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Prologue: A Special Job

Moist was dozing on the couch when Billy finally got home. The henchman's eyes popped open when his friend slammed the door and marched into the apartment. Glancing at the clock, Moist saw that it was nearly two in the morning. Great. Whenever an E.L.E. meeting ran this late, there were only two possible outcomes.

Either Billy was ecstatic because the League had made a breakthrough and had spent the majority of the night brainstorming, or it had been a night of arguments, fights, and the occasional maiming.

Judging from the way Billy slumped down on the couch, Moist assumed it was the latter.

"Rough night?" He asked, hoping to get some information from Billy without triggering a tirade.

The villain sighed. "Not really . . . I mean, the meeting itself was okay, but . . ." He shook his head and said, "They gave me a 'special job'." He spat out the last two words, his voice dripping with disgust.

Uh oh. What was that supposed to mean?

"Do you . . . want some tea?" Moist asked, trying to lift the cloud of gloom that had descended upon his friend. Billy nodded and Moist went to the kitchen to put the kettle on before returning to the couch.

"So, what kind of job?" Moist asked, trying to prod Billy into telling him the whole story.

Laughing harshly, Billy growled, "Just some stupid little trip I need to take. It's one of those jobs that everybody hates because they interfere with their personal schemes, so they force it on the new guy--me."

The tea pot began to whistle (Moist had just finished making himself some ramen noodles, so the oven top was still hot), and Moist jumped up and went into the kitchen. Billy followed, still talking. So much for avoiding a rant.

"Apparently there's another group of villains. Well, they're not really a group because they're continuously screwing each other over. I mean, they're not an organization like the League. There's just a lot of them clustered in this one city. The League wants me to play the messenger boy and go scout out possible new members of the League."

"So you're gonna be like that guy that hangs out at the mall and tries to get juvenile delinquents to join the army?"

"Yeah, basically."

Moist handed the other villain the mug of tea and asked, "What city is it?"

Billy took a sip of the minty brew, shivering in delight as the hot liquid rushed down his throat. Moist made the best damn tea. Finally, he replied,

"Gotham. Gotham City."


So there you have it. This thing really has no plot. It was just an idea that I wrote out on a whim. I don't know if it will go anywhere, although I do have a few scenes in mind. Suggestions are welcomed and loved.