HAHAHA I FORGOT TO MENTION. This is a quote from Austin Powers. DOES IT MAKE SENSE NOW??

Latvia hated being pressured. He couldn't function under stress at all, if that wasn't obvious enough for you.

Yet here he was, trapped like a rat with Russia grinning like the devil himself, just waiting for Latvia to say something wrong, his hands bruising Latvia's shoulders with their iron grip.

"Little Latvia, do you know how we stay warm in Russia~?"

Oh no. Latvia had heard stories from Lithuania. He'd heard plenty of Russia's sadistic torture, covering Lithuania in welts and blood as he continued in his erotic abuse. The scars Lithuania wore were more than enough to show the truth in his words, and Latvia never wanted to be in his place.

Yet here he was.

"I-I-I don't-t know, Russ-sia…"

Russia's grin widened as he leaned over Latvia, sending even more shivers down the young country's spine. "Oh, surely you can make a guess, da?"

Latvia didn't want to hear it. He knew what the answer was, but he didn't want to say it, because saying it would make it real, and Latvia refused to accept it as such.

Russia roughly tilted Latvia's chin upwards, forcing him to look the giant in the face.

"Answer me, Latvia."

"I-I…I think-k..." the words died on his lips as Russia's expression grew even more manic, a wave of terror washing over him as Russia started to speak.

"We play chess, Little Latvia~! You'll join me, yes?"

Overwhelmed, Latvia fainted.