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The trees rustled and the dark leaves swayed with lazy movements. It was as if they were mocking me. I rung my hands in anticipation and I bounced on the tip of my feet. The moonlight shone on Emily's ruined face and I turned to her slowly.

"Relax, Tala they will be here soon," Emily said, laughing.

"I want to get this over with. Bella's like my sister I lived with her for a year, now she's with a bloodsucker," I hissed. Paul stood protectively by my side, the only Pack member not phased.

"They're here," Paul, stated emotionlessly.

I looked into the distance and if I squinted I could see the white figures approaching. I tossed my jet-black hair over my shoulder and let my fist clench, a few seconds later they were before us. Bella held onto her bloodsucker's hand tightly as if she were afraid. I didn't like vampires, and I didn't really like any of the Cullen's except for Rose. Well I had once liked Rose, we were best friends, then I found out what she was and Paul didn't want me around her anymore…or Bella really. (Even though he tried to hide it.)

"Hi Tala," Bella said meekly. The sight of those two together made my anger bubble to the surface. My hand sought Paul's in the darkness and I let out a small sigh when my fingertips touched hot flesh.

"Hi bloodsucker- fucker," I answered. Paul coughed to hide his chuckle, Emily laughed, the Pack seemed to smile—except Jacob, and all the vampires let out small gasps. The whole point of this stupid meeting was so Bella and I could talk.

"Don't be like that Tally! You haven't even given him a chance," she whispered.

"Ok lets get a couple things straight, one—why would I want to give a vampire who has properly seduced you a chance? Two—you can talk in a normal voice the only people who will have trouble hearing you are Emily and I, and lastly you lost the privilege of calling me 'Tally' when you started dating the number one biggest threat to society, rather then myself of course. I'm scared for your life!"

Bella sunk back like I'd slapped her and the vampire she held on to looked severely pissed.

"The Cullen's are good people! If anything I should be scared for your life! Your dating the most unstable, young, ill tempered, WEREWOLF you could ever find!" she shrieked at me. I tilted my head as if I was thinking about it and then—I lunged at her.

I felt warm hands grab me by the waist in mid-air. "Let go off me!" I screamed at Paul, my arms flailing uselessly. "Bella your such a bitch!" Paul's hands secured my own and held them by my side. His body shook with the tremors that rocked through him and by extension, me. The Pack looked scared for me, but I was just annoyed that my twitching fingers wouldn't find the target of Bella's face. I took a deep breath.

"See? Unstable," stated the bronze haired vamp that Bella clung to. A vicious growl erupted from Paul's mouth and I cringed away from the overwhelming noise. The Pack was growling in union now, trying to calm Paul's trembling frame. His hands vanished from around me and he disappeared into the woods.

"You know what Bella? You can go rot in hell along with your killer boyfriend. Everyone sees you as the perfect kid well I see right through you. You're a bitch and when your little Romeo over here can't control himself and bites you dad or something don't come crying to me when Paul has to eliminate him," I thundered. Bella's mouth opened in a silent scream of horror as I turned on my heel. I felt the eyes on me as I opened driver's side of Sam and Emily's car. Emily shot Sam a glance in the night and then scurried over to the passenger's side. I twisted the key in the ignition and smiled as the new engine roared to life. "The Cullen's" looked mad, The Pack ran into the forest looking for Paul no doubt, and Emily and I were gone, racing back to her house.

"So…that was intense," Emily started, tapping the glass of the window with her fingernail.

"No babe, that's Friday night," I responded hotly. Her laugh seemed to ring through the small car. I was going way to fast, 110 MPH down the 50 MPH zone. By instinct I started towards the cliffs, heading for the home Paul and I shared until Emily stopped me.

"Tala the house!" she called still laughing.

"Crap," I muttered, turning sharply into the gravel driveway. Embry, Jacob, Quil, Sam, and Paul stood in the front yard. I should have known they would beat us here. I wondered where Seth and Leah had vanished too. The boy's chest were bare and Paul had on faded blue jeans. God he was hot.



I heard the car door slam, crystal clear. Then again I'd heard the car from a block away. I turned my head ever so slightly and I saw Tala hopping out of the car. She pressed a button on the keys and the car beeped before she threw them to Sam.

