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Celebration and Mourning

Harry, Ron and Hermione left the office in silence. Harry stared at the wreckage surrounding him. Many paintings had large gashes in them, while others had been reduced to splinters and rags. Suits of armor had been damaged badly by the force of spells ricocheting off them and were lying in macabre positions. Huge chunks of walls had been blown off and the floor was covered in blood. Every so often they passed a body that had yet to be found and removed. One time they passed two houselves lying next to each. From the looks of it they had died defending an underage student. A sickening image of Dobby lying in the grass with a knife protruding from his chest came back to haunt Harry.

Harry took in all of this in a state of dazed shock. He seemed unable of any feeling at the moment, which he was grateful for. Ron and Hermione were walking hand in hand, both silently looking at the destruction around them. Harry didn't know where they were going, but he felt like he had to keep walking. He wished he could keep on walking forever. Walking away from the aftermath of the war, and the deaths that were all his fault, and the guilt and despair that he knew would engulf him the moment the veil that was keeping all feeling away was lifted.

"Uhm, Harry." He looked up "We're going to go back to the great hall." Hermione said. Harry hadn't noticed until then that they had already reached the great hall. He nodded and kept on walking. At the top of the huge marble staircase he stopped and looked down. The doors were open and light was spilling out. He could hear the sounds of people mourning for the ones they lost, and others celebrating the fall of the most feared wizard of all time.

Harry saw flash of red hair and saw Ginny lean her head against Mrs. Weasleys shoulders. Her face was clear of all emotion, and she was staring at the wall opposite her. Harry felt a longing springing up inside of him to charge into the great hall and hold Ginny in his arms. To comfort her and never let her go, but he couldn't make his feet move. It was his fault that her brother had been killed, she probably wouldn't want to ever see him again.

He continued walking. The steady rhythm of his feet was all that kept him from breaking down. After what seemed like years he came to the portrait of the fat lady. The painting was swinging slightly on one of its hinges, and a huge chunk of the corner was missing.

"Can I go in?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"It's not like I can do anything about it." She replied rather crossly. Then her face lighted up when she realized who it was. "Well done" She added proudly.

When Harry got to his dormitory he lay down on his bed but couldn't get to sleep. Images of the battle kept coming back to him whenever he closed his eyes.

Suddenly the image of Ginny almost being hit by a killing curse was pushed momentarily out of his mind by a hesitant knock on the door. Without waiting the door was opened.

"Hey" Ron said weakly as he walked in. Harry didn't respond. He just kept staring at the canopy above his bed. Ron lay down on his bed and stared at the canopy too. Suddenly a realization hit Harry and he voiced it to Ron.

"Voldemort is gone." Harry said blankly.

"I know" Ron said as though he thought Harry had lost it during the battle.

"No, I mean, he killed my parents, he tried to kill me every year since I've known I'm a wizard, I spent an entire year learning about horcruxes so I would able to kill him, We spent months destroying horcruxes, and working towards destroying him, and now he's finally gone." Ron was silent, but Harry knew that he was just as relieved.

Then another thought struck Harry, What was he going to do now that Voldemort was gone. His whole life in the wizarding world so far had revolved around Voldemort. He had considered being an auror for a little while, but he hadn't given it too much thought. He hadn't really expected to live through the battle.

Then his thoughts returned to Ginny. She was probably going to return to school to finish her final year at Hogwarts, but what about after that? She would eventually get married. At this thought the image of Ginny walking up the isle with a dark stranger came back to him and he could feel a piercing pain in his chest. Ginny would fall in love with someone else and he would have to watch the girl he loved marrying someone else.

This thought was too painful and blocked it out. He felt jealous of everyone else. They could just resume the lives they had been leading before the battle started. Harry felt like his whole life had led up to this battle, and he didn't know what to do now that it was over.

But all those other couldn't resume the same life they had been living before the battle either. So many people had lost friends or family during the battle, no one would be able to return to their old lives easily. Ron seemed to be thinking along the same lines as Harry, for he said

"What are we going to do now that it's over?"

"Well, at least I won't have people watching my every move either trying to protect me or kill."

"Mate, your so famous every witch in the world will be watching your every move." Ron said jokingly

"Well, at least I won't have to worry about people trying to kill me anymore." Just then the door slammed open, making Harry and Ron jump.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that mate" Ron said, moving as far away from the door as possible without falling off the bed.