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"They were dead when we found them." The Anbu captain stated as he handed Sakura a torn blood stained pack. "We were probably only minutes too late. But the autopsy should reveal exact time of death."

Sakura couldn't move from the doorway as the Anbu turned and walked away. A 'few' minutes late? Really? Is that all? The irony of that one sentence tore at her heart as her eyes fixated on the three bodies laid out on stretchers side by side on the floor. It can't be possible can it? The smell of blood, dirt and sweat washed over her. She swallowed back the bile that rose to her throat clutching the bag tighter in her hand before letting it fall to the floor. Then slowly, one weighted step after another. It's not.....there's no way.

But it was. Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke laid before her, pale, breathless, lifeless. Blood stained, ripped clothing, torn and bruised flesh. Her heart frantically beat against her ribcage and her body trembled. It wasn't real, there was just no way it was real.

"You can't die." She whispered sinking to her knees. "Come on Naruto." Reaching out, giving his leg a small shake. "You're gonna be Hokage remember. You can't just......." Her words faded, as she bunched the torn cloth in her hand. His body remained stiff and unmoving, there wasn't even a trace of chakra flowing through him.

Her chest tightened and she squeezed her eyes shut. Hoping that maybe this was just a bad dream and soon she would wake up. With the sound of her heart beat echoing in her ears her grip loosened, her hand falling limp against her lap.

"How could you? You idiots?" she whispered. Anger, resentment, hatred........agony, anguish, heartbreak. All her emotions running in different directions, till finally she felt just completely helpless. A single tear escaped and trickled slowly down her cheek.

"Dr. Haruno?" A soft voice said from the doorway. "Should I call another doctor in to do the......"

"No" Her voice cracked. "I'll do it."

Sakura shot upwards, breathing raged and drenched in a cold sweat. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. That was the third night in a row she's had the same nightmare and every night it only seems to become more and more real. She plopped her head back down and let it sink into her pillow. A shiver ran through her body, she could still see them lying there, if she didn't know any better she would say she could even smell the blood they were drenched in.

The first night she had the dream she woke up screaming, tears streaming down her face. But now, though the images and even the thought of it happening were still bothersome, she was beginning to notice things that were....a little off.

She knows it's not real, but in the dream she always wishes to herself that it's just a bad dream. And the one thing that makes her hair stand on end is, she never actually gets as far as doing the autopsy, but she can remember doing it. Another chill ran over her. "Get a hold of yourself." She mumbled as she sat up. "You know it's not real." Of course she knew that, but then why was there this hollow feeling swallowing her heart.

"It's your turn to pay isn't Kakashi?" Naruto made it sound more like a fact then an actual question.

"Hmm." Kakashi thought for a moment as he placed his chopsticks into the empty bowl in front of him. "I think it's Sasuke's turn actually."

"It is?" Naruto asked looking at the Uchiha.

"No" Sasuke countered. "It's Kakashi's turn."

Naruto frowned and turned back towards Kakashi only to find his seat empty. "Hey! Where the hell......" He looked back to Sasuke only to find his seat vacant as well. He let out an aggravated breath before muttering. "Not again"

"I'll pay." A cheery voice sounded from behind him. He turned on his stool and smiled at Sakura. She had hold of the vests of the two men who tried to run out on him.

Kakashi frowned "Sakura you really don't..."

She let the two men go and waved her hand dismissingly. "I don't mind. I haven't seen you guys in awhile. The least I can do is buy you lunch." She began digging in her pocket.

Sasuke raised a skeptical brow. "What's the catch?"

Freezing for moment after hearing his words, Sakura pulled out the money and set it on the counter before sending him a smile. "No catch. Just thought I'd be nice."

"Thanks Sakura!" Naruto chimed and jumped from his stool. "Why don't you come train with us for a bit?" He nodded his head towards Sasuke. "I'm getting bored kicking his butt all the time."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and Sakura laughed. "That's ok. I'm actually on my lunch break right now. I gotta get back to work soon. But thanks for asking."

