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'thoughts to each other'



'Makoto-o. Maaakotoooo! Mako-chan!'


'This is so boring. I want to go home already.' Makoto looked over at Ageha from across the classroom. He sighed. It was only Monday, and still Ageha didn't want to be at school. Not that he wanted to be there either, but they had to go.

'Let's go up to the roof at lunch again.' Makoto said to him through their link, hopefully getting him to stop annoying Makoto while he was trying to concentrate.

'Alright. You bring the lunch, and I'll bring the love.'


'Never mind.' Makoto saw Ageha bang his head on the table from the corner of his eye. He smiled.

"Alright class, I will hand out assignments today." The class groaned. "And they will be completed in pairs." Everyone sat up and started to choose their partners. "Which I will be choosing." The class groaned again.

'Mako, I hope I'm paired with you. I dunno what I'd do if I wasn't.'

'How about some work?'

'Meanie!' Ageha pouted.

"Alright. I will call out the partners now. Michiko and Yuki; Aria and Tatsuya; Makoto and-" Ageha held his breath, "Reina."

'Noo! Anyone but her!'

'What's wrong with Reina?' Makoto asked.

'She likes you!'

'I don't think so.'

'Yeah! Couldn't you tell? Whenever she goes near you she puts on this fake smile and giggles! Arh!'



'It will be fine, you are the only one I've got eyes for, besides, Sensei is about to call your name.'

'Oh.' Ageha sat up and paid attention.

"Ageha and Ami."


"Ageha and Ami, Seto-kun. Do you need me to say it again?" The teacher asked, looking at Ageha weirdly.

"No, sorry."

'No! Not Ami! Anyone other than Ami! She's so annoying! I'm going to be dead by the time this assignment is finished!'

'Aren't you already dead?'

'No! And that wasn't funny!'

'Oh Sorry.'


'Calm down, Ageha. It's not that bad. She will most likely take over and do all the work.'

'Oh yeah, didn't think of that.'

'That doesn't mean you don't have to do anything though.'

'Uh-huh.' Ageha rolled his eyes.

"Ageha," Ami leaned over to whisper to Ageha, "Your house tonight to do the assignment."

"Why do we always have to go to my house? Why can't it be your house?" Ageha complained.

"Because, my cousins are staying over and they are too loud."


'Save me now, Makoto.'

Makoto smiled and suppressed a giggle while he watched the two.

"Makoto-kun?" He turned around and found Reina standing in front of his desk. "Do you want to come over to my house tonight to do the assignment?"

"Uh, do you want to do it at my house with Ageha and Ami tonight?" Makoto suggested.

"Um, ok then."

'There, Ageha. You at least won't be alone with Ami then, and I won't be alone with Reina.' Makoto said, thinking that would solve his problem.

'That still doesn't help!' Makoto sighed.

--- ---

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