Author's note: I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW ANYMORE. This was my friend's request….SERIOUSLY. THIS IS ALL KINDS OF CRACK WRAPPED UP IN MORE CRACK AND THEN SERVED WITH A SIDE OF WTF D8 Also, adult!Sealand, from what I noticed in the strip with him...he appears more mature ^_^;


A meeting with a new nation was a pretty big deal for America. He was nervous and excited at the same time. He'd heard some interesting things about this nation. He fixed his tie and darted down the many steps to go greet his guest when he saw the limousine pull up. A tall young man with blonde hair and overly large eyebrows stepped out.

"Sealand!" America called. "Good to see you!"

"Thanks for inviting me, America," the other man replied smiling. "That jerk England almost didn't let me come."

America laughed. "You've sure grown a lot over the last few years."

"Not really," he shrugged. "I'm the same height as you now."

"Hehe, right, right! Well, come in and make yourself at home. We've got lots of food."

Sealand nodded and walked inside. "How's your economy fairing?"

"Oh it's doing a lot better!" America said cheerfully. "How 'bout you? Being out in the ocean must be difficult, huh?"

"It's actually quite simple if you've lived there your whole life."

"Ah, I see!"

There was an awkward silence. "What do you do for fun around here?" Sealand asked casually.

"Oh, you know, manly stuff."

The other nation raised an eyebrow. "Like…?"

"Sports!" America answered.

"You don't…do anything else?"

"What else is there to do?"

Sealand was beginning to question if America was qualified to be a nation. Surely he wasn't that dense?

"Well, haven't you been with anyone?"

America blinked.

"Someone you liked?"

He blinked again.

"…Haven't you slept with anyone?"

"Oh sure I have! I've slept with a lot of people!"

Sealand's eye twitched. "No need to be so blunt…"

"Eh? Did I say something wrong?" Now America was worried. He didn't want this new nation to hate him or think he was weird!

"Where's your room, America?"

"U-Upstairs. Why do you wanna know?"

"We're gonna sleep together."

"Eeeeeh? But it's not even dark out!"

"Bloody hell, are you that stupid? Jerk England really wasn't lying…"

Sealand started walking up the stairs towards America's room. The other blonde followed him and laughed nervously. "Sealand, what did you mean? My room's really not that fascinating."

"I meant what I said."


"Is this it?"


"Good. Get inside."

"Well why—" Sealand shoved him into the room and closed the door. "Whoa!" America cried, backing onto his bed as Sealand advanced on him. "What're you doing?!"

Sealand then pinned his wrists to the bed and hovered over the other nation. "I'm going to take something that jerk England never had the balls to do," he smirked.

America's blue eyes widened as Sealand lowered himself down and then—

England woke up screaming in his bed. "HOLY QUEEN ELIZABETH!" He took several long breaths and looked around his room and put his hand to his forehead. "Oh good…j-just a bloody nightmare…"