At the newly rebuilt Saturday family compound the adults and the cryptids were in a heated discussion about what they had learned in Antarctica. They had battled against their arch enemy V.V. Argost, his manservant Munya, and giant ugly cryptid they thought was Kur only to discover the truth after they won. That the evil they had been tracking wasn't the creature, but their beloved Zak Saturday!

"It just can't be true. Zak can't be Kur! He's not a cryptid, he's an adolescent boy! His powers are meant to stop Kur not make him Kur!" Drew fretted, frantically trying to avoid admitting the truth.

"Doyle, are you sure you fixed that relic right? Maybe because you're not a Naga it wasn't working properly," Doc said, trying to come up with an alternative explanation.

"Look Professor I'm not happy about what the relic revealed, but I know I didn't screw up when fixing it. That snake queen said that it was derived from Kur's essence and only would react to him. Nothing I did could change the nature of that magic relic and you know it. Whatever gorilla man dowsed in Antarctica wasn't Kur. If you doubt me, ask Fisk about what he thinks!" Doyle snapped. He wasn't pleased either by the turn of events, but he couldn't think of any alternative explanations about why the Naga relic reacted to Zak like that.

"Fiskerton, it was your Lemurian instincts that let us to that creature. How can that creature and Zak both be Kur?" Drew demanded.

"Whatsa buba reincarnated whatsa!" Fiskerton mumbled. He was so afraid that his instincts had led them wrong, he blurted out the first thing that came his mind. After he said it he started wondering where he got the idea.

Both Komodo and Zon started making noises in agreement. At some instinctive level the cryptids knew the truth about Kur. It only took a giant battle with the old Kur to bring out the truth.

"Reincarnated? Well Professor what do you think? Gorilla man's idea sounds like the only thing that makes sense."

"It does make sense. Drew came across several references of Kur's powers being transferred from one host to another, but we dismissed it as ramblings. I wish we had paid more attention to those writings now. We wouldn't be in this mess if we did!"

"Doc, what are we going to do? All the Secret Scientists are going to be here in two days to discuss what the heck happened in Antarctica. If they find out that Zak is Kur they might take him away from us or worse! I won't lose my baby Doc I won't!"

"We're not going to lose Zak I promise you. We'll think of something. The Secret Scientist know Zak and wouldn't do anything try to harm him. Well Epsilon and his crew might, but I'll beat them to a pulp if they try anything."

"Speaking of the Mini Man where is he? I thought he would want to be a part of these talks. After all they're determining his future."

At the moment the youngest member of the family was locked in his room with the windows shut and face buried in a pillow crying. Zak had just discovered his entire life was a lie. He wasn't suppose to save cryptids from Kur and keep the world safe, he was suppose to amass an army and take it over. His cool gift now was an unwelcomed curse.

"Why, why, why? Why is this happening? How can I be Kur? I haven't even gone through puberty yet! It's not fair!" Zak cried. He didn't know what to think of his newly revealed status and he wondered what his parents were talking about at the moment. Were they coming up with ideas on how to test him?

Zak shivered at that thought. Growing up with the Secret Scientist he had learned all about there variety of testing methods used to determine the source of something. "I don't want Dr. Beeman using one of his UFO tracking devices on me to see if I'm signaling extraterrestrial! No what would be worse is if Dr. Gray used her particle beam to split me in two to test give me a living autopsy! Ah what if Epsilon and grrr Francis take me away to weirdo headquarters and turn me into a freak! Scratch that I'm already a freak."

As soon as he said that an intense itching sensation originating from his underarms and genitals started. Zak began to scratch hard, but itching just got worse and started to spread across his arms and legs. "Oh man I feel like I'm being eaten alive by real South American fire ants that spit fire! Got to get some relief now!"

Zak awkwardly made his way to the bathroom while hopping on one foot and using the Claw as a backscratcher. The door the bathroom opened up and Zak tripped over his own feet and his head got stuck in the trashcan. "Ugh what is going on? Is this real puberty or is there another lucky blue tiger around here?!" he demanded, as he forcefully removed the receptacle from his head. He lost a ton of white hair and he didn't even want to think about what was on his head.

"Okay, let's see what we got. Foot crème, Dad's tweezers, Mom's oh gross tampons! Come on vitamins, lotion, and toothpaste! Oh come on where's the hydrocortisone cream already?" Zak screamed, his eyes lighting up in anger. In frustration he ripped out the contents of the medicine cabinet, tore the shower curtain in half and smashed the Claw on top of the toilet turning it into a fountain.

"Oh man mom and dad are going to kill me! Maybe I can fix it before they find out. Oh there's they hydrocortisone cream. Now let's just put a little of this on and stop the itching ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Zak scream could be heard throughout the compound. Instead of finding pubic hair and enlarged penis what he discovered was worth. He had scales growing on him!

Doc busted down the door with his battle glove, Drew jumped in with her fire sword blazing and Doyle dropped in from the vent with concussion grenades. From the window Fisk, Zon, and Komodo appeared. "What's the matter Zak? What caused this mess? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine really you guys didn't have to come in with weapons blazing! I made this mess looking for the hydrocortisone crème. Hey, as of today I'm a man sort of," Zak assured them, nervously.

"Oh my little baby is experiencing the joys of puberty! Come here Zak!" Drew said, putting her sword away and hugging him tightly. Zak was really embarrassed.

"Hey Mini Man if you got any questions about the joys of manhood talk to me. I could make it more interesting then the Professor over there," Doyle told him.

"Excuse me, but I'll be giving my son "The Talk" so I'm asking you nicely to back off. Now that's cleared up Zak clean up your mess and join us in the Ops room. We like to discuss this Kur business with you okay?"

"Sure I'll meet you there in a few minutes. Guys go join them I can clean up the bathroom myself! Besides I have to put on some cream and I rather not have an audience. Go!" Zak said, ushering his cryptid siblings out the window. The second he was sure no one was around he let out a sigh of relief. Quickly he removed his shirt and saw the scales growing out from his under arm. "What is happening to me? Am I turning into a cryptid?" His reflection looked back at him with no answers.

Halfway around the world in the jungles of India the Nagas were in a frenzy. Though they lost their precious dark relic using their dark mysticism they had seen the final battle. They watched as the human offspring took out the despised V.V. Argost and finished off the giant cryptid. But what really got their attention was when the relic glowed brightly next to the boy.

"So it seems Kur has finally been revealed hiss. Who would have thought that behind that fragile flesh the greatest power known to the world lay hidden? My servants we must begin planning on how to welcome Kur among. The power mustn't be allowed to remain with the Saturdays! More importantly we must make a move before backstabbing V.V. Argost becomes aware of the reality of his prize!" Rani Naga proclaimed to her people. Cheers erupted and everyone knew soon they would have the power they needed to rule the world.