Six months had passed since the monster puberty had taken place. The Secret Scientists had been working hard to try and help Zak understand his powers. It hadn't always been easy and more then once they had threatened to freeze him if he didn't get control of his powers.

Zak was meditating alone on the cliff near his home. He wanted to be alone and think about things. He hadn't told anyone, but he still retained some abilities from when he as a Naga including healing abilities, control snakes, and perform small magical feats.

Taking a deep breath he cleared his mind. "Okay you can do this. Embrace your destiny. Let the power of Kur flow through you," he whispered. He opened his eyes and the orange glow lit the area around him. Snakes slithered over and wrap themselves protectively around him.

A vision swam in front of his eyes. Two possible futures played out in his mind. In one he abandoned his humanity and led the cryptids in a global takeover. The other he used his gifts to bring peace and harmony to the two opposing worlds. The visions dissipated and he stood up, careful not to disturb the snakes.

"Looks like my destiny isn't set in stone yet. I can either rule the world or save it. Well I guess you guys can help me save it right?" Zak asked the snakes.

They hissed in his ears ensuring Kur they would do anything they could to help him. Patting them on their heads he picked up the Claw and headed back for home. If he was going to save the world from evil cryptids then he couldn't waste time. This time Kur would save the world instead of destroy it. You could count on that!