"You ok?" she asked, genuine concern coloring her tone as she made her way towards me. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. "You sure?" she coaxed, pressing a hand to my heart and letting the other wound around my neck. Instead of answering I kissed her, letting my lips linger on her soft skin before sliding my tongue into her mouth. The embrace lasted a while, before Tala whimpered in longing, causing the guys to laugh. She pulled away from me quickly, embarrassed. I slung an arm over her shoulder and pressed her closer to me. I inhaled the scent of her. Tala smelled like the ocean, the ocean and the earth. She was beautiful in every sense of the word.

Her black hair was in a tight bun, so I could better gaze upon her face, but her bangs still fell onto her forehead in wisps. Her lips were set in a soft pout, and her hazel eyes rested on Emily. Emily is talking I realized.

"…So since they'll be on patrol all night, Kim's coming over and everything, I see no reason for you not to come!"

"Yeah but they'll come home at like two in the morning so it's not all night," Tala muttered.

"Ok then…Jared and Paul will just come to our house to get you guys then, or we can have a group sleep over," Emily rambled, obviously not too fond of idea of Tala in our house alone. I agreed with that sentiment but I didn't know how much safer she'd be with Emily and Kim. If it wasn't a vampire or werewolf she was up against Tala could handle herself.

"What do you think baby?" Tala asked turning to me.

"I think you should go. Have fun," I added with a smile.

"Will you come get me after?" she asked, smirking now.

"Naturally," I returned.

"Now that that's settled can we get a move on?" Sam asked. Tala scowled and I pressed my lips to hers.

"Love you, be safe," she breathed against my mouth.

"I'll do my best…and love you too," I whispered back when I was sure my Pack was out of earshot. I gave her one last kiss before bounding into the trees, missing her already.


Tala's POV:

Emily's kitchen was bright and open, even when the rest of the house was black because we hadn't bothered to turn on a light switch there. "Em you got any vodka?" I asked, already opening drawers.

"Yeah above the stove," she replied.

"Nice jeans Tala," another voice called. Why hadn't I noticed Kim's presence?"

"Thanks Hun," I answered, pulling the vodka down from the cabinet. "Ya'll want some?" I asked grabbing two shot glasses and a regular cup.

"Sure," they chimed in union. I was kind of surprised Emily wanted some; she's like the mama of The Pack. Not me though. She'd always just be my best friend.

I poured the fire liquid into the shot glasses and passed them to the girls, and then I filled the cup completely.

"Paul is gonna be really happy when he comes to get you isn't he?" Kim asked.

"Paul's always happy to see me, but yeah I'm going to be wasted and horny," I joked taking a gulp of my drink, and enjoying the burn. I watched as Emily sucked on her shot and eventually drained the glass.

"More please!" she sang. I noted that Kim hadn't drunk hers…



"AH! Yeah Emily take it off," Tala said screaming with laughter. Something that sounded like stripper music played in the background, seeming to shake the house.

"I think you've taken enough off for the both of us," Emily said between spasms of giggles. Oh God, I thought, phasing immediately back into my natural form once Sam gave the ok and did the same. I grabbed my jeans and threw them on before racing into the house. Sam and Jared were hot on my trail, but the others remained outside.

"Paul's here!" Tala exclaimed, jumping up and down. The only clothes that remained on her were her undergarments, and her hair was now out of it's holds plastered to her face and flowing down her back. The black, hot pink trimmed bra restrained her breast as best it could when they bounced as she announced my return. Thankfully, her panties looked more like booty shorts, but it still showed too much skin for my liking—in front of others anyway. Thankfully, the others were either girls or imprinted. Tala did a cartwheel to get closer to me and I caught a flash of nipple as she landed before me. Her russet skin, lighter then mine, was intoxicating. Her shirt was slung over a lamp nearby and I grabbed it quickly.

"Put this on," I hissed at her.

"Oh no! Are you mad at me? Kim! Kim! He's mad! He's not happy!" she groaned. I almost laughed—almost.

"She's a hoot," Emily said, not able to rain in her own laughter.

"Really Tala? Maybe it will help if I told him that you've been asking for him since your second glass of vodka," Kim chuckled, as Jared helped her put on her jacket.

"He's mad," Tala cried again. She fell onto the couch with a muted thud and brushed the hair from the left side of her face, and then she flipped it so her shoulder was bare. My eyes traveled lower and now I could see the airbrushed-looking star tattoo peaking out of the waistband of her underwear. I felt myself begin to harden at the sight.

