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Tala POV:

I was angry. And I'm not talking about the light, whispery type of anger. No, I'm referring to the type of anger that pulses through your veins and makes you want to justify ripping someone's head clean off. Was it because my little sister had moved into my home and constantly tormented anyone around her? No. Is it because Paul has been forced to run double Patrol now that Sam's Pack has now separated from Jake, Seth, and Leah? No. I'm angry because I haven't had sex in a very, very long time.

Paul was so depressed about my whole FBI stunt that whenever he was home he slunk around the house like a wounded puppy, avoiding Adrian to the best of his ability. I assumed that the only thing that kept him speaking to me was the imprint which hurt more than I ever thought it could. I wasn't sure which part bothered him more, the fact that I'd kept the secret, blatantly lied, put myself in harm's way, or, of course, given a known rapist/killer a lap dance. But I think some questions are best left unasked.

"Tala! Your boyfriend is eating all the tacos again!" Adrian's voice rang through the house, the stairs working as a tunnel so the shrill sound could assault my ears. I winced and let out an exasperated sigh. Obviously we couldn't tell Adrian about the werewolf thing so Paul and the rest of the Pack's compulsive overeating just made them look like fat asses to her.

"Adrian, They're his tacos you idiot," I snapped. I glared at my reflection in my bathroom mirror, wondering why the signs of my crushing sexual frustration weren't showing up on my face.

"You made like fifty this morning! There are literally three left!" she wailed, sounding baffled.

"They're his damn tacos he can eat as many as he wants!" I gave up on putting on my make up and walked down the stairs. I could hear them arguing almost instantly.

"…why do you even care?" Paul was saying. "It's not like you eat anyway."

"I'd like to have the option someday," she grumbled, cutting her eyes to the doorway when I walked in.

"Hey baby when did you get home?" I asked Paul, watching his face light up when he saw me. I could assume he secretly hated his inability to resist how my presence made him feel but for right now he'd have to deal with it.

"Twenty minutes ago. I'll have to go back soon though," he sounded regretful as he gave me a hesitant smile. He was wearing faded jeans with many rips and tears and his chest was bare. A few fallen strands of black hair fell into his face and I danced across the room to where he stood to carefully brush them away.

"You should have come see me," I pouted, letting him wrap me into a hug. He was so warm and tempting I wanted to scream my impossible fury from the roof tops.

"You know sis I'd think you'd be more concerned about Paul's eating habits. Obesity kills," Adrian sneered, flipping her midnight hair over her shoulder and popping her hip out.

"Does he look obese to you?" I asked, running a hand over Paul's prominent abs and giving her a taunting smile.

"Whatever," she muttered, throwing the three remaining tacos back into the fridge and giving Paul's exposed torso a look I'm sure she meant to be inconspicuous. Without thinking about it I tightened my hold on him possessively.

"I've got a date tonight so don't wait up." She switched topics quickly, as if hoping her glance in my boyfriend's direction would be overlooked if she could distract me. It worked.

"With whom?" I asked, immediately concerned for the poor soul she would undoubtedly be tackling into bed later this evening.

"Some guy from Forks. He's muy hot," she said sweetly, throwing in some of our native tongue.

"Is he in a gang?" I felt Paul tense as I mentioned gangs so easily but he said nothing.

"None of your concern." She answered originally but when I glowered at her for a few seconds she gave a sigh. "No gangs." When I continued to glare she threw up her hand and held up three fingers. "Scouts honor!" she promised, slipping on her coat.

"Fine. Go." I ordered, using my free hand to wave her away. With a look of mock appreciation she disappeared out the back door, letting it slam back into place after her departure. For a heart beat the room was silent, filled only with the sound of my breathing and Paul's heartbeat.

"Wow. The first day since she came that we're all alone," I drawled, locking my hands behind his neck. A slideshow of fantasies worthy of some kind of porn award flashed through my mind and I leaned up on my tip toes to crush my mouth to his. His mouth responded almost as eagerly and then he froze and moved to detangle me from around him as I'd grown used to.

"What?" the word came out like a hiss, an accusation. I jerked out of his arms and before he could answer I found myself talking again, rambling like it would change his mind. "It's not fair! I know you're upset I know it! But I love you and I'm sorry! I can't change the past any more than I can predict the future and…and…Paul if you don't have sex with me soon I'm going to die ok? I mean we went from doing it like twelve times a week to not at all and I swear that all this sexual energy is slowly and literally killing me. What do I have to do? What do I have to say to make you want me again? Because I've never stopped wanting you." I practically screamed with despair. When the last echo of my cry had washed through the house the world around me seemed to fall still and silent. The crickets outside even seemed reluctant to chirp and I started at the floor, much too afraid to look at his face.

"Tala," he breathed, slipping his hands through the loops of my arms and resting them where they were most comfortable on my waist. "Look at me," he whispered. "Look at me," he repeated when I didn't obey. I gritted my teeth and met his eyes. I was surprised to see an amused smile playing at the corner of his lips and a look of intense passion claiming the rest of his perfect face. "Do you really think…" he began, sliding his hand up the end of my shirt and raising it up until it cupped my breast. He gave it a light squeeze and I moaned reveling in the first intimate touch I'd been given in a month. "I could ever not want you?" he finished, using his other hand to push me backwards, until I bumped against the counter.

"But you haven't touched me…you haven't…" my words were cut off as I moaned again and tilted into his warm palm. He chuckled quietly and inserted his fingers inside my strapless bra, tugging it down until it didn't block his way to my chest. It'd been such a long time since I'd felt his hands on me this way. I knew that if he put his hand down my pants right now I'd be liable to convulse with gratification.

