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From the reviews I'm happy to know that all of you enjoyed my last chapter. It's good to know. But I think most of you didn't understand what I was trying to say from the last chapter. It might've seemed like a hollow filler chapter. But I was actually trying to express that Harry isn't a total anomaly – he acts like a normal teenager. I included that chapter to show that the Harry in my story is completely different from the Harry in Knowledge is Power.

In the earlier chapters, Harry appears as a very mature boy – even at the age of eleven. I'm not exactly happy with that since that is not normal eleven-year old behaviour but it was essential for the plot of the story. Besides, I believe I made it appear somewhat believable – he mostly listens to Sirius and follows his lead rather than come up with unbelievable stuff on his own.

It is my opinion that boys have a maturity in their pre-teen years that is lost to hormones when they suddenly discover the wonders of girls and snog-sessions. I might be completely wrong and most of you might think I'm bonkers for saying this but I am writing what I think is right. Sometimes a boy is more mature at twelve than he is at fifteen and swimming in testosterone.

Anyways, Harry's character is based on my theory. He is very serious about his studies and other stuff but he is sixteen and girls and sex become a fascination to him like every other teenager – a normal teenager.

As the story progresses, he will mature, acting in age-appropriate manner but girls will always be a top priority for him.

Chapter 11

Let me go!

July 31, 1993

Potter manor

Lily Potter couldn't be any happier. It was Alex's birthday. Her baby boy had turned thirteen today. He had asked to spend a part of the vacation with the family of his friend Ron Weasley as he had done the previous summer but Lily would have none of it. She didn't get to spend much time with her family and she wasn't going to waste any day especially her baby boy's birthday.

She had cooked up a storm – all of Alex's favourite dishes and an enormous cake. She had even made sure Harry wasn't out gallivanting with his childish godfather and miss out on one of the important days of the summer.

She had just finished up arranging the dishes on the table and was just calling for the rest of the children to come down for the dinner when the fireplace turned green and the three marauders walked in to the living room bearing gifts for the birthday boy.

"Hmm… Smells heavenly, sweetheart", James called out as he entered the dining room. As soon as he spotted her, he twirled her into his arms kissed her gently on her lips.

Lily smiled at the kiss and was about to say something when she was interrupted by a voice saying, "Eww… Will you please stop that? If you two end up having anymore kids, I'm gonna have trouble remembering all the names"

She turned around to glare at her eldest standing at the doorway while the rest of the children walked into the room to greet their father and his two friends.

"Harry!", Lily scolded while her cheeks were turning pink, "Watch what you are saying, young man. Besides, I have a right to kiss your father. He is my husband and I'm his wife. A simple kiss doesn't mean you are gonna have anymore siblings." Realising what she was saying by the awkward glances between the other kids, she blushed even more.

"Yeah, yeah. That's what you said on my third birthday and you had Alex ten months later. You said something similar on my fourth birthday and you had the twins next year. Oh yeah, you also said something similar on Andrew's fifth birthday and you had Catnip here. So, pardon me if I'm a little sceptic"

Sirius, Remus and even James roared out in laughter as Lily reached up and smacked the back of Harry's head while her face was beet-red. Immediately she turned around and glared at her husband whose laughter abruptly died at the glare.

"I really have to blame you, Black, for taking my innocent baby and turning him into… into… well this", she said pointing out at Harry who was showing a lot of interest at the chocolate cake and ignoring everyone else in the room.

As per the Marauder tradition, as James and Sirius insisted, the birthday boy opened the gifts before dinner and the cake. Lily didn't have the strength to argue with Sirius that presents have to be opened after the birthday candle was blown like she was used to.

Alex smiled as he looked at the presents he had received for his birthday – new winter cloak from his mother, a new watch from his father, pranking material including dungbombs from his godfather Sirius which earned an exasperated sigh from his mother, a book on curses from Remus, new knee pads for quidditch from his siblings, a sneakoscope from Ron and a broom polishing kit from Hermione which earned a wolf-whistle from both Harry and Sirius.

