A/N: Okay, here's a complete AU version of the VMars 'verse that I've been thinking about for a while. This is going to be based on one of my favourite movies, which was written by someone that will be all too familiar to Veronica Mars fans, I am sure ;-)

Disclaimer: All recognisable characters from Veronica Mars belong to Rob Thomas - they're not mine.

Prologue - Unforgetful You

Veronica was bored, beyond bored actually. When her Daddy said she could come with him to the Sherriff's station she had hoped to be helping him crack cases and nail perps. The reality was, he'd sat her in the corner with a few essentials and left her to her own devices. That was almost an hour ago, despite the fact he said he'd be less than half that time. It seemed 'short-staffed' meant Daddy was very busy, which made little Veronica wonder why she hadn't been permitted to stay home with her mother. Even if she was in bed sick, Veronica could have stayed with her, they could've curled up in bed and watched cartoons or something, but apparently that wasn't allowed today, and the little blonde had been dragged off to the station before an argument could break out about it.

So far, Veronica had read some more of her latest Nancy Drew book, written a list of the names of all the deputies and staff in the station that she knew so well, and counted her own teeth three times, somehow coming out with a different number every go around! She was bored, and eight year olds in such a state usually led to uproar in the adult world. Fortunately, the little girl's dull afternoon was about to be at least a little alleviated by the excitement of a new arrival. Suddenly through the doors came a pair of shiny stiletto shoes that had to belong to one of the fancy women from the 09er zip. Sure enough, Veronica looked up at the Mom-aged red-head with big sunglasses covering most of her face - clearly glamorous and apparently famous as she removed the shades and a couple of deputies gasped from behind the desk.

"You know who that is?" Lamb hissed to Sachs, as he looked over blankly at the woman who approached the desk and called for the Sheriff's attention.

Veronica lost interest in a moment and turned back around just as a boy appeared in front of her. She was a little surprised to find anyone there, though she hid it well. Even at eight years old she knew all the tricks, hiding emotions and tell-tale signs of lies and such. Daddy taught her well without even meaning too, and she wanted to be a Sheriff just like him one day.

"Hi" she said to the boy before her with a smile.

"Hey" he grinned right back, "My name is Logan, what's yours?" he asked her.

Logan, who was seemingly the glamorous woman's son, seemed nice to Veronica. She was usually a good judge of people, whether they were her own age or adults. This boy was easily six inches taller than her, but not at all scary or intimidating to Veronica. Somehow in that first moment she knew this boy would be her friend.

"Veronica Mars" she told him her name, moving her stuff off the chair beside her so he could sit with her, "My Daddy is the Sheriff" she told him proudly, pointing at the man behind the desk.

"My Mommy is a movie star" he said, just a proud, nodding towards the woman Keith was talking to, as she agreed to sign an autograph for Deputy Lamb.

"Do you live in Neptune?" Veronica asked curiously, "I've lived here all my life"

"Uh-huh" Logan nodded, "We just moved here from LA, my Mom, my Dad, my sister, Trina, and me" he explained, the pair continuing to get to know each other as their parents dealt with the grown up business.

It took about two minutes for Lynn Echolls to pay off her speeding fine, and another half hour to conclude her introduction to half the deputies eager to meet the movie star. Keith was happy to welcome the new arrival to town and assured her the door to the station was always open if she needed any help at all. Neptune was a good town really, not big on major crime, but he liked to ensure all the residents knew he was there if he was needed, however small the crime or misdemeanour. Besides which, he knew his share of celebrity gossip. Aaron Echolls, Lynn's husband, had a violent temper and rumour had it he may have raised a hand to his wife before now. If that were true, Keith wanted her to know she didn't have to be afraid, even if he was almost certain it would do no good.

"I really should be going" Lynn said as she checked her diamond studded watch, "So much to do with the new house still" she smiled as she turned to get Logan's attention.

"Come on now, sweetie, time to go" she urged him, though the boy was less than eager to leave Veronica it seemed.

"Mommy, can't 'Ronica come with us?" he begged her with his eyes as much as his words, "You said we could go for pizza and she likes pizza too"

"Oh" Lynn looked at her son and then the girl he'd been talking to, before casting her eyes over to Keith, assuming he would know who the child was.

"Thank you for the kind offer, son" the Sheriff told Logan with a smile, "but Veronica and I have to be getting home real soon"

"She's your daughter?" Lynn checked at which Keith nodded, as the kids looked equally as upset as each other about being parted so soon after meeting, "Well, how about Veronica's Daddy and I exchange phone numbers, and we'll arrange a play date or something?" she suggested.

"Sounds good to me" Keith agreed as the adults wrote down their information and exchanged scraps of paper, "We'll be in touch"

"There, all settled" Lynn smiled as she reached for Logan's hand, "We really have to go now, honey, so say goodbye to your friend"

"Bye 'Ronica" he smiled sadly as he was forced to leave.

"Bye Logan!" she waved him off, hardly noticing her father as he rounded the desk and sat himself down beside her.

"Five more minutes, kiddo, then we'll blow this juke joint" he said with the appropriate over-acted voice.

"Sounds good, Pa" she replied in kind, giggling as he ruffled her hair and stood up again, "Daddy?" she said before he got more than a step away from her, "I think me and Logan are going to be best friends forever" she declared as he turned to look down at her.

Keith didn't have the heart to tell her it was highly unlikely and entirely too soon to judge such a thing anyway. He couldn't burst her bubble and so he just smiled as he answered her.

"Sure you will, honey"

To Be Continued...