"Because, I figured you needed time after everything that's happened. Your sister…everything else. Not because I was angry Tala." I couldn't search his face for any sign of insincerity because my eyes were closed and I was trying too hard not to scream in pleasure.

"Thank God," I whispered, opening my eyes with difficulty and grabbing the back of his neck. Before I had the chance to pull him to me his mouth was on mine, moving with an urgency I hadn't felt in a long time. He tried to take my shirt off but I stopped him, convinced that we didn't have to waste time with things that weren't absolutely necessary. That's when I felt him release me. His hand vanished from my breast and he was no longer on me.

"Geez Paul if it means that much to you I'll take it off," I huffed, tugging my shirt over my head and taking my bra with it.

"No, it's not that. It's just I have to go back. Sam's calling a Pack meeting…" His eyes didn't leave my boobs as he spoke.

"Paul!" This was beyond cruel. I'd hurt people before, I'd made them wish for death but never had I done something this ruthless. The second he pulled away I knew I was close to weeping.

"I know. Trust me I know." I could tell by the way he seemed to be stashing a weapon in his pants that he could indeed relate to my pain. "I'll be back as soon as I can. I'll make this a night to remember." His voice was rough with lust which only succeeded in turning me on more.

"Can you even phase like that? With the Pack able to read your mind?" I asked, indicating the bulge of his pants. I knew that I looked a little smug.

"I don't have much of a choice," he said with a shrug.

"Fine. Leave then. But hurry home," I relented, taking a shaky breath when he bent down to kiss my forehead. "Unless you plan on moving those lips lower get them the fuck off of me," I hissed. Anger was no longer the main emotion coursing through my bloodstream. Of course even earlier, desire was part of my thought process but now it was consuming me, nearly chocking me with its aggressive attack.

Paul's answering laugh was one without humor. "I will hurry." Though I knew he would go as fast as he could I also knew that he had no control over how quickly the meeting was over.

"You better."


"Dude you have got to be kidding me." Collin's response to what I was thinking was quite different than that of the others and thus my favorite response. I hated that the other guys wanted Tala almost as much as I did but I'd grown to expect it.

"Sorry, kid." I couldn't help but feel a little bad I mean he was only thirteen after all.

"I've gotten used to it." I smiled a little at that and fell into formation beside Sam. His thoughts were grim, as they had been since Jake accepted his position as Alpha.

"You shouldn't have had to gotten used to it Collin. Paul please attempt to control your thoughts." The old Sam would have understood and probably laughed a little; but he had changed since Jake left, we all saw it.

"Whatever." It made me madder than it should have. I didn't like images of Tala naked being spread across the group any more than he did. But it was partly his fault I hadn't had sex in a month and that meant it was his fault Tala had freaked out. I mean if I wasn't constantly on patrol… who knows?

"We have to talk about attack strategies. Now that we've lost Jake, Seth, and Leah we have to start looking at them as enemies. We will go to the Cullen's in the morning. Quil and Embry stay away from Jake. He will be handled by others who were less close to him…" once he said that something clicked into place with all of us. Snarls of outrage and disbelief rippled through us and Quil and Embry howled in fury.

"Shut up!" Sam ordered. The weight of the Alpha's command landed upon us and we fell silent.

"You will do what I say! We have no choice but to destroy that thing growing in Bella. We have a duty to the citizens of La Push and I can't have friendship demolish that." I could hear the regret coloring his tone but he wasn't backing down.

"Are you crazy? They were our brothers! They are still our brothers!...and sister." I had a feeling Embry only added that last bit because he knew Sam still loved Leah. I bared my teeth in agreement and scooted away from the black wolf next to me.

"Don't argue. We're doing this." Again we had no choice but to obey.

"Whatever, you murderer. We're leaving." I'm sure Quil was just referring to himself and Embry but everyone followed as he trotted away, even Jared whose normally Sam's shadow.

I ran back to my house, trying hard to block out all the enraged chatter of the others before I phased. Tomorrow I was going to have to go and slaughter people I'd considered family. Blessedly I didn't feel pain or even fury any longer, I just felt numb.


I heard the front door open just as I threw off my last article of clothing. He hadn't given me as much time as I'd expected, not that I was complaining.

"Paul?" I called down the stairs. No answer.

"Paul?" I called again, hearing the slight hysteria in my own voice and choosing to ignore it.

"Tala? What's wrong?" He sounded as if he was waking up from a deep sleep but my tone hinting at panic had drawn him out of it. Kind of cute actually.

"Um…I'm horny?" I waited for his return laugh and when I didn't get one I bounded down the stairs to meet him in all my naked glory. He stood near the door way, as cloth less as I was. I bit my lip and thanked God that he couldn't phase with clothes on and that left him naked now.

"Oh yeah…right." He said unenthusiastically. It stung and I could feel the hurt shining on my face. "No, no, no," he said quickly trying to fix his error. "It's just…nothing. Pack stuff." Normally, I would have asked what was wrong and tried to help but I was passed rational thought, almost passed caring.

"You ok?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." He gave me a little half smile. "Can we wait…" for a moment I think he considered suggesting we didn't have sex tonight but one look at my face told him that there was no way in hell he was getting out of this. "You might have to entice me." He made it sound like a joke but it kind of hurt my feelings that I even had to do anything. Silly, I know but he was normally …um…ready to go the second he walked in the door.

"Ok…" I said lowly. "I'll meet you upstairs then." Something in his face told me that something was seriously wrong; I would see it when I looked back on the experience later but in that moment…I didn't want to see it.

I thought of all the things I could do to get him revved up. So many delectable options, so little time.