Chapter 10: In The End

Later, DW parked the truck at the edge of the hill. He got out of the truck, put on back his glasses and let out a sigh. Now, he has to wait for DarkMagicianmon and the Author Fighters to come and help him release the slaves.

"Don't move!" A voice yelled. DW turns his head and sees Mr. Lockhart pointing a gun at him. Behind him were the driver and the darkside both holding tifa by the arms.

"No! Leave him alone, father!" Tifa cried.

"Hands on the back of your head!" Mr. Lockhart yelled to DW, ignoring his daughter. DW had no choice but obeyed and places his hands on the back of his head. Mr. Lockhart turns to the driver and the Darkside and said to them, "Take my daughter away. Shoot her if she does anything or if I don't return."

The driver and the Darkside nod their heads and take Tifa away while Mr. Lockhart turns back to DW. "To the water!" He yelled again.

"I'm not in the mood to swim." DW said tensely, glaring at Mr. Lockhart.

"MOVE!" Mr. Lockhart yelled. DW obeyed as he walks into the forest with Mr. Lockhart following him from behind, still pointing his gun at him.

DW and Mr. Lockhart continue walking through the forest until they arrived at the edge of the hill. DW looks down and sees the raging river below. Nobody can possible survive if they were to fall into a river filled with strong and dangerous currents like this.

"TURN AROUND!!!" Mr. Lockhart yelled. DW turned around and simply glared at him. "So how did a lowlife like you end up with my daughter?"

"Found her in a bag. Is that where you left her?" DW asked.

"Shut up! You got involved with the wrong girl, you dumb shit. The delivery will be made and I'll get the money. My daughter will get over it. If I'm lucky, maybe she'll see the light."

"Yeah, but if she's lucky, maybe you'll get hit by the truck."

"What do you know?" Mr. Lockhart sneered.

"I know she'll never stop being who she is." DW said with a tiny smirk on his face. "And she'll never be your or anything like you."

"She'll come around." Mr. Lockhart said. He points his gun at DW's forehead. "Turn around!"

"I rather see it coming for me." DW said.

"Makes no difference then!" Mr. Lockhart prepares to pull the trigger while DW closes his eyes and let out a sigh of regret. This is it. This could be the end of his life.

Suddenly, there was a gunshot.

DW opens his eyes after a few seconds when he realizes that he wasn't shot. He looks at Mr. Lockhart who has a shocked expression on his face. Mr. Lockhart looks down at his body and sees blood pouring down from the gun wound on his chest. He let out a moan as he closes his eyes and falls to the ground.

DW looks up and sees Tifa holding up a gun. Tears rolled down her cheeks as DW slowly walks over to her and puts her gun away.

"He may be an asshole. But he's still my father." Tifa sobbed. She wraps her arms around DW and cries on his shoulder. DW rubs her back to comfort her.

"DW64." A voice said. DW and Tifa turned and see DarkMagicianmon, Jean Kazuhiza, Mistress and Nukid. Behind them were Dimensiondude and TLSoulDude pointing their guns at the driver and the Darkside's backs, both of them having their hands on the back of their heads. DarkMagicianmon smiled and continued, "I guess I underestimated you after all." He reaches out a hand. "Welcome back to the Author Fighters."

DW stares at DarkMagicianmon for a few seconds. "Thanks." He said. He grabs Dark's hand and shakes it.

"You did a good job, DW. Well done." DarkMagicianmon smiled. Mistress, Jean and Nukid smiled as well, glad that their friend is a member of the team again.

Meanwhile, Lunatic121 and Airnaruto45 opened the back of the truck's trailer, revealing many people wearing tattered clothes in it.

"Whoa." Loony said in awe.

"Alright guys. You are all safe now. Everything's fine. You can come out now." Airnaruto said. The people then slowly walked out of the truck one by one as Loony, Airnaruto and other Author Fighters helped them out. One of the people who came out of the truck was a man with spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and wears a sleeveless dark blue shirt, black gloves, black pants and black shoes.

DW and Tifa later arrived at the scene and Tifa widens her eyes when she sees the man. "Cloud?" She said.

Cloud lifts up his head and widens his eyes. Tears rolled down from Tifa's cheeks as she and Cloud both ran over to each other and embraced tightly.

Tifa turned to DW and smiled. "Thank you." She whispered. Cloud looks up at DW and smiled as well, a thank you smile. DW sighed and nods his head before walking over to Mistress. Mistress smiled and the two walked along together on the road.

"I'm sure gonna miss her." DW sighed sadly as he crosses his arms.

"It's okay DW. You will find love one day." Mistress smiled, placing her hands into her pockets.

He chuckled. "Whatever."



Yuri Lowenthal as DW64

Hayden Panettiere as MistressOfDawn

Rachel Leigh Cook as Tifa Lockhart

Snoop Dogg as Crow

Judd Nelson as Mr. Lockhart

Busta Rhymes as Magic

Fat Joe as Crack

Christian Bale as DarkMagicianmon

Drake Bell as Jean Kazuhiza

Vic Mignogna as Nukid

Joaquin Phoenix as TLSoulDude

Maile Flanagan as Lunatic121

Jason Griffith as Dimensiondude