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I was driving as fast as the snow covered mountain pass would safely allow. I just had to get as far away from him as possible. There was just no way that I could go through this kind of pain and humiliation again. Having your heart broken once in a lifetime was too much. Twice wasn't even imaginable.

I knew that leaving during the snowstorm and being an emotional wreck was definitely a bad idea, but being rational wasn't exactly where I was at this point in time. I knew my old truck was capable of getting me safely away from the resort even in snowy weather. The worst part of the drive was the windy mountain road from the resort to the main highway. After I reached the highway, I would call Alice and let her know that I was safe and needed some time to sort through my racing thoughts and emotions.

I was so lost in my thoughts as the tears streamed down my face that I didn't hear the distant rumble of the avalanche on the mountainside until it was too late.

Although avalanches could be common during the winter months, I had yet to witness one while working at the resort. Therefore, I had no idea what they entailed other than the brief descriptions given by the ski patrol. I was in no way prepared for the large wall of snow and debris that hit the passenger side of my truck with such force that it took my breath away as my chest slammed into the steering wheel. Within a few seconds I realized that my truck was no longer safely on the mountain pass, but was skidding closer to the guard rail on the other side of the road. I tried to swerve back to the right side, but the force of the snow wall was just too great.

The tumult of snow continued its assault on my truck until it hit the guard rail. I sent up a silent prayer that the rail would hold against my ancient Chevy truck and the vast amounts of relentless moving snow. The rail creaked and groaned in a valiant attempt to hold my truck steady, but the snow was ruthless and continued to push in opposition against my truck. Soon the snow had covered the cab of my truck and the glass of the windshield and passenger window began to groan just before it shattered, spraying me in the face with glass shards, snow, and debris cutting into my face and neck.

I knew that I was in serious trouble as the truck groaned one more time before sliding to the left and beginning its descent down the mountain side. My head was hurled into the driver's side window as the truck began to roll. Then everything started to turn hazy and the images in front of me began to swim out of focus. The last thing I remember was thinking…"Edward, Why?" before the darkness enveloped me.

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