Siouxsie the Banshee was unsurprised when yet another gate opened at the Ebon Hold, even if this one did seem slightly different from the norm. Death Gates opened fairly frequently here, after all.

She was slightly more surprised when a familiar looking night elf stumbled through, dressed in a filthy, blood-spattered, mostly destroyed outfit that might have once been white, and with a strange, unconscious, blue-haired human slung over her shoulder.

"Vellena Nightwind?" Siouxsie asked, momentarily forgetting the annoying Squire Edwards at her side. "You were presumed dead when you did not deliver your routine missive to Thassarian, over a month ago. We had your funeral last week."

Vellena looked up, and Siouxsie could plainly see the exhaustion in the other Death Knight's stolid face.

"Was it a good funeral, at least?" Vellena asked.

"Good enough. Where have you been?"

"In another world."

Siouxsie looked the other night elf up and down, including the strange human in her assessment. Her eyes narrowed in speculation as she took in the piece of bone that seemed to be stuck to the side of his jaw, and the hole that she could see in his back from her perspective on the back of her mount. She took in Vellena's strange clothing, and the very odd power that seemed to cling to the other Death Knight. Another world. It might very well be the case.

"I think I believe you," said the Banshee. "Who is that?"

No need to specify whom she was talking about. There was only one other being that it could be.

"Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, former Sexto Espada of the arrancar army of Aizen."

"That's all Taurahe to me." Siouxsie stated. She nodded to herself. Definitely another world.

"My companion; and he's pretty badly wounded. I think I saved him from perishing, but he might still cross the gates."

"You didn't bring him to the right place if you are hoping for medical attention." Siouxsie replied. "Unless he's undead."

"Kind of." Said Vellena. "He's from the world of the dead in his realm. While he's not the same as we, he's similar enough, I suppose. Death coil heals others like him. I haven't tried it on him yet."

"Then we might be able to do something for him after all." Siouxsie said.

"Have you given away my chambers yet?" Vellena asked.

"No. There hasn't exactly been an influx of new Death Knights." Siouxsie grinned. "Come along, Knight Vellena, and let us see what can be done for your companion. You have a story to tell, I think, and I am interested in hearing it. I will not be the only one."

Siouxsie dismounted from her steed, leaving its reins in the hands of Squire Edwards. The two undead night elves wandered further into the necropolis together, Grimmjow still slung over Vellena's shoulder.

Here it is, the end.

Whew! 110 pages, just over 50,000 words, and the first story is finished. Frozen Sun will detail the continued adventures of Grimmjow and Vellena in Azeroth. Hopefully I don't lose too many of my Bleach readers at this step. I'll try not to get too arcane, and I am also committed to not having my story read like a game. Those of you who are WoW players, don't expect a lot of game mechanics in there. These are a stories, works of fiction. They need to flow like fiction. I will not slavishly devote myself to the game; rather, I will attempt to be true to the underlying lore. Well, there's going to be some lore-bending, but the underlying structure of the world is going to still be the lore.

There will be a delay between the end of Dead Moon and the start of Frozen Sun, I'm very busy at work and the writing is going slower than I expected. One of the things I was asked for was longer chapters, and I'm trying to stick to that with the sequel. I will probably be posting some stuff that I had written previously in the meantime - I intend to upload the M version of A Long Road Through Hell, and I have another WoW story entitled Goblin Debts that I think people here might enjoy. I also still do not have a beta, which means I have to proof all my own stuff several times before I post it, which introduces a delay from when I write and when you get to read it. If someone out there feels up to the task, I wouldn't be amiss to having a beta to help me catch my little errors and to bounce ideas off of.

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