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-"Who is it? Who of us knows?"

Shooting a apologising glance at the boy in question, Draco replied.


Staring at him for a moment the others was silent before the question burst forth on each other.

-"Harry!?!" Hermione questioned looking between the two of them

-"Why the hell would Harry know? How the hell could he even know?" Ron shouted "He is clearly lying!"

-"Don't be more stupid then you already are Weasley. The bottle would show if he lied." Blaise said even though his facial expression stated he too seemed to think that was the most logical solution. "As you see it is still blue which means it somehow is true"

-"You're sure the charm is working Granger?" Pansy asked doubt hanging in her voice "He did say it happened at the Manor and Potter isn't really the most seen guest there..."

-"Of course it is working! It really is a rather simple charm if you just do it right" Hermione defended herself

Interrupting her starting lecture on the charm's structure Ron turned to Harry

-"Is it true mate? Surely it's not?"

-"Not my turn to answer." Harry replied with a faint smile "You'll have to wait until then"

-"That's implying that it's true you know Potter." Blaise said

Shrugging Harry let it pass as the game went on. For once the other were disappointed when the bottle stopped for Draco

-"I guess we can just as well ask you as Harry. Why does Harry know?" Hermione asked

-"That's... " trying to come up with a passably answer that wouldn't reveal more then necessary Draco continued "That's because he was there"

-"At the Manor?" Blaise asked staring at him. "When did that happen?"

-"How could Potter possibly been at the Manor?" Pansy asked "And even so, why did you kiss someone in front of him?"

-"When were you at Malfoy Manor Harry?" Hermione said turning to him "I never heard you mention that. I hope you didn't sneak away to do something dangerous by yourself again!"

-"Easy 'Mione. I'm here ain't I?" Harry calmed her

Still not all happy with him Hermione scoffed at him as the game went on. Now focus was on Harry, letting Draco get a bit of rest as they were too busy think of much useful to as him. When the turn next came to Harry, Blaise asked him

-"So Potter, who is it?"

-"If Draco don't want to tell the name I won't do it either."

-"Oh come on Potter, don't be boring!" Pansy complained

-"What do you care for Malfoy secrets anyway Harry?" Ron asked him

-"It's his secret to tell not mine. I'll pass that question too."

When the bottle next time stopped in front of him they tried a different approach.

-"Well then, if you won't tell us who it is at least say how he looked? If it's someone we know we should be able to guess if you describe him"

Racking through his brain in search of an answer Harry finally said,

-"I.... didn't see the face..." his voice hesitant with a questioning tone in it.

Technically he hadn't seen the face when it happened since there was no mirror there. As he bottle stayed blue both he and Draco let out a relived breath.

-"Eh? No way. How then could you know who it is?" Pansy said

-Didn't you say he knew who it was Draco?" Hermione asked him

-"No I didn't."

-"Yea you did, you bloody slytherin!" Ron exclaimed "You answered 'Harry' when we asked who else knew who it was!"

-"No you didn't. Maybe you should think a bit more before opening that glapping mouth of yours? You asked if someone else here knew of if and I said yes. That only means he know it happened which he clearly does since he was there."

As the others groaned at his trixing with the interpretation of the questions Harry cast a tempus charm letting the time be visible in the air in between them. Seeing it Hermione startled

-"Is it that much already? And I'm who was planning to get up early to do the history easy! Have you done it yet boys?" She asked looking between Harry and Ron. Not bothering to wait for their answer she continued "Of course you haven't. Can't you ever get things done in time?"

-"Herms. It's still a week until it's due. Not even you have done it yet" Ron sighted

-"Well it wouldn't hurt you to do it before I did it once in a while would it? Any way we have to end this now. We should have been in bed ages ago!"

Not bothering to point out he had suggested the same "ages ago" Harry watched as the others got up and said their goodnights leaving only him, Draco still on the floor leaning against the sofas and Hermione moving around picking her books together. Looking at the boys who lazily stared at the fire she said.

-"Don't sit up to late Harry"

-"I won't 'Mione." Harry promised "I've promised to study with you tomorrow haven't I?"

-"Yes, that's true. Well, I'll see you tomorrow then. You too, Draco. Sleep well both of you." Having finished gathering her books she went to her room as the boys called their goodnights back at her.

Moving next to each other the two sat silent for a while before Harry spoke as he picked up Dracos hand playing with his fingers.

-"Could have been worse you know. Had they not been so distracted by whom you'd kissed the next round had most likely been about whom people liked. And what would you have answered then having spent the refuse on the question before?"

-" Well, then there wouldn't have been any choice but to tell the truth would it" Draco said

-"Now they'll never get to know how close they were to receiving the answer they so badly wished for." Harry smiled

-"Good for us, bad for them"

-"On the other hand even knowing that, who would have thought that the famous player Draco Malfoy never had been kissed before." Harry teased

-"Oh shush you." Draco scoffed. Getting up from the floor he pulled at Harry's hand. "Are you coming? We have a star viewing waiting for us you know."

-"Wouldn't miss it for all the world." Harry answered letting himself be pulled up.

Having covered themselves in Harry's invisibility cloak the two left the room, leaving all thoughts of their now sleeping friends, non the wiser than when the evening started, behind.

...The end.....