Sorry for the people who reviewed (thank you so much guys), but for now, I'm taking Babysitting 101 off . I just have way too many other stories I'm writing and I've kind of lost the inspiration with this one. Maybe I'll repost it later on, after I've written some new SWAC. But for now, it's going. Again, thank you to the people who reviewed: E arth. K id. T ree. H ugger (Random note: your pen name is annoyingly difficult to type :p) please-make-me-smile, ChannyxJONAS, xsonyourhands, lunalover33, wiswinagirl. It really means a lot. I have a huge new SWAC fic in the works – planned for about 20/30 chapters. Maybe more, maybe less. It depends. So please look out for that one. Thank you all so much, and I hope you won't get mad at me for doing this.

Kite x

NB: I'll keep this author note up for a week, then the fic will be taken off.