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We both lay spent on the couch in front of the dying fire. I ran my hand over Bella's cheek and felt goose bumps tremble to life at my touch. I retrieved the bathrobe and tucked it around her. It was very dark in the house. "I love you Bella."

"I love you too, Edward." Her brown eyes flickered in the dark. "Now would you please take me to bed already?"

I was on my feet quickly, tamping out the embers in the fireplace, blowing out the few flickering candles. When I got back to the couch, Bella was already standing. She held her hand out and smiled sweetly. We walked across the dark floor, then up the two flights of steps at human speed. I enjoyed the length of time it took to get to the bedroom, concentrating on the sound of our steps padding on the wood floors, the sound of Bella's breathing, and the strong thumping of her heart. Other than that, the night was quiet. Not even a cricket or cicada would come this close to a vampire's lair.

We paused outside the door to my bedroom. Moonlight was falling through the glass wall on the third floor landing, and Bella stood in its silvery glow. It cast an unnatural pallor over her alabaster skin. I sucked in an involuntary breath. Tonight was giving me a prelude of our life together. Nature was bringing Alice's visions of Bella's future to light. I knew that now there was no turning back. It was done, and I was more at peace than I thought I could be.


I had been lost in thought long enough for Bella to notice. I looked deep into her inquisitive eyes, and felt them bore back into my own. The weight of what was held between us in that glance was enough to hold celestial bodies in orbit. I stroked Bella's cheek and bent my head to brush my lips over hers. "My love."

"Second thoughts?"

"Not anymore."

I turned and opened my bedroom door.

A wall of humid heat immediately hit us. Scanning my eyes quickly over the room I saw a low rectangular space heater set up along the wall next to the bed. "Alice," I thought, scowling slightly. But Bella turned to smile at me and shed the bathrobe, before walking into the warm room. This wasn't the time for petulance. I'd talk to Alice tomorrow, and possibly thank her.

Bella was gazing out the window into the darkened forest. I closed the space between us in a single stride and closed my arms around her. With my eyes closed I buried my nose in her hair, inhaling deeply, letting her scent bore its way into my soul.

"Tell me what you see," she asked.

"What do you mean?" I opened my eyes, and saw each individual hair on her head. Was this the answer she was looking for?

"I want to know how you see the forest at night. Sometimes I forget that things must look so different to you."

"You'll know soon enough," I murmured as I took her earlobe between my lips and wrapped my arms around her a little tighter.

Bella broke away and turned her head to look at me. "What did you say?"

I was taken off guard. "I meant afterwards. Did I upset you?"

"No, it's just never been something that's been so easy for you to talk about."

I didn't know how to respond. A new knowledge had been born tonight, one that had settled into my body and my mind. But I would need some time away from Bella to really contemplate it. Because being here with her tonight, I simply wanted her forever. And deep down, I knew that even forever wouldn't be enough.

Bella was waiting for a response. "You're mine, dearest. There is nothing else to say. Now about my night vision…" I held her shoulders in my hands and bent my head to kiss her with wide eyes. It would be near impossible to put into words what I saw when I looked into Bella's eyes. More than anything I saw proof that love had changed me. But that wasn't what she was looking for. So I turned Bella back to face the forest.

"My sight isn't something I can easily explain. I see everything in front of me, much like you see in the daytime, but more so. I see each leaf as it dances in the breeze, each flower releasing its pollen into the night air, the glimmer of the salmon as they make their way up the stream under the light of the moon. But it's more than that too; it's not simply enhanced acuity and accuracy. Overlaying that, I see how this spot was yesterday, the day before, and how it looked seventy years ago. It is all in the present for me. The forest just is, and that is how we perceive it. It's almost as if there were no time, or as if we stand outside of time. And we do, Bella; we have forever.

"I don't know if I understand all of that. It sounds hard."

"It's as easy as breathing."

"Is that how you see me?"

"You aren't the forest; you are my life. But yes, in a way, I see the forever in you." I wanted to add that I had seen it tonight more than ever before, but I held back.

"Edward, thank you for tonight. I know we're pushing your boundaries here. I want to make sure that our wedding night will still be special to you."

"There's nothing we could do that would take away from our wedding day, or from that night. They will be sacred, no matter what we choose."

"But still, don't feel pressured to…" Her voice trailed off into the humid air. She seemed lost in thought, staring intensely into the dark night.

I turned Bella around to me again. "To what?" I asked, looking into her enormous eyes. "Is there something you are not pressuring me to do?"

Bella blushed in the moonlight. She looked away, and I enjoyed the way the light made her profile glow, like an aura around an angel. I touched her chin and turned her face back to mine.

"What are you holding back?"

Words tumbled out of her mouth. "I'd like to feel my body against yours, I mean completely. I don't want anything between us. When I'm with you it's like I want you under my skin. And this is the closest we can get right now, skin to skin, just you, and me you know? I can wait, but there's nothing I want more right now." Bella's voice was rushed, barely a whisper.

Of course I wanted to say yes. I wanted to feel silk lingerie ripping as I tore it off of Bella, but something held me back. Certainly, I'd seen most of Bella's body, but I had always planned on waiting until our wedding night to see her completely nude.

"See, you're hesitating." I could see the disappointment in the set of her shoulders.

"Bella, it's just that –"

"No, it's ok. I kind of guessed."

