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Aedalia's arrival into her chambers was heralded by the door slamming into the wall with earth-shaking force.


She let out her anger in one ear-splitting scream. How COULD he! Humiliating me in front of them all! I was going to be Queen, if it hadn't been for that Calormene spy and the barbarian "Queen"! They ruined everything! She would get her revenge. Determined, she ignored the maids clustered around with tissues and chocolates ready for their mistress's tantrum.

Down the hall she strode, ignoring dwarves and badgers who stared in horror at the five-foot-six demon in red with hair like a bird's nest. Upon reaching Aravis' chambers, she paused to listen at the door. Impolite, yes, but since when have manners been her first priority? Queen Susan, Alcyonie and Aravis' voices could be heard inside.

"Let me go! I can take that perfumed barbarian peasant with one hand behind my back! LET ME GO!" Aravis' voice was loudest.

"Not if you're going to hurt her. I can't allow that, no matter how much I myself want it. It would provoke war. Isn't that right, Alcyonie?" Susan was apparently trying to soothe Aravis.

"Actually, Majesty, I have to agree with Aravis. If someone called me a traitor to my homeland, I'd try to strike them, too."

"Right. I forgot this was Alcyonie "The Firebird" I was talking to. Forgive me."

"Forgiven." There was a lull in the conversation, punctuated only by the sounds of Aravis' struggling. Aedalia decide that this was the right time to enter.

Not bothering to nock, she pushed the door open. Aravis was sitting in an armchair by the fireplace, perpendicular to the door. Queen Susan was standing next to her, effectively pinning her arms to her side. Alcyonie was standing behind the chair, looking down on the princess. She was the first to see Aedalia.

"I assume this is something really important, Mistress Aedalia?" She purposefully ignored her noble rank. Aedalia ignored her. Turning to Queen Susan, she spoke scornfully.

"I see you have not made the right decision."

"That being…" Susan turned to her, not letting go of Aravis.

"You have not banished the Calormene spy." Susan whirled on her again.

"Need I remind you yet again that Princess Aravis is as much a spy as you are the Archbishop of Canterbury?"

"The what?"

"I… don't remember…" Susan looked confused for a moment. She forgot to hold on to Aravis. The princess rose very slowly from her chair, and approached Aedalia, who steeled herself for a verbal attack. She was, however, wholly unprepared for the subsequent slap, which sent her tumbling through the doorway and onto her back. She couldn't think of any witty remark, in fact, the only noise she could make was a pathetic sort of gasp. Aravis slammed the door.

Instead of returning to her rooms, she decided to have a walk in the Royal Gardens. Perhaps I shall come upon Peter, who will realize what a horrible mistake he's made, and propose! She wandered through mazes of geraniums, roses and lilies, trying to look beautiful and sympathetic, should Peter come upon her. She failed miserably, and was just considering turning back when she saw a sight that startled her beyond what wits she had. A sign made of Narcissus flowers spelled out: The Aedalia of Kantorell ab Semar garden. Delighted, she rushed into the shaded garden, and straight into a large enclosed cart. The door shut behind her.

From the barred window in the door of the cart, she could see two young women step out from two sides of the cart. They both wore odd tops like tunics with short sleeves. They were both emblazoned with the words: "Mary Sue Rehabilitation Center: Suebashing since Canon began." One of them was tall, with wavy brown hair that was a most unladylike length. It barely reaches her shoulders! What kind of lady is she? She had gray-blue eyes and tanned skin. The other was black-haired and brown-eyed. She was about Aedalia's height. The brunette spoke first.

"I'm glad we've got this one back! I can't believe she went unnoticed until last night!" She sighed. "Some of these Suethors must be pretty clever, to have their characters go unnoticed for so long."

"No kidding." The black-haired one spoke this time. "But Narnia Canon is always full of Mary Sues. The only one worse is Harry Potter. Well, we'd better get back to the Center. We have to get her in before 10:30. I get off then."

"Lucky. I've got another hour, and apparently they've got a Repeat Sue in Prince Caspian. Some people just don't change, even after a character makeover and a year's worth of counseling." Aedalia took this moment to yell at her kidnappers.

"You peasants shall die for this! I will have your head! I am a queen! You can't do this! ARGH!!" In one last, desperate attempt to vent her frustrations, she let out what had been the battle cry of her family for centuries.


The two women took one look at each other and jumped into the front of the cart, spurring their horses out of Narnia and into the Land Between The Stories.

A/N: As I said, a very strange ending. But a good one, if I do say so myself. Perhaps I shall use MSRC (Mary Sue Rehabilitation Center) in some other stories. Thousands of thanks to my two favorite authors, JealousoftheMoon and Thalion King's Daughter. You finally got me writing fanfics, not just reading them. And remember, readers, just because the story is over doesn't mean reviews aren't helpful.