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When Ishizu agreed to let Marik go out into the villlage with her, neither of them prepared for the person they'd meet on their visit to the market. A young egyptian girl named Morila had ran into them, but she is not what she seems. She is a Guardian, meaning she was only born to protect someone. That someone happened to have been Marik.

The night he'd sent his father away, him and Oidion left the Tomb forever. Marik had decided to bring along the girl he'd meet while at the market, because she had told them she was also a prisoner.

Years later, Morila is still with Marik and Oidion. She is one of Marik's rare hunters, but has deeper feelings for her master. What will happen? READ to find out!


The day was hot, the market was full of people buying and selling things for gold. Morila, a young girl with long brown hair, green eyes and light tan skin, skipped threw it without worry. She hummed and smiled as she walked threw the crowded village, on her way home to see her father. She wore a light yellow dress that reached her knees, her shoes were leather sandles.

Before she realized what happened, she ran into two children. One was a girl and looked much older then Morila, the other was a boy who looked about the same age as Morila. She smiled at both of them. "Sorry for bumpin' into you guys, I wasn't watching were I was going." She giggled happily.

The boy smiled at her, but the girl behind him pulled him away. "Come, Marik. We're not suppose to talk with people, lets go home."

Morila remembered something she'd seen in her visions, yes she could see the future, so what?

"Wait! You're apart of the Tombkeepers family!" She whispered.

At that, Ishizu stopped and both children looked at Morila. "H-How did you...?" Ishizu shook her head and began pulling Marik again. But he pulled his arm away from her and shook his head. "No, sister, I think this girl can help us."

"That's enough, Marik! Time to go home!"

"Ishizu, calm yourself. I am no stranger to you or your family, we can talk more if you wish. But not here." Morila knew what she was saying, and something inside Ishizu told her to listen. She sighed and crossed her arms. "Fine, we'll talk. But you are the only one who is going to tell any secrets, understood?"

Morila nodded and grinned at Marik. "Hey, cutie, so you're Marik, huh?"

He nodded with a cheerful smile, he was just so joyful. "Yeah, and what's your name?"

"Morila Immeario." She introduced herself.

Marik liked this girl, she was the first person other then his family that he actually got to talk to.

Morila led them to her house, her father wasn't home yet. The three sat and talked.

"So you are like us, Mora?" Marik had invented a nickname for Morila, and she thought it was cute. She nodded. "Ever since I can remember, I've been a Guardian. And I'm suppose to protect a child from your family, although I have no idea when or who. My father says when the time comes, the person I'm protecting will come to me. I can't go to them."

"But our father, nor our mother, told us of this aragement. We're suppose to stay in the Tomb, not go out and look for our Guardian." Ishizu said matter-of-factly.

Morila nodded. "I know, and I said the same thing. My father told me 'fate has a way of working. Sometimes, our destiny is revealed in strange ways'. And I still don't know what he ment."

"Maybe it is like a puzzle, Mora!" Marik said joyfully. Morila chuckled.

Ishizu looked out the window of the hut and jumped to her feet, grabbing Marik's hand. "Come, we need to go home. Father will be very upset if he learns we're away!"

Marik tried to stay. "But I do not want to leave, Ishizu!"

Ishizu turned to Morila. "Thank you for the information, Morila. It was nice meeting you, goodbye."

Marik protested again, but failed in staying.

Morila felt bad for the kid, All those years in the darkness.... She thought, And that innocent boy is still cheerful and filled with joy? She stood from her chair and watched as Ishizu and Marik ran futher and further away.

That night, while she slept, she felt someone shaking her arm to awake her. She only moaned and turned away. "Come on, Mora. Wake up," said a familiar voice, she slowly opened her eyes. "Marik?" She looked and green eyes meet lavender. Why was he here? "Marik, what are you doing here?"

"I want you to come with us, Mora. Please, I would really like it if you came with me."

"Us? Who's 'us?"

Marik moved, a tall teen in a purple cloak stood near the window. "This is my brother Oidion, he's going with me."

She sat up and rubbed sleep from her eyes. "And where are 'we' going?"

"Away from home, we're running away."

Her eyes widened in pure shock and concern. She set her hands at Marik's shoulders, he was sitting on the edge of her small bed. "Marik, running away won't solve your problems."

He hugged her. Tears forming in his eyes, Morila was caught off guard but hugged him back. "Please, come with us, Mora. I want you with us, I really do."

She rested her chin on his head. "Okay, I'll go Marik."

He smiled and hugged her tighter. "Cool! We can be like a big family!"

She smiled down at him. "Why not?" She said with a grin.

When she had packed some things, kissed her sleeping fathers forehead, and left with Oidion and Marik. She held Marik's hand, both feeling safer like that. "We'll always protect each other, right, Mora?"

She nodded. "Always," she promised. I get it now, what father said; Fate as a way of working. Sometimes, our destiny is revealed in strange ways. Maybe I'm Marik's Guardian, father did say I was to protect a child of the Ishtar family. Perhaps, Marik is my destiny.

And with that, the three began their adventure.

The end of Prologe.

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