As he thanked everyone for the gifts, Harry stood up with a huge wrapped parcel in his hands and thrust it into his hands. "Here ye go, four-eyes"

The expected cry of Harry came from his mother for the nickname but was ignored as everyone leaned in to see what he had gotten his brother.

Alex smiled and mumbled his thanks as he tore apart the wrappings, eager to see what his older brother had gotten him. He along with the rest of the family simply gawked at the brand new guitar while Harry looked smug.

"You have to admit that it's the coolest gift you've ever received"

Alex stammered his thanks not knowing how to respond.

Remus, however, asked the question in everyone's minds. "Do you know how to play the guitar, Alex"

"No, I don't"

This brought the spirits of the three marauders down a little bit.

"Here, I'll show you. Give it to me", Harry asked taking the guitar from his brother's hands.

Harry pulled his chair back from the table as everyone else rearranged themselves so that they could watch what he could do.

Harry closed his eyes for a long minute, strumming the chords randomly and adjusting the tension before he started strumming a simple but beautiful tune. James, Sirius and Remus were struck dumb by the expertise with which he was playing the instrument wondering where he had learnt that while a few tears escaped from Lily's eyes as her son played a soulful tune that struck a chord in her heart.

As Harry stopped playing the tune, he kept his eyes closed as if he was still savouring the tune in his mind. After a few seconds, they all exploded into applause as little Cassie jumped into Harry's reluctant arms and smothered him in kisses.

"That was beautiful", Lily said as she wiped the stray tears from her eyes, "Where did you learn to play the guitar so beautifully, Harry?"

Harry's beaming smile prompted Sirius to dissolve into badly disguised snickers as he realised a true Harry Potter moment. It did result him getting swatted on his head by Lily, Rosalyn and Evelyn.

"I don't know"

"You don't know when you learnt to play the guitar?", asked a confused Rosalyn who was impressed with her least favourite brother's talents.

"No, I meant I don't know how to play a guitar"

This confused all the people in the room as they had just witnessed him play a beautiful tune right in front of their eyes.

"But you just did", said an obviously confused Remus.

"It's alright, Remus. I know you of all people wouldn't understand. However, it all rests with the reason I gifted this to four-eyes over there. You see this is not a mere present. This is the passing of a torch, handing down a legacy, beseeching him to follow my glory and bring pride and joy to me"

Ignoring the questioning looks on his siblings' faces and the look of wary on his mother's face, Harry moved to stand in front of his brother grasping him by the shoulders and pulling him to his feet roughly.

"Alexander Charles Potter, this is one of the most important days of your life. Do you know why?"

Alex scratched the back of his head as he asked, "Because this is my birthday?"

Harry nodded but continued, "This day marks the start of a new era. The day where you enter the most important phase of your life. Teenage"


"No, no. You still don't understand. By becoming a teenager you are embarking on one of the most important… shall we say quest? This Guitar is simply not a guitar. It is the first weapon that will aid you in this endeavour."

A confused Alex had to ask, "Uh… what are you talking about?"

"Girls, my boy, girls"

Seeing where the conversation was headed, Alex started to blush not stopping until he was beet-red while the three marauders watched with wicked smirks on their faces.

Not caring about the spectators, Harry continued, "I've been observing you for the past two years and one thing I've found most disturbing is that in a school full of age-appropriate teenage girls, you are on friendly terms with only one. That is a flaw that I simply cannot, in good conscience as your brother, allow to continue. And seeing as you are not awesome like me when it comes to pulling birds without assistance, I've spent countless hours creating this masterpiece of my awesome enchanting skills."

