He had betrayed her trust. More than that, he had shattered her trust; her unwavering faith in him had been irreparably broken. Yet, she couldn't help missing him. She nearly cried talking to her screen savers, but she couldn't stop. She went back to work, but her heart wasn't in it. When she managed to start playing music again, it was classical. She began having nightmares, waking in tears. All she could remember was that they starred her silver-haired fox. She drank more Caf-Pow! to stay awake nights and combat the terror, but soon began fainting of exhaustion. Director Shepard offered to get her a helper. After shortening her hours hadn't prevented her from pushing herself, jen, Tony and Ducky ganged up on her and didn't let her in the building for a week.

Normally, she was able to remain conscious while driving through sheer force of will, but one day blacked out behind the wheel and got t-boned riding across an intersection.

When she came around, it smelled antiseptic and everything was white. She was lying in a bed, with Tim sitting next to her, Tony at her feet, and Jen, Ziva, and Ducky were standing around. She must have made a noise, because they all crowded around her, talking quite loudly. They settled down when a nurse came in to check on her. She had been extremely lucky, getting only a broken arm. The nurse lectured her about sleeping, informed her that her primary emergency contact could not be reached, and warned her friends to take it easy.

"Abs, I uh, hope you don't mind, but we found a number for Gibbs in your cell. He's flying from Mexico."