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Author Fighters: Burst Soldier

Chapter 1: Retirement

(Mogadishu, Somalia)

In a dark room, three Author Fighters named TLSoulDude, Dimensiondude and Lunatic 121 were being held captive. All three brothers are being tied to a chair each and have cloths wrapped around their eyes, masking tapes paste on their mouths and anti-power cuffs cuffed on their wrists. Standing behind them are two armed Darksides with AK-47 rifles in their arms and in front of them is another Darkside talking to his cellphone.

Unaware to the Darksides, a man was standing on top of a building that is at the other side of the building the Darksides are in. The man is has black messy hair, black eyes and wears glasses, black leather armor, black gloves, long-sleeved blue shirt, black belt, black kneepads, blue pants and black boots. His name was Darren Watson AKA DW64.

DW64 looks through the scope of his sniper rifle and looks at the glass window of the Darksides' building and sees Soul and his brothers being held captive.

"DM, I've found Soul and his brothers. They are being held captive at the Darksides' building." DW said into his radio.

"Understood. Where are you?" DarkMagicianmon asked at the other side.

"At 32 Anderson Street." DW replied.

"Alright. Wait right where you are. Nukid, Jean and Mistress are on their way." DM said. DW then sees through his sniper rifle that the Darkside leader has put away his cell phone and gestures to the other two Darksides. The two Darksides nod their heads and all three aim their rifles at Soul, D-dude and Lunatic's heads.

"Sorry sir. No time." DW said to DM.

"What? DW-" But DM got cut off as DW hangs up his radio and aims his sniper rifle at the terrorist leader's head. He fires at the leader's head and the Darkside leader falls to the ground.

The other two Darksides gasp in alarm. DW then draws out his wire gun and shoots a hook at the Darksides' building. He holds his gun tightly and swings himself over to the building and smashes through the glass window.

Once he entered the Darksides' building, DW punches the nearest Darkside. The other Darkside tries to punch DW but DW grabs his wrist and twists his arm, making the Darkside yell in pain. He then kicks the Darkside's face, sending him falling to the floor.

DW then takes out his machete and breaks the cuffs that are cuffed around Soul's wrists. He then removes the cloth from Soul's eyes and pulls out the tape from his mouth.

"Thanks Darren." Soul said as he gets up from his chair.

"Don't mention it." DW said as he now the cuffs that are cuffed around D-dude's wrists while Soul goes over to Looney and help him out. After Soul, D-dude and Looney are all free, DW takes out his two-barrel shotgun and kicks the room door.

As DW walks out of the room, he turns to his left and shot down a Darkside. He gestures Soul, D-dude and Looney to follow him and they all walk down the corridor.

As they walk down the stairs, DW turns his head and sees three more Darksides running over. He quickly takes out his smoke grenade and throws the grenade at the Darksides. The grenade explodes and smoke filled the building. The Darksides fall to the ground and cough heavily while DW, Soul, D-dude and Looney quickly run over to the door. They open the doors and run out of the building, only to find more Darksides aiming their weapons at them.

"Are you guys ready?" DW asked Soul, D-dude and Lunatic121.

"You betcha." Soul said as he gets into his ultima form while D-due and Looney got into their fighting stances.

"Then let's get the hell out of here." DW then reloads his shotgun and fires at the Darksides.

(Author Fighters HQ)

The next day, at DM's office, DW64 sat in front of DarkMagicianmon. Sitting next to DW64 was MistressOfDawn.

"But sir, if I haven't fired at the Darkside, Soul and his brothers would have been dead." DW64 protested.

"DW, your mission at Mogadishu was a chance to prove your worthiness to the Author Fighters. Instead, you violated my order and play hero." DM said.

"But sir, DW64 did that so he can save Soul and his brothers' lives in time. Sometimes, a soldier can't always follow a general's order." Dawn protested.

DW64 frowned angrily and stood up from his chair. "Sir, if you think I'm not worthy enough to be an Author Fighter…then I quit."

"What?!" Dawn said shocked.

"DW, I didn't say that-" DM tried to speak.

"Forget it, DM. Save your breath. I've made up my mind." DW then walks out of the office door with Dawn following him from behind in concern.

As DW steps out of the office, he sees Nukid, Jean Kazuhiza, TLSoulDude, Dimensiondude and Lunatic121 standing in front of him.

"Hey DW, thanks again for saving me and my brothers." TLSoulDude said.

DW sighed. "No problem."

"We heard everything from outside. You wish to quit? What were you thinking?" Nukid asked.

"We can defend you right now, DW! We can tell DM how you save our asses back there!" Jean said.

"Yeah, DW. And we always respect you, even though you don't go in many missions." Dawn said.

"That's the point, guys. I joined the Author Fighters because I want to fight injustice with you guys. But I ended up not going into many missions. And my mission in Mogadishu was to prove I can be an Author Fighters, but Dm isn't satisfied." DW sighed sadly. "I mind as well quit."

Hey." Nukid said as he places a hand on DW's shoulder. "I always talk to DM for you."

"No Nukid. You don't have to defend me. I wish to quit." DW gently shoves Nukid's hand away.

"Well, it's your decision then. But remember, no matter where you go, you will always be an Author Fighter to us. And if you ever want to change your mind and come back here, we will always welcome you back." Dawn smiled sadly.

"Thanks guys. You all are really good friends. Thank you for everything." DW nods his head as he puts his hands into his pockets. Dawn, Jean, Nukid, Soul, D-dude and Looney watched DW walk away with sad expressions on their faces. They knew DW is a great member of the Author Fighters if only he believe in himself, but he wasn't able to see that.


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