Shirley Blooper:

"Lelouch, Lelouch!" She twittered, shaking her long auburn hair behind her. The genius looked fairly interested for once. "What do you see?" He asked, voice unable to hide his curiosity. Shirley held Lelouch's hand in hers, occasionally prodding and peering at it.

She knew nothing about palmistry.

Yet, she still smiled and nodded as if she had seeked out everything about the purple-eyed school boy. "You will find love." She predicted sagely. "With a person whose name starts with 'S'."


"Yes!" She cheered. "Now hurry and kiss them or your luck will run out!" She closed her eyes, expectantly leaning forward, sure to feel Lelouch's magnificent lips on hers…Nothing.

Shirely opened her eyes in a confusion and was greeted by the empty room.

"Hmm, I wonder where…he's gone…." She mused, wandering the halls in search of her beloved.

"I heard him go that way!" Nanaly reported faithfully, and the well-endowed girl followed her direction down a deserted corridor, expecting to find poor, cute Lelouch blushing and confused at the thought of the kissing her. In that case, she thought happily, I'll have to talk initiative with him until he gains confidence…

She opened another door, and yet another, but Lelouch was nowhere to be found.

Huffing angrily, she flung an ash-tray against a large grandfather clock in anger, only to shriek in terror and jump back.

The glass had shattered magnificently, revealing the clock's innards: Lelouch kissing Suzaku.

She blinked. Once. Again. Then it struck her:



She slapped her forehead. "Damn it, Lelouch!"

When she had stormed out of the room, Lelouch pulled back from Suzkau's tantalizing lips. "What was that all about?" He asked, watching the door slam shut.

Suzaku shrugged. "Do you really care?"

"You know me so well, Mr. 'S'." Lelouch grinned.

A loud 'ARGH!" was heard from outside, and both the bishies looked at one another, before shrugging and going back to…um…well…you know.


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