Unbridled by the scowl on the faces of the women in the room, Harry continued, "I thought long and hard about how to bring out the womaniser out of this shy, meek exterior of yours before I came to a startling conclusion. Why should I try to change the image you built for yourself? Why not use it as an advantage? Afterall, women go bat-shit crazy about the whole shy and lonely hero angle. So, to give them a push towards swarming you like flies on horse-shit, I built this guitar. No girl can resist a guy who can play a guitar. Guitars are awesome like that."

"And to make sure you do not make a fool of yourself by fumbling around not being to play this awesome instrument of bird-pulling, I enchanted this little beauty to have some pre-recorded tunes in it."

Harry finished with a flourish as if he was presenting the royal jewels to awestruck tourists. Noting the looks of distastes and scowls on the faces of the women around him, he asked, "What?"

It was Evelyn who answered, "Putting aside the fact that you have successfully insulted our gender and offend us, girls, how does this guitar works?"

"Well, that's where my brilliance comes into play. You see there are six chords in a guitar. So I've enchanted it so that a particular song will play when you touch a string first. For example, when I played, I touched the c-chord first. The guitar automatically plays. All you've gotta do is pretend that it's you playing and act as if you are enjoying the dreadfully depressing tune. I admit, four-eyes has to put a lot of effort into his acting but hey you can't have everything handed to you. Practice. Practice is the key to all successful con."

If Harry was expecting any applause for his passionate speech, he didn't receive any. However, his mother was intrigued by the guitar itself.

"Putting aside the fact that you are admitting to be a con-man, how did you enchant this? As far as I know enchanting is a hard branch of magic and this seems to be perfect and I can't see any runes scribed on it"

Seeing the curious looks on the faces of his family, a smug smile made it's way onto Harry's face. "Oh, please. This is not that hard, for me at-least. Can't say the same for the rest of you simpletons. Besides this is not one of my most impressive talents in magic. Would you like to see some more?"

Evelyn and Rosalyn looked like they would be better off doing something else, like eating the delicious-looking cake, but had to put on an eager face reluctantly for the sake of their mother. Not that they hated Harry or anything but his bragging could sometimes grate on people's nerves badly.

Not waiting for a response, Harry pulled away from the table and bowed to the audience before whipping off the auror hat from the head of his godfather whose cry was largely ignored.

"Ladies and gentleman, behold the greatest feat your eyes could feast upon this fair land. A plain hat, in my hand, if you would notice. Nothing to hide except for the nasty dandruff from the auror's head. You should think about shampooing your hair regularly, Sirius"

Ignoring a sputter of indignation from his godfather, Harry proceeded the show the hat to his captive audience with a stage-performer's showmanship even passing it around for people to inspect it.

"Now, can I have that nasty hat back please? Thank you. As you can see, nothing to hide. Now what would you say if I told you that Sirius hides more than his dirty dandruff in this hat? No replies? Watch!"

Holding the plum-red hat in his right-hand, Harry waved his hands on top of it, twirling his fingers randomly and muttering nonsense under his breath. Suddenly, he plunged his hands into the hands and pulled out a fluffy white rabbit out of it.

The kids were not impressed, having watched this trick once when their mother took them to the local county fair but the interests of the adults were peaking as they were wondering how he had pulled this trick.

Little Cassie however was concentrating on something else entirely. Squealing loudly, she lunged at Harry and carefully took the cutest, fluffiest baby rabbit she had ever seen and started snuggling and cooing to the clearly terrified animal.

After a moment of silence, all three marauders started demanding answers from Harry ranging from what magic was used from Remus and how bad the dandruff was from Sirius.

"Enough!" All three marauders stopped abruptly knowing that Lily was there and she never liked it being interrupted especially when she was eager to learn something.

Satisfied that none of them were going to interrupt them, Lily turned to Harry and asked, "That was wonderful, sweetheart, but how did you do it? Did you disillusion your wand? Or perhaps you enchanted Sirius' hat before? Or did you simply switch his hat when we were not looking?"

