Seeking the Cold: Hitsugaya sleepwalks? What happens?

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Another hot night at the Soul Society. Hitsugaya hated the heat. He absolutely couldn't stand it. He preferred it cold. Ice cold if at all possible. The heat made him even more irritable. Not only that, but it also did weird things to him without even realizing it…

Rangiku made her way back to her room after using the bathroom down the hall. She mopped the sweat from her brow and moaned. This heat was almost unbearable. Her gorgeous hair was all frizzy and slimy. Gross! And in such terrible heat, it was impossible for her to dress accordingly. Sure, at night she could always sleep naked but then her sweaty hair would stick to her clammy back making it very uncomfortable. Of course, her clothes would also stick to her, so it didn't really make that much of a difference. This heat was bad!

She wrapped her hair around her hand and held it off of her neck. "Oh, this heat! It must be 112 in the shade!" She stopped halfway down the hall, hearing some strange noise coming from the kitchen. Actually, it was more of a lounge than anything else. Nonetheless, she peeked inside.

The room was dark. Yet, in a dark corner of the room, she could see a small silhouette. She moved closer. Tip-toeing further into the room, she recognized who it was by his trademark white hair.

Hitsugaya was sitting at one of the tables slurping down some ice cream. He lifted the steel spoon to his mouth and wrapped his lips around the frozen treat. "Mmm… Cold..!"

Rangiku gave a small sigh and sat down across from him. "Oh, Captain… You startled me. I didn't expect you to be out here at this hour."

He plunged the spoon back down into the ice cream bowl and lifted it back up to his mouth. His mouth closed around it. He let out a sigh of pleasure. "Mmm… Cold…"

Rangiku frowned. "Captain, are you even listening to me?"

He gave no answer. Instead, he kept the spoon in his mouth, allowing the ice cream to melt on his tongue. He kept his eyes shut and sucked on the spoon. Then he pulled the spoon from his mouth and went back for more.


Ignoring her, Hitsugaya took another spoonful of delicious ice cream and brought it to his lips. When that mouth full was finished, he went back for more. But Rangiku wouldn't allow it. She gently tugged the bowl from his fingers and back towards her side of the table. Hitsugaya brought his spoon down on nothing but air. He whined. He raised his spoon and tried again. Nothing. He opened his eyes slowly and looked down. The bowl was gone. No ice cream. He whined and glanced up. He spotted the bowl on the other side of the table in front of Rangiku.

"Cold…" he whimpered and reached for it. Something was wrong. His movements were too sluggish and lazy. His limp arm reached forward and he grasped the bowl in his slack grip. He slowly dragged it back over to his side of the table and raised his spoon again. "… Cold…"

Rangiku was so confused. Something was definitely wrong with him. She waved a hand in front of his face. She got no answer. She called to him again. "Captain?"

Spoon still between his teeth, Hitsugaya allowed his eyes to droop. He let out a small snore.

"Captain, are you sleepwalking?"


I will continue this, but mostly because I've looked and there are, like, no sleepwalking Hitsugaya fanfics out there! I'm sorry, but I had to write this because of that fact.

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