Carlisle's POV.

My Daughter.

It made sense that I had to return.

Someone had to finish the paperwork concerning the house, and I don't think poor Esme could do that knowing full well what she was leaving behind. She had been so happy thinking she was receiving another daughter, one who could finally make her son happy, after centuries of being alone.

Also someone had to drive Edward's Volvo to the new house in Oregon, seeing as he had insisted upon running there. However I could see that my eldest son needed time on his own – I didn't need to be a mind-reader to know that.

Alice didn't want to come back, she was upset enough knowing full well she was leaving her best friend behind. Wherever we had gone she had never had a friend like Bella. She loved Bella like her own sister. Jasper wouldn't come back – Alice needed him right now and he wasn't about to abandon her. I knew Jasper would miss her also. Of course this would take a great deal of his shoulders but still he would miss feeling her embarrassment, her uncondictionally love she felt towards everyone in our family.

Rosalie wouldn't return. This was her favourite place we have ever settled. She was mad enough that a human girl had forced her to leave and Emmett was staying with her just incase her temper got the better or her. Even though his wife wouldn't miss Bella, Emmett sure would. He liked having Bella around, her simple clumsiness gave him atleast a years worth jokes material. He loved making her blush seeing as he couldn't do that with any other member of the family. All joking aside he loved Bella like a little sister and would protect her with his life.

So it was just me who would be the one to go back to the house.

I had just had the final meeting with the Estate Agent and signed over the house to a young couple expecting a child. They would be very happy.

I was running back to the house through the woods when I caught a whiff of Bella's scent. She had returned to the house. Why hadn't I thought of this? Of course she would return to the house. As I got within half a mile of the house I could hear her steady breathing. She's asleep I thought to myself.

I silently opened the front door and saw Bella asleep on the sofa. By her posture it was obvious she never intended to fall asleep. Her head was leant on the back of the sofa and her arms clutching at the sides of her torso. As if she was holding herself together. Her face was wrinkled into a frown. She was waiting for us to return.

I can't leave her there I decided. I walked towards the sofa and gently gathered Bella into my arms. She weighed practically nothing. I walked slowly, well slowly for vampires, up the stairs towards Edwards's room careful not to disturb her. The bed, which had been bought for Bella's sake, took up most of the room.

She would hate that we had spent money on her. That was so Bella.

I held Bella with one hand and pulled the cover back with the other. I placed Bella under the gold silk duvet and tucked her in. She looked so peaceful, sleeping. I had to leave now; Esme and Edward would get suspicious if I took to long.

I took one last look at Bella. I would miss her greatly. Her big brown eyes, her curly chocolate brown hair, her need to stay out of the spotlight, the love she had given my son, the love she had given my whole family – even if she didn't receive it back in some cases.

I gently pushed back her hair off her forehead and gave her chaste kiss on her brow.

I loved her.

My daughter.

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