A/N :: This is a short story I did for a community I am a part of on Livejournal. There is a weekly prompt which you write something to in 100 words. This particular one was to write any past prompt in double the words - 200.

About :: Anyways now that you know that, this piece is describing Peter Schibetta's final moments from his point of view, of what he is feeling and thinking. Petey is one of my favourite characters in Oz so expect more fics about him! Also, I love feedback

Characters :: Peter Schibetta, {Chucky Pancamo, Frank Urbano & other Italians}


I strut down the hall, proud as a goddamn peacock. The keys are growing warm in my clenched hand. I can't wait to see my beautiful wife, and pass on the possession.

I can feel the energy subtlety surging through my blood

Yeah, I'll teach that Mick not to fuck with me…

I round the corner…almost there..

What's that murmur?

Chucky and the boys…

'You and me, we need to have a little chat..'

Suddenly, the air seems to take on a different feeling..

Dread is thick around us and it presses down on my lungs

It was when his strong hands grabbed my face that I knew I was done for.

'My life'


'And your death'


I'd never been so terrified in my life

My blood turned to cold lead and something surged up through me, tickling my insides

"Chucky, no!"

I bark out the command.

Before I know it my back is being forced against the wall

The heat from my panic-stricken breaths melds with that of the heavy hand which now smothers my mouth

The blurred image of my best paison is the last image I see before my sight is taken from me, permanently