"Oh" Naruto's disappointed expression made her smile.

Her suddenly fidgeting fingers came up and tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "When's your next mission?" She then bit her lip, seeming anxious to hear the answer.

"We're off for awhile." Kakashi sounded pleased. "Things are slow right now."

Sakura tried to hide her smile but nodded."I better get going." She then said suddenly. Then without warning she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Naruto, then quickly doing the same to other two. Taking a few steps back she gave them a smile they hadn't ever seen from her before. Then she turned and hurried down the street.

"That was odd." Kakashi noted out loud as the three watched her disappear around the corner.

Sakura sighed as she plopped into her office chair. She hadn't seen them in such a long time she was really tempted to go train with them, but she had work to do and now that she confirmed that they weren't going to be in danger anytime soon she didn't have to worry about that horrible dream anymore. Maybe she had went too far by hugging them, all three of them went a little tense at the sudden action, but feeling the warmth of their bodies set her at ease.

A growling noise broke through the silent room. She frowned and splayed her hand over her stomach. She had skipped breakfast running late and now she missed lunch because she went searching for them. Maybe she'd have a free moment later to sneak out and grab something quick. She glanced down at the files piled on her desk. "Or maybe not." She mumbled.

"Didn't anyone ever teach you it's bad to skip meals?"

She yelped and spun in her chair to find Kakashi leaning against the frame of her open window. She let a out a breath and placed her hand over her chest. "Don't do that. You scared the hell out me."

Kakashi chuckled at jumped through the window. He then pulled out a small brown bag and tossed it on her desk. "I brought you some lunch."

She spun back around and stared at the bag. "You didn't have to. I'm really not all that hun....." The loud growling noise coming from her stomach silenced her words and cause him to laugh yet again. She frowned. "Aren't you suppose to be training?" She said irritated.

He plopped down in one the chairs then casually brought his feet up placing them on the edge of her desk. "You don't look very happy today Sakura. Something bothering you?"

Sakura stilled as a chill ran through her body. This was familiar somehow. She shook it off and glared at him. "Nothing's bothering me, unless you count yourself of course."

"Ouch." He gave a fake wince of pain as if she just slapped him. "Here a little while ago you acted like you were never gonna see us.............Sakura?"

The bag she held in her hand dropped to the floor and her face went pale. Her eyes fixated on her the visible edge of something gold sticking out from beneath a file.

Kakashi lowered his feet and sat up. "What's wrong?"

Her heart began race as she reached out with a shaky hand and brushed aside the paper.

"Dr. Haruno, the Anbu are here with causalities."

"The autopsy results showed that they were killed instantly from an explotion."

"Aren't you lonely?"

"Do you miss us Sakura?"

"It's a little late to start worrying about how I'll do without you guys around isn't it?"

"It was a shock for everyone, but I can't imagine how much it has affected you."

"It's my duty to properly fill out the death certificates."

"How am I ever suppose to accept the fact I have to bury you three tomorrow if your right here in front of me?"

"Please don't cry."

"If you do, there's no way for me to comfort you."

"What if I told you there was a way you could fix it?"

"What if you could change the past and save us?"

"All you have to do is say yes or no. Would you take the chance?"

"Take this."

"It can't be." Her hushed voice was shaky. These images, these memories rushed through her mind as if they only happened yesterday. A tear trickled down her cheek as she realized that it wasn't just a memory, she had lived through those events. Her hand grazed the raised design of the gold medallion. "It really did work." She then jumped when a hand settled on her shoulder. She spun around to see Kakashi kneeling next her.

"Are you ok?"

Her breath hitched and before she knew it she reached out and cupped his cheeks in her hands. He froze and his visible eye went wide as her misty eyes searched his face, her thumbs gently stroking down his cheeks. "You''re really alive?"

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