Sighing in exasperation, Harry replied, "Oh ye of little faith. Here I am showing you the greatest magic anyone has ever seen and you immediately think I've conned you"

Pulling his wand from his pocket, he handed it over to his mother and the hat as well. "Here you go, my wand and the hat. Check for yourself for any and all enchantments on it And I will pull my sleeves to prove that I am not hiding any rabbits in my sleeves"

As Lily's charms came out negative for any magic on the hat, Harry snatched it out of her hands and suddenly pulled out another white rabbit out of it, thrust it into his mother's hands and proceeded to load his plate with the chocolate cake.

By now, his siblings had realised that this was not a trick that they had seen the street performer had done but genuine magic. As Harry started to devour the cake, one thought dominated everyone's mind. Wandless magic was not possible, was it?

August 1993


Doctor Sarah West watched with frustration as Sirius Black paced her study mumbling to himself, irritating her endlessly in the process. Being a psychologist, Sarah had an abundance of patience. However, no one in her adult life had ever managed to frustrate her in ways that Sirius did.

When he had first come to her nearly ten years ago after their failed attempt at a relationship, she was ready to castrate him. He had ruined their budding relationship by cheating on her with her receptionist. It had taken a lot convincing on Sirius' part to even get her to listen and not bang the door on his face as she wanted.

She wanted to say no to whatever he saidbut the desperation and helplessness in face made her wait and hear him out. The more she heard about Harry Potter and his behaviour, the more she was interested in him and the case.

Throughout her career, she had observed some strange behaviour from children – after all that was what her profession was all about. She had seen children being disturbed due to domestic abuse, bad parenting and even abandonment. However, no child had ever managed to garner her attention like Harry Potter did. She still remembered the first time she met Harry. He was shy and quiet yet curious and inquisitive. His green eyes would light up every time she taught him something new. Sarah saw this the first time when Harry spotted chess set in her office and pestered her to teach him.

Over the years, Harry had been a regular visitor to her office and every time she would try to teach him something new – whether it was a game of darts or piano or French. Sarah slowly started to look forward to Harry's visits and made the effort to go out and learn something new herself so that she had something new to show when Harry turned up for his visit.

She had seen Harry grow up from the shy boy to a bright and confident young man which made her proud, though she wanted to thrash him and his wayward godfather whenever they tried to charm her receptionist or her visitors. However, those visits have always been friendly and usually preceded an outing to lunch or some ice-cream rather than professional visit.

Which led her to having a very serious conversation with Sirius.

"Sirius, I don't care what you think. I need to see Harry and have a series of sessions with him to figure out if he has any anti-social behaviour. You have not allowed me to have a session with him in over nine years."

"But, you see him often. I bring him over every summer when he gets home. Why can't you simply observe him at that time and do whatever you want during that time – without letting Harry know, of course."

"Sirius, you idiot! Half an hour in a bloody coffee shop is not enough to make observations about his mental status and the emotional responses to various stimuli. I'm not Houdini! I can't make pigs fly!"

"But I can-"

"I don't care what you can do! This is not like I can do some random test and find out if he is sick. It's a slow process."

"Surely, you can think of something."

Sarah wanted to rip her hair off. Nobody could ever frustrate her like Sirius did. "Why don't you want Harry to attend these sessions? He is old enough and mature enough to know what these sessions are all about, if that's what you are worried about."

Sirius ran a hand through his hair not knowing how to explain to the stubborn woman in front of him what he meant. He knew his godson and wasn't worried about how he'd react to be asked to sit with a psychiatrist.

"No, Sarah. That's not what I meant. Yes, I'm sure Harry is mature enough to understand. It's just…"

"Just what, Sirius?" Sarah snapped, "Are you afraid that Harry might not be normal?"

Sirius didn't reply as he turned away from her, not wanting to face her. However, Sarah construed the action as him confirming her theory.

