Author's note: In light of the AWESOME EPICNESS of the April Fools Day event at Prussia's blog...I wrote a little something based on one of the pics there -ε- (I also stole Prussia's emotes ):D) So here's some crack that is surprisingly IC. I know, I amaze myself sometimes XD


He had seen the kid around Russia before. He didn't know his name or anything, but he knew his face. How could he forget a face like that? Prussia stared at the boy from the bushes, not wanting to alert Russia of his presence. The boy was never alone either. He was always with his brothers or Russia.

Dammit, how the hell can I get close enough to—Oh! Sweet! An opening! The boy was alone now (for once) and seemed to be reading a book. Prussia sauntered over to him and without even saying a word, wrapped his arms around the smaller body. The other shrieked and nearly jumped out of his skin. Prussia laughed jovially. "Gotcha!" he said triumphantly.

"W-W-W-What?" Poor kid was terrified.

"Calm down, kid," Prussia chuckled. He pat the blonde's hair and paused. So soft… "Hey, what's your name?"

"L-L-Latvia," he mumbled. "A-Aren't you Prussia? R-Russia-san won't like that you're here…"

"Pfft, like I give a fuck what Russia thinks." He continued petting Latvia's soft hair, feeling his macho-ness go down a notch. He's…really cute, he thought. There should be like a rule against being this cute. Latvia was shaking so much but that just made Prussia want to keep petting him. "Your hair is really soft," Prussia eventually mumbled. Latvia blinked and stared at him through teary eyes.


Yeah, really. The kid was adorable and his love for things cute was starting to affect him. "Hey, why don't you come with me?"

"I-I can't!" Latvia replied. "Russia-san—"

Prussia scowled. "Why are you so scared of him anyway?"

"He's b-bigger than me…"


"And s-stronger."

"Yeah?" Latvia looked at him pleadingly with big eyes. Prussia's resolve broke. He scratched the back of his head nervously. "Uh…well…"

"If you leave now, I promise I won't tell Russia-san you were here."

"I don't need you to cover for me," he said defensively.

"I know, Prussia-san."

Mein Gott, why is he so fucking cute??!! I just wanna—no…West said I can't bring any more cute things home. Hardass… "F-Fine, I'll go," he mumbled. "But hey, if you ever change your mind, look me up."

Latvia smiled slightly. "I'll try."

Prussia's heart did a little flop. "Oh fuck it," he cursed under his breath. He picked Latvia up in his arms and threw him over his shoulder.

"P-Prussia-san, what are you doing?!" the younger one cried.

"Taking you home with me," he grunted.


"Nothin' personal or anything, I just think you're cute."

Latvia flushed crimson. "I…"

Heavy footsteps rounded the corner and soon the two were facing Russia himself. "Shit!" Prussia cried, turning around and sprinting away. Latvia was terrified as Russia chased after them, brandishing his pipe and mumbling "kolkolkolkol" the entire time.

"Prussia-san, let me go and save yourself!" Latvia shouted.

"No way!"


Oh mein Gott, stop giving me those damn puppy eyes. I get it! "All right," he muttered, coming to an abrupt stop and placing Latvia back down on the ground. Russia had stopped chasing them and was watching from a distance. Prussia patted Latvia's head once more with a faint smile before turning and leaving. When he got home, his brother gave him a look.

"Were you trying to steal one of the Baltic states today?"

"Maybe," Prussia shrugged, cuddling with one of his panda bears. "What's it to you?"

"Russia called me and started threatening to invade us!"

"It was just one little guy! And I let him go anyway."

"Why did you even want him, brother?" Germany sighed.

Prussia smirked. "He was really cute."