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Chapter One: Cloud Strife

There was a certain depth to how much of a brooder one could be. Brooding entailed seclusion from friends..Reliving painful agonies

of what one has experienced in their life. A brooder was always watching from the shadows. Watching as people that had once cared about had fun without them and in turn where probably better off with out said brooder. The brooder in question was of course sitting in his usual seat in the crowed bar. A secluded booth toward the back corner. Right across from the front door. But with his sights directly across from the bar. The bar which held a woman behind it with her long brown hair that seemed to gleam under the bad lighting of the night bar. But looked silky and smooth nonetheless. Her body, which was like sin itself seemed to taunt him relentlessly. For it was barely covered at all.

The woman in question wore a tight red tank top that clung to her generous bosom. Her breasts seemed to jiggle freely beneath the fabric. This made the brooder's mouth practically water. His eyes never left that perfect body. Not once. Sure when her champagne colored eyes looked up at him he would merely not in a friendly 'Im not checking out your hot body' kind of way. His eyes continued to trail down her body as she moved from behind the bar to serve drinks and pick up empty glasses. Her tanned long legs were covered by a pair of short black shorts. Tight shorts. When she bent over a table to retrieve some glasses, he noted just how tight they were. If he had no sense of control, he would have been over there behind her, pulling those shorts down all the way and doing things he was sure she would kill him for.

For as long as he could remember, he had been in love with this girl. Sure when they were kids, it was a simply crush. But in those moments at Mt. Nibel, he knew. He knew that she was the one he wanted. The one he wished he could spend the rest of his life with. When he finally decided to leave to join SOLDIER, he was doing for her. So he could be her hero. So she would finally love him the way he loved her. But along the journey he realized becoming SOLDIER proved difficult. It wasn't until he returned to Nibelheim that he truly became her hero. He saved her and Zack from Sephiroth. He don't know how he did it. It was just this thing that was locked away. It burst open when he saw her hurt and lying on the ground. Ready to die.

If he would have lost her. He would have lost himself too...

He was always amazed how many talents this one woman held. She could cook so many delicious foods. Mix millions of different drink combinations. Be a great friend and a really good mother to the two kids that lived with her. And to top it off, she could take on anyone. She was so overly strong he couldn't help but admire her. But secretly it made him wonder to himself what other talents she possed.

He licked his lips at the thought.

It was silly. His feelings. He knew that she only saw him as a friend. A friend in life and in combat. They had always been. Because he stupidly could never tell her how he felt. Fear of rejection probably. He sighed to himself. Some friend he was. What kind of friend had sexual fantasies about the other friend. Dreams of hot passionate lovemaking. Of two bodies sweating and moving together. Moans and cries of passion ignighting from their swollen mouths. Again, some friend he was.

He knew that there were things he felt that she would never. She wouldn't ever experience that sting of jealousy when she smiled at another man. Or when another man hit on her or touched her. She would never know his sorrow. The sorrow he felt everytime he had to leave her. But he couldn't be around her too much at one time. Being around her was like holding a medium rare steak in front of a hungry dog. He could only control himself for a little bit. There had been times when he had almost come close to taking her..But at the last second they were interrupted. Thankfully. Or regrettfully.

He knew that he could never be with her. Not until he was ready. Until he was ready to be there for her always. To protect her always. He had already failed one person. He could never look at himself again if he were to ever fail her. It would be much more agonizing. So that was why he sat in the corner. Drinking and drinking. Watching her. Wishing for her. It was then that he finished his drink and rose. Her champagne eyes found his pierceing ice blue eyes. She smiled at him. 'Friendly' smile. He simply nodded and strapped Apocalypse to his back before heading for the door.

He glanced back at her. One more wish crossed his mind.

It was for the beautiful Tifa Lockheart to see him. Cloud Strife. To see that he loved her.