Series Title: Gentlemanly Lessons

Chapter 1: Pertaining to the Drink

Written by: MagicBulletGirl

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, never will, but it is fun to make them act out these random scenes in my head.


Luke woke up early. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and good God did his head pound.

He had been up late, experimenting while the Professor and Flora had gone on to bed. The Professor had left him in the study/living room around midnight but eventually Luke was thirsty and decided the time was right for a "drink." After all he was already 13, it couldn't kill him. He had ventured two drinks when he found that the room was suddenly spinning, and the crossword he had been doing was all wrong. He gave up on the crossword, poured himself another drink and started the new Sudoku puzzle book. He went through three, of each, until he thought to himself that the puzzles were defective...

The smell of coffee was inviting so he made his way down the stairs from his bed to the kitchen where the Professor was already enjoying his morning cup and toast. Luke sat himself where he usually did and helped himself to a piece of toast from the pile on the center of the table.

Layton looked over his paper, and his eyebrows went into his hat.

"My boy, have you looked at yourself in the mirror?"

Luke shook his head. "Is something the matter?"

"Well... you seem to have something dried on the side of your mouth..."

Suddenly there came a loud scream, no doubt Flora's, from the living room.

"Professor! Someone vomited in the living room! And all over the new puzzle book too!"

Layton looked over at Luke. "I think that's your cue to start picking up."

"Bu-but- I don't remember..."

"And that is exactly the reason a gentleman does not have too much to drink. He finds himself forgetting important things or even knowing how to do the most basic of things."

Luke nodded, keeping his eyes on the table, trying to escape the reprimanding expression on his professor's face.

"Also, a gentleman never helps himself to another man's drink..."

"PROFESSOR!!" shouted Flora again.

"...Or keep a lady waiting. Get to it."

Layton laughed to himself as Flora's "EW's!" echoed into the kitchen. He figured that aside from his words, that would be sufficient incentive to never try that again.