"I want to. But I also want to wait until you're my wife to see you."

Bella pulled herself out of my arms and went to sit on the side of the bed. Knowing that I had forced a confession out of her and was now denying her request, the night stretched in front of me like an eternity.

"Wait, I have an idea," Bella looked up at me with bright eyes. "It's perfect. Here, sit down." Bella patted the space next to her on the bed. "You don't actually have X-ray vision. Your eyesight's just really, really good, right?"

"If I had X-ray vision, I don't think we'd be having this conversation."

"Can I look through your closet?"

I sat down next to her and I'm sure the curiosity showed on my face. "Of course. What do you need?"

"No, I'll find it. Close your eyes."

I complied and tried to keep the smile off of my face. I didn't need eyes to know what Bella was doing. I could hear with perfect clarity what she moved in the closet. She rifled through my T-shirts, and then moved to the sweaters, before finding a drawer filled with woolen socks. Bella paused there. Then I heard her sorting through outerwear; winter garments like gloves, hats, and scarves.

As she walked back into the bedroom I wondered if she was planning on dressing me. Perhaps Alice had been rubbing off on her. "Are your eyes still closed?" Bella asked as she climbed onto the bed behind me.


"I think this will solve the problem, so we can both have what we want. She reached her arms around me from behind, and then placed a wool sock across my eyes, then she wound a scarf around my head, holding the sock firmly in place.

"Bella, what?"

"Open your eyes. Can you see?"

"Of course not."

"Do you want me to be blindfolded too? Or is it ok if I see you?"

I didn't answer. This wasn't exactly what I meant when I said I didn't want to see Bella nude before the wedding. But the reality of the situation hit me with an incredible force. She was offering me a way around my convictions, and I desperately wanted to feel the length of her naked body press into mine. Blindfolded, my other senses would be heightened. I could already feel my body responding to her proximity, as if her outline was being burned into my body, and she hadn't even touched me yet.

I heard Bella slip off the bed and walk in front of me. She knelt down, so that her head was level with mine. Her hot breath swept across my face as her lips brushed against my ear. "Tell me this is ok with you, or tell me to stop." She kissed my neck and sucked at my earlobe, before flicking her tongue into my ear. Her hands pressed against my chest, and then along the line of my pants. There was no way I could tell her to stop.

"Stand up, Edward." I was on my feet, and Bella pulled herself up from the floor. Her hands were on the drawstrings of my pants. Bella eased the pants over my hips, over my erection, and they dropped to the floor. I was exposed, blindfolded, and aching for Bella.

Bella gasped and whispered, "Oh Edward, you're beautiful." I had to will myself to stand still. I was afraid of the force of my embrace, so I clenched my hands and breathed into my abdomen.

"I'm going to touch you now." Her small hands were suddenly on my hips, and I felt a soft kiss over my still heart, like the brush of a feather. She pressed her body into me. I could feel the heat of her body through the silk, and she positioned one of her legs between mine. She pushed herself into my erection, and I throbbed against her. My hands were clenched so tightly I though I might break my bones.

Bella kissed and licked at my chest, her hands wound tightly around me. Then she dropped to her knees and I gasped.


Her hands stroked the length of me, and her hot breath set my erection on fire. I thought steam should be rising, with the heat of her touch against my ice-cold skin.

"Oh god, Edward."

I felt each syllable escape from her mouth and move over me. It was almost too much. She wound her hands around my hips, and held my ass in her hands. And then her mouth was on the tip of my penis. Her warm, wet, tongue licking, as she gently sucked there.

Before she could go any further, I clutched her waist in my hands and picked her up from the floor, bringing her to her feet. With one swift move I tore the chemise down the front. My hands were all over her, exploring her; moving from the soft swells of her breasts, over the flare of her hips, down her thighs. Then I pulled her to me as I swept my hands over her back and her ass, holding them there. Finally, I felt her body come flush with my solid frame, fire against ice. I wished my heart could pound in my chest because I needed a way to channel the energy that this contact ignited. Instead, I worked to hold myself in check, to calibrate my touch to hers.

To feel the length of her body against mine was beyond anything we had done before. She was mine. She was warm, and the smell of her arousal permeated the air in the bedroom, like a perfume. I could stand like this forever; I didn't want to let her go.

"Bella, is this what you wanted?"

"Yes, I just got distracted."

My erection was aching, hard and cold against her belly. As I held her ass in my hands I felt the silk of her torn lingerie rub against my hands. With a quick tug, I ripped its lace straps and the garment fell gently to the floor. I stepped backwards and then let us collapse onto the bed, with Bella on top of me.

"Finally, this bed can live up to all of its promise."

"I thought."


"That you didn't get it for..."

"I definitely did."

And with that non-conversation I pulled Bella's body against mine. Bella leaned down to kiss me, and I could feel her warm, moist center moving over my erection. I carefully placed my hands on her waist and pulled my head away from hers. "Please, a moment."

Bella held herself very still and I pushed her body back to a sitting position. "Stay still," I whispered, holding Bella's waist. I moved my hips up, and felt myself rub against Bella. I could just feel the resistance of her hips. I wanted to thrust, I wanted to buck, but I worked to hold myself back. Someday… Again, very gently I pushed my hips forward. Warmth and fire surged through the length of me, needled by Bella's impossible heat. Then slowly, smoothly, with more regular motions I gently rocked my hips.

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