"Time to go," I grumbled, grabbing her elbow and hauling her off the couch. She stumbled slightly, and then taking another step almost completely fell. "Oh God," I huffed. I opened my arms to her and a look of understanding came over her face. With one delicate pounce she was in my arms, legs wrapped around my waist with a cobra's hold.

"Look Paul I'm a vampire," she whispered, biting playfully at my neck.

"Not funny," I muttered, stepping out the front door and waving good-bye to the Jake, Collin, Brady, and Embry.

"But kinda sexy right?" she purred. I couldn't meet her piercing eyes as I put her in the passenger's seat of our car.

"Very sexy, but just because it's you, not the vampire shit," I relented, getting in the driver's seat and starting the car.

"Oh God," Tala said almost hardly audible.

"What did you just say?" I asked, raising my eyebrows, and stepping on the gas as we raced down the street.

"You fucking heard me, Paul," she practically moaned. My head snapped to the right to look at her and my mouth popped open in a silent cry of longing. Tala's underwear were lying on the floor of my old black Volvo, her legs were spread and elevated on my dashboard as her index finger circled her clit. My cock twitched. How did she do that so fast?

By instinct I sped up the car trying to get home faster. "Are we in a bit of a hurry Paul?" Tala asked seductively. I laughed a nervous laugh as she her thumb began to stroke the growing lump in my pants. The tendons in my hands stuck out when my hold on the steering wheel tightened, as she unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans.

"Paul you taste so fucking good," she whispered, her tongue kissing the head of my cock. My right hand tangled in her hair as her head began to bob up and down, taking me almost completely in her mouth. "Your huge," she complained, licking down my length and then letting her wet tongue lightly brushing my balls before returning her attention to my tip.

"Fuck," I cried surging upwards. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat, and then heard the muffled gag before her hands pushed my hips back with what she called force. "Sorry baby," I apologized.

"Your fine. Oh and you passed the house," she added, looking around.

"Fuck," I muttered again. I turned the car around quickly; grabbing her arm so the cars jerk didn't make her hit the window.



I couldn't help but smile seeing Paul's eager expression as he sat down on the bed. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra with practiced hands. I sauntered over to Paul and straddled him, completely naked in the cold night air. His lips found mine with ease, and I deepened the kiss when his fingertips brushed my nipples, making them tighten instantly. His hot skin felt amazing against mine and I couldn't help but moan into his mouth when I felt his fingers at the lips of my pussy, spreading me to his liking.

I didn't want him to stop touching me and an involuntary frown was plastered on my face when he stopped to remove his jeans. Paul chuckled and I remembered that he could see me perfectly in the darkness; as soon as his pants hit the floor his fingers continued to probe me, two pumping in and out with fast movements, his thumb jamming into my clit.

"Paul I'm gonna collapse," I warned as I felt the pleasure escalating. Amazing orgasms and alcohol don't mix well—wait that's a lie… either way, my knees were going to buckle. I could practically feel his smirk as his free arm wound around my waist to lift me carefully on the bed. I had to admire his technique, because as he did this, his other hand never stopped working. I let one of my hands clutch the sheets as Paul removed his thumb from my bundle of nerves and replaced it with his tongue.

"Oh shit," I murmured, my other hand winding in his hair and urging him closer.

"Damn you taste great," he answered, burying his face even further inside me.

"Oh good doggy," I said through clenched teeth as he continued to lap at my warmth. Paul's only reaction to my comment was curving his pumping fingers so they went directly into my G-spot. He knows me way to well, I thought bitterly as the muscles in my legs began to clench when the spasms began to rock through me. "Stop," I begged, not sure I could take the ecstasy that was now crashing over me in almost overwhelming waves. He moved faster, his tongue flicking across my clit and drinking in my wetness with inhuman speed. "S-s-top," I stuttered out even though my body was being racked with mind-blowing orgasms. Just as I reached my peak, the high of all highs, he stopped before I could ride it out.

"What the hell?" I demanded, not even enough energy to sit up.

"You said stop," he grunted, moving to enter me.

"Paul no! Not so soon, I'm utterly sp—" but it was too late he was inside me, beginning to thrust with irresistible movements. I moaned as he pulled me on top of him, no longer giving me the luxury of lying down to enjoy the sensations all the more, and more importantly to hide my face. This angle also let him bury himself deeper within my folds and as soon as I was angled to his liking I couldn't stop the profanity that escaped my lips.

"Fuck." Ever since the first time we'd made love I never felt completely whole except when Paul was filling me like this, so completely. I feel his lips brush my collarbone, and his strong hands grasping my waist, supporting my weight completely.