"Oh my god, you are, aren't you? You are afraid that Harry might not be as normal as you expected. You filthy hypocrite, when you first brought him to me you said you'd do anything for the boy. Now, at the smallest possibility of him being disturbed you are shying away."


Sarah stopped at the sudden snapping tone of Sirius. When he turned to face her, his expression had completely changed. Gone was the fun-loving Sirius. Eyes red, nostrils flared and flushed red, this Sirius was the embodiment of rage.

"You are right. I'm afraid that Harry is not normal. Do you think that I'm an idiot? Or a fool? It's clear from the way he acts. His unhealthy obsession of being the best in everything? His superhuman work ethics? His utter disregard for rules or authority? I admit when I first spotted these I thought he was the perfect combination of a cocky young rule-breaker James Potter and bookworm Lily Evans"

Sirius stepped away from her looking out of the window at the busy London street below. He continued without turning back. "But as I got closer and closer to him, I learn more about him that scares me. His obsession towards learning scares me. All his teachers rave about how he is a genius. How he is a once in a lifetime student. A prodigy. A natural."

Sirius turned back to face Sarah. She was startled to see tears running down his cheeks. "But he is not. Harry James Potter is not a natural magical prodigy. He is just another boy, granted with a brilliant mind but nothing extraordinary"

This was information to Sarah. "But you have told a million times that he is a child-genius and that all his professors agree with you."

Sirius nodded solemnly. "I have told you he is extraordinary not because of his natural intelligence but because of how he works. His professors agree that he is a prodigy when they see the results of his works. But what they don't see is the insane amount of effort he puts into keeping it that way. He anticipates what they are going to learn in class and works ahead. He works harder than any other boy his age – working day and night to keep himself head and shoulders above his classmates. But he is so far ahead of his peers that he has started acquiring knowledge that is above normal school-level education. Sometimes he is almost pschychotic in his work that it scares me."

"So he is not a natural genius and all that he does is due to hard labour? That sometimes looks unnatural"

Sirius nodded. "Yes. I remember this one time you tried to teach him French when he was eleven. He got a beginners guide to French and spent the entire night reading it and practising so that when he came to see you the next evening, he could dazzle you with his French"

This made Sarah much angrier and she exploded, "You dumb idiot. Do you know what you have done? I am his psychiatrist. You should have told me about this when you first spotted this behaviour. What was the point in bringing him to me if you were going to keep all this away from me?"

"I don't know, alright. I don't know" Sirius replied miserably, "I was afraid. Not because I thought he was not normal but because of what it meant for his life."

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked with narrowed eyes.

Sirius ran a hand through his shoulder length hair as he looked at her with desperation. "You know how the wizarding world works, Sarah. I don't think I need to explain that to you. Under the flimsy blanket of equality, the government is still controlled by old pureblood families."

"Yes" Sarah agreed, "But what does that have to do with Harry?"

"Well, you know when Lord Voldemort was at the peak of his power he had a lot of followers – pureblood who thought siding with him would bring the society to its glory where they would openly control the world we live in"

Sarah was getting more and more impatient. "I don't understand where you are going with this, Sirius"

Sirius held his palm to pacify her, "Just give me a minute, I will explain." Seeing Sarah nod he continued, "During the war, Voldemort had nearly eighty death eaters under his command. Some of them were killed in battles with the aurors, some were captured and the rest got away – either buying their freedom or striking deals with the Ministry, when Lord Voldemort was defeated on that Halloween night. Either way, the Potter family made a lot of enemies that night – from families of the death eaters or the purebloods who were indirectly supporting Voldemort"

Sarah nodded. She knew what Sirius meant. Several pureblood families, including her own had been hoping for Lord Voldemort to win the war so that they would gain the power to do as they wished – things that were not possible with the current Ministry in power. Sarah knew that if Voldemort had indeed conquered over the Ministry, she, as a squib born to a pureblood family, would have been hunted and killed for bringing disgrace to her family name by having no magic.

