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Upside Down Cross.

"Control me
Hit me and scold me
The hurtful unholy
Its endless and endless."

- Upside Down Cross- Die mannequin


She dropped to her knees in front of me, crying into her hands. She made nearly no noise as she cried, but to me, the sound of each tear falling was equally as loud as a jet on take off- you simply could not ignore it, but you wished you could have stopped it. I wanted to stop her tears, but what could I have possibly said to make her feel better? There were many things I could have done, but turning back time was not one of them. Pretending this never happened was impossible.

I could not have imagined worse, but apparently, she could. She continued in her tears, but I stood crippled by what I saw within her mind- images too vivid to be simply imagined. I was seeing this moment through her eyes; through a pair of terrified eyes- and I felt like that too. What he was doing was… horrific and indescribable. And I felt fear. Fear and weakness, because I could not stop what already happened. I had used the wrong term before- "violation" is too say it much less than mildly. But what he'd done to her could not be summed up by one, one hundred, one thousand or one million words. It was unbearable- or more so, unforgivable. It was…

Murder. The murder of a soul and it's innocence.

I, too, lowered myself to my knees. I clenched my teeth and took her in my arms. My cold arms, which could have done everything, but instead, did nothing at all. My cold hands gripped her in an attempt to keep her close, but longed to squeeze every milliliter of life from his soulless body. My cold body grew slowly warmer as the heat of anger rose within me.

Her tears somehow became stronger; but to change those into the joy and laughter we both longed for was merely impossible, as these were a result of passed events- and I couldn't change the past.

But I could do one thing.

"Jacob and I will take care of this. Embry will be dealt with. I promise you, Renesmee."

She looked up and clutched my sleeves. A look of pure mortification crossed her features; her tear soaked features.

"No…" she whispered, "No, Dad! Jacob can't know- if he finds out… Embry will… he'll…"

But she couldn't finish her sentence as the tears fell again.

"That Monster!" I said under my breath.

My cold hands then dreamed themselves a wonderful dream; to lace themselves around his neck and tighten until my cold palms were touching through the remaining pieces of his life.