"I love you," he murmurs, so softly I can't be sure it was real. My fingers go to his hair again and I throw back my head as he shoves into me particularly hard. Then I feel it, the sweet fire that starts in the apex of my thighs and spreads throughout my entire being. My walls clench around Paul and he moans in pleasure but he doesn't cum. I knew he wouldn't, he has amazing stamina but I'm tired.

"Paul," I gasp, my fingernails drive into his flesh as I cum violently on him. He's panting lightly, and I know he's close. The fire's starting again, threatening to overcome me completely. In record time my walls are clenching around him again, this is what he needs, and we come together, screaming out each other's name. I'm sweating and my breathing is ragged. I fall off of Paul my body was limp. If not before, I am now completely spent. My eyes close without my permission as soon as my head hits the pillow. I feel his arms wrap around me and I nuzzle my head into the crook of his neck with much effort. I'm burning up, his body heat is too much to bear and the sheets are covering me. Seeming to read my mind he pushes the sheets off of me and with barley jostling me, opens the window. Now I'm pressing myself into him, the perfect night. Or so I thought, until I heard the howling outside.

I knew it was pointless but my hold on him tightens. "No, Please no," I begged. I hated it every single time he had to leave, but I absolutely loathed it when he had to leave after we had sex. It made me feel used, and abandoned more then ever.

"You no I have to," Paul said softly, he sounded pained. On pure will power alone I relaxed my hands, which clung to him so desperately. He got up slowly. The bed squeaked as he dismounted and I forced my eyes open as he bent down to look at me.

"I really, really, really love you," Paul whispered, kissing my forehead lightly. I sighed angrily as the howls erupted in the night again. Just like that he was gone, disappearing out the window with one last apologetic glance. I pressed a hand to my cheek and then taking a deep breath forced myself out of the relaxing bed and went to the bathroom. I turned the shower on and stepped into the cold water. I scrubbed at my skin washing away the 'used' feeling as the water turned to a scalding hot. I didn't move to turn it down, the ridiculous warmth reminded me of Paul. I grabbed the washcloth that hung around the nozzle and doused it in boiling water before bringing it to my face. Two coats of shampoo and one coat of conditioner later I forced myself away from the comfort the shower offered. Stepping out onto the fluffy pink rug I had bought solely to annoy Paul I draped the snow-white towel around my body, taking the smaller version of said towel to wrap around my sopping hair. As I moved forward, off the bubble gum colored rug the tiles of the bathroom floor were cold on my feet. I scurried onto the carpet of my bedroom and noticed my phone was vibrating. Without checking the caller ID I flipped it open, thankful to have caught it before the last ring.

"Hello?" I chirped.

"Tala?" came Bella's timid voice.

"What do you want?" I demanded shock the only thing that kept me from hanging up my phone.

"Please just hear me out! Tala you were like my sister! Please don't let all that go downhill because you don't agree with my decision on…um…Edward," she pleaded in a rush.

"Bella, I don't know. It's just too hard," I croaked, suddenly longing for old times when everything was simple, I didn't know about vampires, and Rose and Bella were just my good friends that for some reason couldn't stand each other. Now both of them were my enemies and I hated it.

"The Tala I knew never turned something down because it was hard. Please? I miss you. Just come and visit." She whispered.

"Bella…I…I don't have much free time. Paul wouldn't want me around you," I said, feeling ashamed at how much control Paul held over me.

"Well were is he now?" Bella said smartly.

"On patrol," I said instantly.

"Then come now! I'm at the Cullen's but at least this way you could see Rose too—without Paul. I promise they're safe! They're good people. I mean think about it, all the times Rose had you alone—never once did she come close to hurting you." Bella rambled.

I didn't know how much time I had left before Paul would return but all the other times it's been at least four hours. My mind was now painfully alert, the grogginess from sleep and alcohol somehow vanishing regrettably. I bit my lip with the inner conflict. I had missed Bella and Rose desperately, and now, pettily, I wanted to do something rebelliously like this to almost get back at Paul for leaving, though I knew he had no choice.

"See you in fifteen," I say clicking the phone shut.



I felt the normal fire that heat my muscles, and then I'm Phased.

What is it? I ask in time with Jacob. We trot to where the entire Pack is gathered, and reach it at around the same time.