"The problem for the Potters is that they are not an old, wealthy pureblood family. Their modest family fortune would have been considerable if they had not had so many children. But, with their money being split six ways between Harry and his siblings, they can only be considered a normal upper middle-class family. The only advantage they have is the popularity that Alexander Potter got as the boy-who-lived. The public support for their boy-hero and the Potters' association with Albus Dumbledore are the reasons that the ruling-class pureblood families have not tried to attack them directly."

"You mean to say that there have been attempts?" Sarah asked with her eyebrows raised.

"Yes", Sirius nodded emphatically, "There have been few attempts to discreet attempts at discrediting the Potter family over the years – newspaper articles accusing James and Lily of practising and teaching dark magic to their kids, favouritism by the Ministry when they promoted James. But those articles were always disregarded and never caught-on."


"The problem the pureblood fanatics have is that they don't have anything to discredit the Potter family until now. James and Lily have a clean reputation among their peers and the children are too young to be accused of anything. But, if anyone ever found out that Harry Potter, the heir-apparent of the Potter family and the elder brother of the boy-who-lived is not normal and has been seeing a muggle psychiatrist then they would try and use it against their family."

"Surely they cannot use this against them. Harry is not sick. He just has some issues that he needs some help for. Besides, you yourself said that Albus Dumbledore is supporting that family. Surely he would not allow the ruling purebloods to take advantage of Harry's situation"

"Have you forgotten where you come from, Hesperia Nott? Or has changing your name to Sarah West has actually made you forget what our kind is capable of?"

Hearing her birth name from the lips of Sirius, made Sarah flinch. She knew the reason her parents had thrown her out of the family. If anyone had found out that the daughter of the respected Nott family was a squib, their family would have lost its influence. Rival pureblood clans would have used that titbit of information to disgrace their family in public not caring that they were hurting an innocent eleven year old girl in the process.

Seeing a flash of pain and understanding pass through her face, Sirius had a small pang of regret for digging up her past. But seeing it was his godson's welfare at stake, he wouldn't mind doing it again. So, he continued as if he didn't notice her pained expression, "As for Albus Dumbledore, somehow I don't believe even he can make this issue disappear. He is just one man against a horde of rabid hounds trying to destroy the Potters standing in the wizarding world. They will portray Harry as mentally unstable, deranged teenager and campaign for the boy-who-lived to be removed from imminent danger that resides in the same house. The public will eat that up."

Recognition appeared on Sarah's face along with a tiny bit of respect for the insightfulness that Sirius was showing. Something that she never thought the man in front of her ever had.

Sirius however soldiered on, "Besides, even if Dumbledore were to rise to the occasion and defend the honour of Harry and the Potters, how do you think, as Harry's psychiatrist, such an event would affect Harry?"

Sarah sat at her desk staring at it while lost in thought. Such negative reinforcement fuelled by a smear campaign would only make Harry's situation whatever it was, worse. Now that she didn't know what Harry's mental condition actually was, she dreaded what such an event would bring forth.

After five minutes of contemplation, Sarah looked up, "How did you figure all this out? I didn't think you were capable of such deep thought"

If Sirius was offended by her remark he didn't show it. Instead he replied with a look of contemplation gracing his features, "I don't know. It didn't jump out to me, of course, but ever since harry lost his grandparents, I've felt this… this need to take care of him. That kid was so used to his grandparents' love and affection that I simply couldn't bear the thought of leaving him alone. So, I entertained him, took him out, followed your advice and even taught him magic when he asked for it. I simply couldn't say no to him."

"But, it was the start of his schooling that reinforced some lingering doubts. When Dumbledore revealed that Harry could not be enrolled in Hogwarts, I knew something was wrong about this whole situation."

Sarah's eyes widened at Sirius' declaration. "You mean to tell me that Dumbledore knows about Harry's condition?"

