Here's a nice little time waster for me -- Gundam Seed drabbles. Most of them will be AthCag, so you all know, but some may be either DearkaMir, KiraLacus, or MuMurrue.

I don't own Gundam Seed.

1/100 – Blink

She didn't dare close her eyes, not even for a moment. She feared that it would all disappear, fade away in the darkness of her eyelids. She couldn't bear to be parted with the sight in front of her, of his serene, dozing face. A smile tugged at her lips as she stroked her fingertips over his cheek, watching the furrow form in his brow at her ticklish touch.

"Nn Cagalli."


He opened his eyes, smiling at her.

"Go to sleep."

He pressed his lips to her forehead gently, a good night kiss.

She blinked.

He was still there.