As you know, Bella and Edward's wedding is next week. I want to go and look around the Cullen's house. Make sure it will be safe—as safe as it can be with a houseful of vampires—and maybe have a chat with Edward. None of us want a replay of tonight with Tala and Bella. I want all the Pack there just in case they try something, though I doubt it, and any thoughts? Sam drawled.

Separate growls erupted and a few groans but rather then that no one said anything. Sam didn't really give us time to. He takes the lead, Jacob at his heel. I fall behind Jacob, thankful when we cut through the woods. It will save more time and I can get home to Tala faster. Tala… I quickly cut off the thought and start thinking about football.

Paul I don't get why you don't just tell Tala what happened.

Shut up Leah.

What? It's a huge revelation! You are the first known Pack Member to imprint after you dated her for a while. It's like you fell in imprint.

Shut up Leah. Truth be told I didn't want Tala to feel like she had to stay with me just because I imprinted. She has a choice, no strings attached.

Aw so sickeningly romantic. You were better before.

Shut up Leah.

Both of you shut up! Sam roared. I hadn't been looking around us. Now I saw we were maybe fifty yards from the Cullen's. If I listen I can already hear voices from inside the disgusting house. I growl despite myself. I hate vampires.

"He'll still smell it!" Bella's light voice rang. Bella was there? It's like four in the morning.

"Yeah he's a werewolf you won't lose the scent with ease." A deeper voice added.

"I'll burn my clothes if I have to." My mind refused to work, I refused to accept what I already knew, and my feet sped towards the voice that sounded a thousand times better then angels singing.

PAUL STOP! I whimpered when Sam's voice sounded in my head. I froze mid-step.

It's her I said, stunned. The Pack seemed to nod in agreement but I had to wait, now only about twenty yards from the bright white door.

Don't do anything rash. Sam growled.

Fine can we go get my girlfriend out of the houseful of death bringers now? I thundered, anger pulsing in my every word.

Since the other option is risking Tala's life, and having you resent me forever, …yes. That's all it took; one small word that sent me surging towards the house full of vampires, the Pack right behind me.

"Tala what do you do when Paul and you fight?" Edward asked suddenly, in an almost scared voice.

"Uh… we yell, and throw things, and then we have make up sex and get over it," Tala said in a serious tone. Vampire laughs sounded from all around but I knew they heard our footsteps and smelled us. I could tell by the almost undetectable undertone to her voice that Tala felt awkward


What's going on? Why is she with them? She snuck out of the house? What the hell? If they hurt my imprint I swear to God…

"Brace yourself," Edward warned, about five seconds before I hit the door, full force, tearing it from its hinges. None of the leeches looked even slightly surprised, but Bella and Tala screamed.

"Oh my God," Tala groaned in a terrified voice. I growled up at the blonde vampire, she was closest to her. Her eyes narrowed but she took a step back.

"Translate for him," Tala demanded Edward in a small voice. The vamp exhaled but looked at me as if concentrating.

What the hell are you doing here? My own voice rumbled inside my head.

Relax. I was only mildly aware of Sam's voice when I heard the bronze haired mind reader repeat my words—though he edited the cursing. Tala gulped and then answered—

"I just wanted to see Bella and Rose" she squeaked. "I didn't think you'd let me come to and from Forks as I pleased so I decided to keep it from the Pack, just this once I mean I don't like feeling controlled…" she let the rest of her sentence trail of when a growl sounded throughout the Pack, mine the loudest.

Paul we need to leave now! I don't trust your temper and I don't want you to hurt your imprint, it's not a good feeling Sam said in a low voice, mentally wincing at the last part, images of years back as he attacked the love of his life flooded his mind, washing through the rest of the Pack's mind as well. His voice was colored with authority and I had no choice but to obey. I took one last fleeting glance at Tala as I trudged after the rest of my Pack, staring at all the vampires in turn, daring them to touch her.



"You knew!" I accused, my outrage seeping into my words. All the leeches hung their heads, refusing to meet my eye. I had made leeway, I was starting, very slightly, to accept Bella's decision, and reaccept Rose, and maybe the rest of the 'family'. Yeah that was over.

"Rose?" I hissed. Rose was my best friend, along with Emily and Bella. Or at least she used to be. So how could she have let this happen?

"Sorry, Tala," she murmured.

"Sorry? You're sorry?" I said, my hysteria coming out.

"We're all sorry Tala we thought he would find out anyway. We had no idea how mad Paul would be and we certainly had no idea he imprinted on you!" Edward said calmly.

