, and I thought he might be upset but he started to wipe it off calmly. I bent down and licked it away from his lips. His tongue came out to meet mine and we shared another hot kiss. I groaned because in the process, his amazing cock slid out of my ass. I felt so empty now… I almost wished it wasn't over.

"Sasuke…" My name was all he said, as he pulled me down to lie with my head resting on his chest. Itachi sounded so at peace with everything.

"Aniki…" I panted his true name in the afterglow, as I was still panting. "I guess this means that I forgive you."

------Itachi's POV------

The next day, it was time for everyone to be leaving. Tobi had turned out to be quite the hospitable guest. He'd made sure everyone ate something before they left.

Last night had been crazy. I didn't want Sasuke to think I was avoiding it, but we still had not talked about what happened, or his feelings on our parents' death. I knew it had to be bothering him.

This morning, I had felt pretty awkward about taking advantage of him last night. He was confused and vulnerable, and I should have had more sense than that. When I woke up, he was still wrapped around me, where he'd fallen asleep sprawled across my naked body. Neither of us had even gotten up to turn out the lights. In the night, I had puled the blanket over both of us so we could have a proper night's sleep.

He hadn't said anything when he woke up, a few minutes after I did. As soon as he realized the position we were in, he went back to his normal self. With a grunt, he rolled out of bed, and seemed in a hurry to get as far away from me as possible. He was ignoring me. …I couldn't help but feel somewhat used.

I felt guilty about what I did… So guilty it would eat me up at times. But that didn't mean I wasn't going to try to make things right between us. Sasuke was all I had left in the way of a family. I guess there was Tobi, but… He hardly counted.

Right now I couldn't talk to him. The guests were all leaving and we were the last ones to get our bags packed and get out. I didn't have to work today, so maybe I could talk to him later. There were just too many people around right now.

"Aniki, are you ready to go?"


"Wait! Tobi has something for you!" The enthusiastic and bouncy little man called out to us.

I turned around to see him holding out two checks for us. Inwardly, I cringed. Somehow I assumed that he'd give me Sasuke's share too. I don't know why I had thought that.

"Thank you…" I managed, taking the check that had my name on it.

Sasuke took his silently, but gave a little bow to our… cousin? Tobi still had his mask on.

I noticed there was a small group of stragglers still getting ready to leave. They were mostly my friends. All of Sasuke's friends had already left. I had heard some of them muttering about Naruto and Sai leaving early, in the middle of the night. …How nice. At least some people got to be truly happy with the one they wanted most.

"See you… later, Tobi, un…" Deidara was blushing as he walked toward the door.

"No!" The orange masked man grab to grab his arm. "Tobi wants you to stay! Tobi has… plans for later."

My blonde friend didn't seem to know what to do. He gave me an odd look, which I returned. I had suspicions that he might think I would be uncomfortable with him being with one of my family members.

"I think you should stay with him," I smirked, unable to resist toying with them. "It might be fun. See you around, Dei."

Sasuke and I walked outside, checks in hand and hands in check.

The ride home had started out strangely silent. I was lost in my thoughts. A lot had transpired between us over the weekend. Maybe a getaway was what we needed… Or maybe… It would be the one thing to tear us apart. I hoped it wouldn't be the latter.

I had never dreamed that he would forgive me for what I did. I wanted to talk to him, but he was acting aloof and staring out the window. I had a nice view of… the side of his head. His hair hung in his eyes, making certain that I couldn't read his mood. But judging from his body language, I'd say it was pretty gloomy. Maybe he as thinking about our parents…

I cringed at the thought. Gods, I hoped not.

"Otouto, uhm…" I began, not knowing where I was even going with that sentence.

Sasuke turned to me and for the first time that morning our eyes met. "It's alright, Aniki. Just… I feel… Just leave me alone right now, okay?"

He turned away as soon as he'd looked at me. Was that a… blush on his face? Why would he be blushing if was angry?

Then it hit me. Of course he'd be acting weird. We just had sex last night. Twice. It was only normal that he'd be feeling a little bit weird about it. I mean, we're brothers. He was just as lost as me, not knowing what to do. I had no idea, and neither did I. It was… awkward. Really, I'd never even considered this when we did what we did. I thought it would bring us closer.

"I'm determined not to let this drive us apart…" I mumbled, pulling the car over to the side of the deserted road.

"Itachi, what are you doing?"

My lips were all over him before he could get out another word. I kissed him over and over until I felt him part his lips beneath mine. He moaned so submissively. It was like we were made for each other. Our bodies answered the other with flawless perfection.

Home wasn't a place, or a house you live in. Home was here, wrapped up in each other's arms, not caring about anything else.

And I knew we were home.

I swore right then and there that I would never let anything tear us apart. And so far… it hasn't.

-Owari- (End)

A/N: Well, that's it. I hope you liked it. :) I can't believe it's the end already. This was an interesting little story, I guess. And I got some really great art in exchange for it. I hope you all enjoyed this, especially you, Akatsuki-kage. I still think I'm horrible at writing endings.

-Kaline Reine