Soukyuu no Fafner Crack!

A/N - More randomness!!!!

Warnings - OOC TO THE MAX!!, Sugestive themes, yaoi, CRACK, AU-ish, more crack, and the insanity that is my mind…


Kazuki - so who do you think is the 'Puppy' of the group?

Soushi - Kouyou. He's got the whole kicked puppy look going on.

Kazuki - There's only one way to prove this theory :holds up stick: Hey Kouyou!

Kouyou - :looks over:

Kazuki - FETCH!! :throws stick into the ocean:

Kouyou - :jumps into ocean: MY STICK! :Ka-splash:

Soushi - I do not know him :slowly backs away:

Maya - Hey look I got a Canon!

Sakura - Wha?

Maya - I meant the camera!

Lol poor Canon, you are a camera brand!

Mamoru - Kouyou! Wow you read manga too!?

Kouyou - :hides KazuSou Doujin: Umm…no…:shifty eyes:

HA! He's a fanboy! XD

Maya - Okay Kazuki! OUT WITH IT!! What do you really think about Soushi!!??

Kazuki - He's bringin' sexy back ^_^

Maya - O.o

Kazuki - what's really more important to you? Us? Or Fafner?

Soushi - Fafner.

Kazuki - :glares:

Soushi - I mean, you guys-

Kazuki - :evil glares:

Soushi - No! You! Yeeah, you! only Kazuki! :nervous laughter:

Kazuki - :pats Soushi's head: Good little Uke…

Kazuki - You know what would be totally sexy?

Kenji - what?

Kazuki - Soushi with neko ears :}

Kenji - :runs away: I'M SCARED FOR LIFEEEEEEE-----!!!!!!!

A/N - Yeah, I was on a Fafner high again! Every time I get a flame Maya tries to kill Soushi.