"What are you talking about? Paul hasn't imprinted on me," I said almost bitterly.

"Yes he did," Edward replied patiently, lifting an eyebrow in a knowing way.

That's when it hit me. Edward read Paul's mind. He had imprinted on me, just never told me. But then Edward knew Paul didn't tell me… He was giving me something to use as leverage for the fight with Paul. Even though Edward couldn't read my mind (guess Bella and I have a few things in common) I knew that he knew I understood.

"I have to go," I barked, grabbing my jacket and racing towards the door.

"Tala wait!" Rosalie pleaded. I felt her frosty hands on my shoulder, holding me in place. One of my hands was on the doorknob, my other tightening its hold on my jacket.

"Let go of me," I said deliberately, my eyes staring at her fingers like they were radioactive. She hesitated and then let her hand drop.

"Tala!" Bella called after me.

"I'll…see you later," I said through clenched teeth


My legs were quivering lightly as I stepped into the old truck. He had imprinted on me? No way. That's…um…awesome? Hadn't I always wanted this? I wanted Paul to be mine forever, yes, but now it seemed…different. Why hadn't he told me?



My mind was still fogged with questions when Tala walked in. She dropped her keys on the white counter and stormed past me like she was mad. I was absolutely fuming. Not only had she put herself in danger but completely lied to not only me but the entire Pack. My body was shaking only lightly, yet I waited a few seconds before following her into our living room.

"What were you thinking?" I said, forcing a calm tone into my voice.

"I was thinking that I wanted to see my friends! I just moved down to La Push thinking it would be temporary. Rose and Bella were my friends first: before you were there. For God's sake, I lived with Charlie for six years, Bella one year, and I should be allowed to see them," she lashed out, as if her answer was prepared previously.

"Ok. Tala you could have told me. I would have taken you! Instead you went into a house full of leeches alone," I said deliberately, pressing my fingers forcefully to my temple, trying to calm myself.

"Well why did I have to tell you?" she said carelessly.

"Um let's see… so you'll be safe!" I thundered, now throwing my hands in the air and ignoring my trembling frame. "So you won't die! So I won't have to live without you! And since when do we keep secrets?" A smirk appeared on her breathtaking face as if I had said exactly what she had anticipated.

"You know I didn't think we kept secrets either," she said softly.

"What are you—…" then it clicked, the mind reading leech, my imprint.

"Why didn't you tell me?' she said aggressively. "What were you gaining at keeping it hushed up? Huh? And if your going to keep a secret that seriously concerns me I feel no shame about going over to the Cullen's without telling you when it in no way concerned you!" Tala spat.

"DOESN'T CONCERN ME?" I shouted in a voice that boomed throughout our small house. Tala didn't move a muscle.

"That's right." She replied in a strangled voice. "Just butt the hell out," she demanded, turning to stride from the room. I couldn't stop myself I lunged forward. My hand locked around her small wrist and yanked her towards me. Tala crashed against my hard chest. She looked up slowly, glaring at me with such anger filled eyes my inner rage ignited once again.

"Everything you do is a concern to me. You will not go over there again," I said in a dangerous voice, so cold I hardly recognized it as my own.

"Don't you dare try to tell me what I can and cannot do." She whispered angrily. For a moment I questioned why her body seemed to be shuddering so uncontrollably, until I realized that it was only because she was pressed against me. I released one of her wrist to slap her hard across the face. To me it had been quite gentle but it made a loud whacking sound that barley registered with me as I grabbed up her wrist once again. Tala wasn't backing down from me. The red handprint on her stunning face was shining against her deeply tanned skin. A look of determination was set on her face, blazing in her eyes and I had the sneaking suspicion that she was trying not to cry. I tried, and failed to rain in my fury. Tala didn't make a move to get away from me; she didn't so much as struggle to get out of my (what I knew to be) ridiculously strong grip.

"I will tell you, and you will obey," I hissed, tightening my grip on her before I slung her away from me, barley noting the loud thud as she hit the wall. I was hardly out the door when I felt the heat signifying my eruption into my wolf form.



I slumped to the ground in a miserable heap as the weight of what had just happened sunk in. My shoulder hurt, and burned like fire from where I hit the wall and both my wrist were bruised terribly, his fingerprints etched into my skin. My cheek stung something awful but this was kid stuff for me. I'd had worse from my stepfather when I was a child, much worse, but this hurt worse— much worse. I actually loved Paul. I knew it was wrong to let myself love. I couldn't help it. In his defense Paul didn't know about the awful beatings my seemingly perfect- Elder step-dad handed out so many years ago, but I had trusted him. I had trusted Paul, never to lay a hand on me in a negative way.

