Happy B-day Bella!
Bella reached the Cullens house, slowly driving up. She reluctantly turned off her ignition and stepped out, shutting her car door. She walked up the stairway and before she could even knock on the door, Alice swung it open.
Alice: Hi Bella!! Right on time, come in.
Bella: *walks in*
Everything was decorated for her 19th birthday.
Alice: We have a special surprise for you. Edward was a pain but we got him to do it!
Bella: *eyebrows furrowed with confusion* Eh...What did you make him do?
Alice: You'll see!
Carlisle: *walks in from the kitchen, pulling behind him a massive birthday cake.* "Happy Birthday, Bella!"
Emmett, Jasper, and Esme: Happy Birthday!
Bella: Where's Edward?
Emmet and Jasper: *snickergiggle*
Alice: Blow out the candles, Bella!!!
Esme: Don't forget to make a wish.
Bella: 'I wish Edward was here...' *blows out candles*
Edward: *pops out from cake in a sexy bunny outfit.* Happy Birthday, Bella... :/
Edward, Alice, and Jasper: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! xD xD xD
Edward: *twitch twitch*
Bella: E-e-ed...ward?
Alice: As punishment for not turning you into an exclusive family member, we made him do this.
Bella: What'd you know...my wish came true......sort of ^^;
Emmett: Wiggle your tail a bit, i think she'll like that!!
Edward: -_-
Esme: Be nice boys...
Jasper: If you weren't a vampire, i would of eaten you up.
Edward: If you had half a brain you would shut up...