Sirius chuckled at the question. "Sarah, that man seems to know everything. I do not know if this was the reason he tried to get Harry out of Hogwarts and out of public exposure but this is the only logical explanation that jumped out at me"

"Have you discussed with Harry about this?"

Immediately Sirius had trouble looking at Sarah. She nodded to herself – he had not. Still she persisted, "You have not. But since you have this guilty expression in your face, I'm assuming that you've somehow lied to him"

"How can I tell him… an innocent teenager… not even that – he was an eleven year old kid at that time… that he could be used by our society as a weapon to disgrace his family name. So, no, I didn't tell him. But that didn't mean I kept it to myself. I've taken your advice and seen how I could educate him to be a normal teenager."

Looking at her, Sirius continued, "Sarah, I swear that was the main reason I taught him all about quidditch, girls and flirting. It was my desperate attempt to lure him out of his books and magic. I wanted to show him that there was a world beyond knowledge and magic. That there was a life beyond books. That was why I encouraged him to make more friends. So now, unless you pried deep into his mind, he is a typical teenager – a brilliant one, but a normal one none the less."

Sarah merely nodded not giving any indication that she believed him or anything. She merely said, "Now tell me everything about Harry.

Later that evening

Sirius returned to the home of his cousin Andromeda Tonks after a gruelling day at the psychiatrist's office. Of course, he hadn't told anyone that. He had merely told them that he was going out on a date. Sirius immediately noticed that the house was too quiet considering that Harry and Tonks were in the house. There was always a lot of noise in the house if the two were together – either making some mischief and getting yelled at by Andromeda or fighting and getting yelled at by Andromeda.

Hearing a shriek and a splash from the yard, Sirius smiled and walked to the backdoor only to see Andromeda leaning against the door and watching with a small smile tugging at her lips. Piqued by curiosity, Sirius looked out of the kitchen window to see his young cousin chasing Harry around the small pond near the house. Judging by the state of her hair and her clothes, it was safe to guess that Harry had dunked her into the water. He laughed when Harry stumbled on a stone and Tonks tackled him to the ground with a furious roar and proceeded to give him a world-class noogie.

Sirius's laugh startled Andromeda as she turned with the smile not leaving her lips.

"What did Harry do this time?", Sirius asked.

"Nymphadora got into auror academy, Sirius. She got the owl an hour ago and Harry has been harassing her since then"

Sirius felt happiness and pride swell when he heard that. He had been the one who encouraged her when she stated that she was going to be an auror. His instincts told him to go out and help his godson throw her into the pond once again but the events of the afternoon were still fresh in his mind.

Andromeda moved into the kitchen to make tea for herself and Sirius when she realised that he hadn't yelled and run after her daughter cackling like a madman as he'd usually do. Turning back she saw him standing at the window with a pensieve expression staring at the scene outside while his thoughts were a million miles away.

"Are you alright, Sirius?" Andromeda asked, concerned with his behaviour.

Sirius snapped to attention at the sound of her voice and turned to look at Andromeda with anxiety. "Andy, do you think I'm doing alright with Harry?"

Seeing her confusion at his odd question, he elaborated, "I mean, am I a good influence on him? I know I'm only his godfather but he hangs around me more than his own father. Do you think I have raised him good?"

Normally, Andromeda would've taken a poke at her cousin about being a good influence. But seeing the uneasiness in his expression, she placed the kettle on the kitchen counter and grabbed him by the shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "Sirius, why are you having such doubts? You are amazing with Harry. And that kid has been a good influence on you too. I've noticed you acting more mature ever since that kid came into your life."

Seeing him make a face at the word mature, she chuckled and continued, "I mean you are still goofy, fun-loving troublemaker but you are concerned about him and his welfare. And Harry is an amazing kid. Sure, he is rough around the edges but who isn't? I know beneath all the jokes and laughs, there is a wonderful boy"

Sirius smiled and accepted the tea from her.