I grunted with the effort of standing and trudged towards my room. My eyelids were heavy now, protesting to reopen each time I blinked. I threw a pillow outside the room and smiled when it landed on the small jean couch in our living room.

Then I shut the door to our bedroom, hoping Paul would take the hint and stay on the couch tonight. I put on my flannel pajamas and fell onto the soft bed. My foot brushed something wet and I flinched away. I looked down, yawning, and was reminded of the mind-blowing sex we'd had. A wave of shock rocked through me when it truly hit that a few hours ago Paul and I had been making love. I thought seriously about getting up and changing the sheets, but eventually dismissed the thought. My eyes closed and sleep claimed me.

It was still early when I woke up. I'd only gotten about four hours of sleep; and only now did I realize how much damage Paul had caused. My dreams had been blurred with images of his enraged face, and the ringing noise that had filled my ears when I slammed against the wall. I stripped myself of my top and studied the damage in my bathroom mirror. My fingers slid across the deep black, blue, and even a little red that patterned my shoulder and some of my back. I pushed on my bruise lightly and realized that my shoulder was dislocated. I gritted my teeth and pushed. With a pop it snapped back into place. I grabbed the sink to steady myself as the pain coursed through my body. There was a shadow of a bruise across my cheek yet since it was my face it was especially sensitive.

I tore myself from the mirror and started shuffling through my drawers. I pulled out a jean mini skirt, and moved to take out one of my strapless shirts but thought harder about the bruise and yanked out a light, long-sleeved blue shirt. I tugged them on thoughtlessly and pulled my hair into a perky ponytail. This outfit wasn't really me but I didn't care. I rotated my arm and felt my shoulder blade move. I winced still sore. When I peeked cautiously out my door I was pleased to see that Paul wasn't there. It was Saturday, no work. I didn't feel very hopeful that Paul wouldn't pop up at some point, and I didn't feel like seeing him. I contemplated it for a moment before snatching up my keys and driving towards Emily's.

It was raining out and the water hit my windshield in great globs. I squinted to see through it and made a mental note to ask Paul to go and get the windshield wiper fixed. I turned into Emily's driveway and checked my watch. It was only ten but I knew she'd be up and about. I gave the door three loud rasps. Imagine my surprise when Paul's topless form opened the door.

"Oh," I breathed, taking in his appearance. There were bags under his eyes that couldn't be from lack of sleep since he didn't need that much anyway. He looked haggard to a new degree, and tracks were on his cheeks, left over by the tears. Not even my arm protesting in pain could stop me from falling onto his chest and winding my upper limbs around him. He sighed and buried his nose in my hair, then he breathed deeply against my hair and hugged me to him, kissing the top of my head.

"I'm so sorry," he said softly. I nodded into his chest and kissed the smooth skin there.

"Ok," I relented having forgiven him the second I saw how much it had troubled him. I felt his finger being placed under my chin and then the added pressure as he made me look up at him.

"Really," he mouthed. I nodded, standing on my tiptoes to brush his lips against mine. Paul seemed startled by this sudden display of affection but was far from rejecting it as he pressed his mouth hungrily to mine.

"You're kissing him?" someone said loudly. I looked around Paul and saw Kim; standing there with her mouth hanging open.

"Mind your own damn business Kim," Paul said warningly.

"Lay off my girl!" Jared screamed from the kitchen, the same warning tone in his voice.

"Are you kidding me Tally? He beat you," Kim continued.

"I wouldn't call that a beating. It could have been worse," I interjected.

"Yeah. So let's just wait around until it does get worse why don't we?" she shot back.

"There's no 'we' in this you can take off any time," I said grudgingly. Kim looked terribly offended but I just rolled my eyes at her, moving from the doorstep to find Emily in the kitchen. The unscarred side of her face lit up when she saw me only to transform again when Kim walked into the room. Jared was balancing on two legs of a chair, Sam was just behind Emily looking weary, Paul and Jared were trailing in slowly, and Jared and I were the only ones not glaring at Kim.

"What exactly did I miss?" I wondered aloud. Emily flashed a look at me and opened her mouth to answer just as my cell phone buzzed; signifying the call I was receiving.

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