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Harry stared at his reflection in the mirror. After leaving Hogwarts everything seemed to have gone by so fast. Not a month had past before the British National Quidditch team had offered him the post of seeker, which had accepted. Thanks to Harry they had been one of the best teams in the world for the past three years, equaled only by the Holly Head Harpies, who had welcomed an extremely excited Ginny as a chaser.

There was a knock on the door, and Harry jumped. Before he could say anything the door opened and Ron walked into the room.

"When did you get here?" Harry asked, as he gave Ron a quick hug.

"Just now. Hermione is catching up with Ginny."

"How was the honeymoon?" Harry asked, grinning up at his friend.

"It was awesome. Hermione seemed to enjoy herself too, except she kept trying to get me to eat all this weird French food." Harry laughed; it was good to see his best friend again. Ron and Hermione had been in France for the past two months on their honeymoon. For some reason Ron had actually been surprised when Hermione had said yes to his proposal. Harry couldn't help a smile from spreading over his face at the memory of how hard it was to convince Ron to ask her.

"Luna got here at the same time as us. She's also with Ginny right now, but she told me to tell you that Neville will be here as soon as possible, but he's got some kid in detention right now. Apparently people are still trying to fill Fred and George's shoes. He didn't write up the kid who hung Harry Potter Rocks posters on every available surface of the castle, he wrote up the kid who was trying to take them down." Ron said, a grin flashing across his face despite the mention of Fred. Fred's death remained a touchy subject, but everyone seemed to be getting used to the idea and were to mention him again. George had had the hardest time adjusting, but he married Angelina a couple months after Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny left Hogwarts, and she and their now one-year-old son were helping get over the loss of his twin. Their son, Freddy, was already stealing his parent's wand and turning flowers into frogs, and other such pranks. George boasted about it every time they saw him.

"Did Luna find her Crumple Horned Snorckac yet?"

"No, but that's what she spends all her time doing while Neville is at Hogwarts."

"She hasn't changed much, has she?"

"No, and apparently you have nargles in your living room."

"Good to know, I'll avoid that room when Luna's around." Harry said, laughing.

The door opened again and Harry got a face full of bushy brown hair.

"Good to see you too Hermione." He said, a little winded.

"I have so much to tell. France was amazing."

"I would much rather not have all the details." Harry said, laughing. Hermione blushed.

"Anyway, I came in here to tell you that you have five minutes." She beamed at him, before rushing out the door again.

"We should get going." Ron said, staring after her. "I still can't believe you invited Malfoy."

"Ron, Draco isn't as bad as he used to be, now that he's seen what the dark arts are truly about."

"I still can't believe it though." Ron said.

"To tell you the truth, I'm having a hard time believing it too. It was Hermione's idea, then Ginny invited him."

"I always thought Hermione was strange." Ron joked.

They walked out into the sun, and across the lawn towards a big white pavilion. Harry walked in and looked around. There were already a lot of people. He saw Hagrid in the back sitting next to his "little" brother Grawp, who had to bend down to keep from hitting his head on the top of the pavilion. He waved, then continued walked.

"Luna helped decorate." Ron whispered, pointing to the bunches of sunflowers scattered between bouquets of white roses adorning the pillars that help the tent up. Harry couldn't help but smile at his friend's strange beliefs. As he walked on he saw many familiar faces, all of them looking up as he walked passed and waving before returning to their conversations. McGonagall was talking to a now retired Sprout, Olivander was sitting off to the side by himself, looking completely at ease. Muriel was making her usual fuss. Up in the front row sat Mrs. Weasley. Harry wasn't surprised to see tears already down her face. She gave him and Ron an enthusiastic wave as they took their places at the altar.

Harry stared out at the crowd, not seeing any of them. He had faced giant spiders, dragons, inferi and even death, and yet he was he could feel his hands shaking as he waited. After what felt like forever a hush fell over the crowd as everyone turned in their seats.

Freddy came crawling up the isle in a mini tuxedo with flower pedals stuck in the folds of cloth and his wispy hair accompanied by aawwwws from the women in the crowd. Harry had explained the concept of a flower girl to Ginny, but she hadn't quit grasp the idea. Apparently the flowers hadn't made it past the door. When he reached Ron and Harry by the altar he crawled over to Ron and clasped on to his leg.

Freddy was followed by Hermione and Luna both wearing stunning egg yolk yellow dresses. Hermione looked a little self-conscious in the dress, but Luna was her normal, spacey self.

An Ohhhhh passed around the room as Ginny entered holding Mr. Weasley's arm. The moment she walked into the room Harry felt his nerves disappear. She looked magnificent in a long, white, off the shoulder dress. She smiled up at Harry, who smiled back. All of a sudden everything seemed to speed up. Before he knew it Mr. Weasley was offering Ginny's hand to him. He took it and turned to face the man leading the ceremony.

The man talked for a long time, but Harry didn't hear a word of it. All his attention was on the woman at his side. In what felt like seconds the man was proclaiming them husband and wife.

"You may kiss the bride." Harry turned to Ginny, and kissed her. In that one kiss all the doubts he ever had seemed to vanish. For the moment everything was exactly as it should. In that instant he knew that Voldemort was part of the past and he would have no trouble starting a new life with the woman he loved.

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