Battletoads: The Combat Amphibians Vs. The Vicious Dark Queen

Very violate! nOt for youngs. This book is moer like the arcaed version of the frogs than the SENS or Genisis games. More bolod and gore. Hopfully you will enjoye very much.

Are story stars out wiht the toads tying to destroy and humilieight the wicked drak qeuen. The drag quuen is an eveil lady orginally from US A. She was from Missispie, like Dolly Parten. She movied to space with her cat in the future year in the future. She has many spacey weapones. Like examples gernads; bozookas, and robots like ROBB, lol. She was jelous of the space queen, called and named lite queen. Dark queen wanted very thing, and every ones. The toads did not like this at al. They wanted to destroy it. There names are Rassh, Pomple, an d Zits and they kick many ass! (sorry bad word..)

They got to dark quuen's secret liar. And saw the lite quuen. We ust save her toads! Yelled Zitz the ladder, very loudy he yelled. And so they did, and there was much ass kicking (my bad) and bood and gore. But then Dark knight said we much loud, Don't stop me now! Oh no said the frogs! Your froggers can'y beat me! Said dark queene scarily. She is terifiing asked Rash, and then Pimpel said she was kinda of hot. Toad gave weird looks and laughed and giggles, and snorted. They did wo the battle and celibrated with pizzas like turtles. Oh and Pumple got lade by the dark queen. Every toad and one was happy es specially pimples. The ending~!

Thanks for reading. Feel fere to giv suggeshones andd reviews! I no I need them! I write this article in a hurry.