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A Time to Heal

Chapter twelve


Sam never knew he could hurt so badly. Every bone in his body felt like it had been broken. He kept up a brave front never wanting to show the men how much they were hurting him, but in truth he just wanted them to finish it. If he had his gun he would do it for them. He knew it was the coward's way out but right now he didn't care, he just wanted to be any place but here.

"You're killing him." Wayne told Kyle after he hit Sam yet again.

"Let's face it; he's not going to talk."

"Maybe he really doesn't know where Lucifer crawled off to; if he did he would have told us by now."

"I'm not giving up that easy. I'll make that boy talk even if I have to skin him alive to do it." Kyle pulled out a knife and cut an inch slice in Sam's arm then began peeling back the skin.

Sam clenched his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut; finally he couldn't take it any longer.

"Stop….please … I swear I don't know anything."

Wayne pulled out his gun.

"Let's just get it over with. I want to get out of here before his brother tracks us down." Wayne put the gun to Sam's head.

Just as he did the door to the room suddenly splintered as it was kicked open and a very pissed off Dean stood there. He walked into the room his eyes filled with hate and rage when he saw how badly his brother had been beaten.

"Get the hell away from him!" He shouted as he pointed his gun at the men.

Sam looked at Dean and tried to give him a small smile as he finally was able to relax a little. His brother, his hero since he was a kid, had once more managed to save him.

Wayne wasn't about to turn over his prisoner and made the fatal mistake of pulling back the hammer of the gun and was immediately shot between his eyes by Dean. As he crumbled to the floor Dean's attention was momentarily off of Sam and Kyle took the opportunity to draw his knife across Sam's throat. Sam gasped in both pain and disbelief as his air supply was suddenly cut off and as blood bubbled out of his mouth and ran down his chest.

"Noooooo!" Dean screamed when he saw what had happened. In less then a second Kyle lay dead next to his partner.

Dean pulled out his knife and ran over to his brother and cut him free from the chair, he collapsed in Dean's arms.

"Sammy…'s going to be alright you'll see. I'm going to patch you up and you're going to be fine." He found himself repeating the words he had spoken once before when his brother had been violently taken from him. Dean tried to comfort his brother as he lowered him to the floor and tried to control the bleeding from his slashed neck. It was then he really got to see how badly his brother had been beaten and he choked back a sob.

Sam looked up at him and tried to speak but it was impossible. He needed to tell Dean that it was okay, he was ready to go. He also needed to tell him that he couldn't have asked for a better brother but nothing came out. He could feel his body growing colder as the lack of oxygen overcame him and he shut his eyes as his body went limp with death.

"Noooooo! Oh God Sammy no!... Please God not again!" Dean pulled his brother into his arm and hugged him close as he buried his face in Sam's shoulder and sobbed. He had no idea how long he had sat there holding his brother when he thought he heard his name and looked up. The room now was bathed in a white light and Castiel stood before him.


"What the hell do you want?" Dean asked angrily.

"I'm sorry." Castiel said as he looked down at Sam's body.

"Sorry? That's all you got to say is that you're sorry?" Dean glared up at Castiel. "Where were you when I was begging you to help me find Sam?"

"I had work to do."

"Oh you did did you? Well you can stick Lucifer where the sun doesn't shine because I'm not helping you destroy him. I'm through with you….I'm through with everything."

"You don't mean that."

"The hell I don't!" Dean gently lowered Sam to the floor then stood up face to face with Castiel. "Why didn't you help me find Sam? Why did you let him die?"

"I did help you find him."

"What are you talking about?" Dean looked at him suspiciously.

"I'm the one who whispered in your ear that the doctor was involved."

"You helped me find him but you didn't help me save him! Why?"

"I wasn't allowed to."

"Why not?"

"Because it was written by the prophet that Sam Winchester would die by a hunter's knife."

"Don't give me any of this prophet crap! You changed the prophet's words when you sent me to find Sam and stop him from killing Lilith."

"Yes and I have been punished for that."

"So you just sat back and let my brother be butchered….What kind of angel are you anyway? Because whatever you're selling I'm not buying anymore." Dean once more sat down next to Sam and pulled him into his arms. "Just get the hell out of here!" All Dean wanted right now was to be alone with his brother.

Castiel looked hurt.

"We were friends once."

"Not anymore….Not after this."

Castiel looked down at Dean holding his dead brother in his arms and felt at first a small pain that began to grow until it envelope him and his heart felt like a cold dagger had been pushed through it. This was love he was witnessing, the strongest kind of love, a love between family, between brothers. His eyes filled with tears as he watched Dean still trying to comfort his younger brother even though he was dead.

"I'm here Sam, and I'm not going to let anything ever hurt you again." Dean said softly as he pushed Sam's long dark hair out of his eyes.

A single tear ran down Castiel's cheek as he turned away from the scene. He started to walk away, after all he had his orders, but he suddenly spun around and raised his hand. A bright shinning white light came out of his palm and he walked over and put his hand over Sam's chest. The light, though extremely bright didn't hurt Dean's eyes as he watched in awe as Sam's wounds began to miraculously heal in front of him. Within a few seconds Sam didn't have a mark on him and was beginning to move. Dean looked up at Castiel and was about to thank him but what he saw cut off his words before he could get them out. The bruises and blood that had been on Sam's body were now covering Castiel's body, he managed to take a few steps then fell to his knees. Dean stood up and was about to go to him but before he could Castiel shook his head warning him off, he then collapsed to the ground and vanished. Dean looked around the room, he needed to thank him, but he was gone. Where he had gone, or if he was even still alive he didn't know. When he heard Sam moan he quickly went back to him.

"What's going on?" Sam asked as he stood up, it was like nothing had even happened to him.

"You don't remember?"

"Remember what? …. The last thing I remember was lying in bed waiting for you to come home."

Dean put his hand on Sam's back and started leading him to the door grateful that Castiel seemed to have taken the memory of the pain Sam had suffered away.

"Let's get out of here."

"Out of where?" Sam looked around the strange motel room. Where were they and what were were they doing here? It was then he saw the two bodies.

"Dean what the hell's going on?" Sam swallowed hard as he looked at the two dead men.

"I'll explain it all later. Right now we need to get out of here before someone calls the cops."

Sam didn't argue as he let Dean lead him out the door. Once Sam was safe outside Dean turned around and blinked back tears of gratitude.

"Thanks." He said to the empty room. He knew it wasn't much but at the moment it was all he could say.

The End