~*~*~*~*~Dance Partners~*~*~*~*~


Sweetest Dance Of All:

"And I've Lost, Who I am, And I can't understand, Why my heart is so broken, rejecting your love,"

It was the new song. I listened to it on my iPod in my room. This was the first time that I had known a song that I danced to, before it was given to us. And it brought me to tears. Shattered was a sad song and it was now the song that Neji and I would dance to.

I gazed at my cell phone, sitting peacefully on my bedside table. Instinctively I reached for it, knowing what I was about to do. Whenever I felt down, especially at these times, there was one person I could call, one person to make it go away.

My mom . . . just kidding. My boyfriend =) Neji Hyuuga.

Ring! Ring!

"Tenten!" A voice growled from the other line.

I giggled to myself, realizing that it was two in the morning.

"What the hell are you calling for?" Neji demanded.

This time I suppressed a laugh. It was one of my hobbies pissing Hyuuga off. Of course he would never hurt me so I got to enjoy it as much as possible. I liked to consider it payback for what he'd done to me months ago. Neji treated me . . . not in the best way. To be precise he was a total jerk. So this was payback.

"I guess I'm feeling sad," I explained, taking out my ear buds.

There was a pause. "Sad?" he repeated.

"Our new song," I elaborated. "It's a sad one,"

Another pause. "Oh,"

I sweat dropped. "You haven't even listened to is yet, have you?"


Typical, ice cube Neji. He couldn't give a crap about that stuff.

"I suppose," I answered, slightly saddened he couldn't help.

"Did you want to see me?" Neji inquired.

Yes. "Oh I don't know," I sighed. I highly doubted Neji actually meant it.

"I'll take you out for ramen," Neji told me.

"Honto?" I cried. Was he serious? "At two AM?" I questioned.


Neji. He really did care about me.

"Sweet!" I exclaimed. And I also knew he hated ramen. This was really making him go out of way.

I waited on my porch swing for him. Neji didn't normally take his time. Not that he was now, but I knew that I could wait outside because he would definitely not dawdle.

Under the streetlight, I could faintly see his lavender eyes, gazing at me.

"Yo!" I waved.

He nodded and motioned for me.

I leapt down the steps to greet Neji. I surprised him by giving him a huge hug.

"Let's go, ne?" I suggested, grabbing his hand.

He sweat dropped, knowing my obsession with ramen, let alone my obsession with eating, especially at random times throughout the day.

We didn't go to Ichiraku's because it wasn't open. Instead we went to a place called, "Akira's"

Such cliché names, I thought.

Akira's was really nice. It was practically a ballroom. There was a dancefloor in the middle and numerous tables bordering it. It wasn't necessarily known for it's ramen. However, it was one of the items on the menu and surprisingly, it was open from 12 PM to 3 AM.


Neji and I were seated together at a table with a cream table cloth. Around us, everyone was slow dancing.

A waiter handed us our really fancy menus. His hair was gelled so it spiked off in many directions. It was distracting because I wanted to look at the menu but I was mesmerized by his hair.

Finally I decided after long minutes of "Deciding" to just get pork bone ramen, what I knew best.

"Yummy, yummy, yummy!" I cried, slurping my ramen. Neji hadn't ordered anything because he stated that he "Was no hungry," psh! I'm always hungry.

He sighed. "You don't ever stop eating."

"Nope," I remarked happily, putting down my chopsticks.

There was now a silence. It was hard to admit but I was extremely glad that Neji was my boyfriend . . . it was almost a relief. With my clumsiness, and my accident prone-self, yeah you get it.

We watched the people swing gracefully in the middle of the room.

Neji glanced at me and abruptly stood up.

"N-Nani?" I asked.

Neji turned his frown . . . into a smirk. "Care to dance?" He asked me.

"Kay, gay-face," I replied, smirking also.

He rolled his eyes, extending his hand to me.

I took it and stood also. We walked to the dance floor. There were numerous lights and I took a deep breath. This was a dance, with my partner. My dance partner.

We got into a close dance position. My left hand on his shoulder, my right hand in his. One of his hands was on my waist and the other was the one holding my hand.

Then the music started. I recognized it. It was a piece called, "The Meadow," it was a piano piece.

We started to slow dance. My vision was blurry. I didn't realize it until towards the end of the song that I was crying. Neji, from what I saw through blurred vision, was at first confused, but he then started to smile after a while.

I felt slightly sad and I didn't know why. It wasn't as if we weren't partners, or that we weren't going out. He wasn't leaving me . This wasn't god-awful New Moon (1). Why was I feeling sad?

Neji said nothing and we continued to dance. His hand gripped tighter on my mind and I blinked through my tears in sudden realization. I wasn't sad! I was happy! These were tears of joy. They were happy tears because once in my life I was content!

I smiled and so did Neji. He must've known all along.

So here we were dancing. It was now past two AM. Two Thirty? Around there. This place closed at three.

"Neji," I whispered. "Arigato,"

Neji answered, "You have no idea how much I should be saying that."

"Why?" I asked him cluelessly.

"You honestly don't know?" He wondered out loud. "Seriously?"

I shook my head and he laughed.

"If it weren't for you, I'd still be . . ." He trailed off and I nodded.

"Yes I know," I replied. "But there's no need to thank me for something like that,"

Neji sighed. "Tenten, you taught me how to love again. DO you not know how significant that is?"

I shrugged. "Pretty significant?" I then guessed.

Neji chuckled. "Only someone like you wouldn't know that," He told me.

I blushed and muttered, "What does that mean?"

Neji shook his head. "Never mind,"

Neji was being so weird this morning. Why was the ice cube thanking me? Part of me was starting to miss his cynical comments.

"You're an idiot," He said.

I just had to think of that . . .

"But I suppose that makes me one too," Neji admitted.

I looked at him, gazing into his pale eyes. What was he talking about?

"Since I love one,"

My heart stopped beating. He was being so nice. This was the reason I loved that bastard. Because even though he's cynical, cold, and mostly emotionless, he can still care. Actually it's more like a taught him to. But during this dance, I've realized he's far more sweet than that. Neji might just be the one. During this dance I've realized that synchronized steps on the stage are not everything, for it is these dances at two in the morning, that are the sweetest of all.

"dOn't cRy beCauSe it'S ovEr. sMilE becAuSe iT haPpenEd!"

the m eadow


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