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Angel never expected to walk away alive, or undead in his case.

He knew this was his and his team's shinning moment.

The battle to end all battles, he knew this was it. The major one is here. There is going to be more major battles in the future, but that's not till a long time from now. A REAL long time from now, from what he was told by the visions Cordelia gave him. This was humanity's time to live in peace without having to worry about the true darkness.

He also knew Buffy and her army of slayers arrived before he, Spike, Illyria, and Gunn were overwhelmed.

He was tired, but still fighting. Spurred on by his soul to go out with a bang. Usually his demon would taunt him, but now it was unusually quiet. His demon knew this was it, time to become dust, and he was ready.

'Time to go out with a bang soul boy' Angelus said.

'Yeah it is, usually I would say something insulting to you, but I have nothing.' Angel replied back internally.

'Don't become a sappy ass now, let's go out like a true demon, live up to the name and title "Angelus, The Scourge of Europe!"'

Angel offered no reply as he cut through a Chaos demon to get to Spike to deliver a last message, his last goodbye.

"SPIKE!" He screamed as he made his way towards the bleach blonde vampire.

"What do you want ya ponce! Can't you see I'm a bit busy here!" He yelled back as he took out a group of Kevlar demons with a mighty swing of his sword.

Angel made it to Spike and went back to back with his as he delivered his final message and goodbye to his childe.

"Listen Spike, there is a portal on the other side of the alley. I'm going to try to climb up one of the buildings and jump on to the dragon when it gets close by, then I'm going to try and steer the son of a bitch to the portal to close it. I'm guessing there is going to be a big bang, so I need you to find Buffy and tell her to pull her army back."

Spike turned when the wave they were fighting lulled a bit. "Bloody hell Angelus, that's suicide! Are you actually that daft to think that? Wait till Red closes it!"

"There's not enough time, this may be the only way, remember they want me. So, I'm giving them me with a big side order of dragon. Look, take care of Buffy and tell her I love her. Remember that! Tell her, it's time for her to move on, to live her life, I wish I was there with her to see it through. Tell her it's time for me to say goodbye." Angel looked Spike dead in the eye to show he was serious, this was his time to go to peace.

Spike knew Angel wasn't kidding. He could tell from the look in his Sire's eye that this was it, this was the final time Angel was leaving them.

"I'll tell her sire. I'll try my best to keep her safe, wish you were here for the ride after this."

"Thank you William. Be strong and stay safe. Most likely you are going to get a surprise after the battle. In the Hyperion, there is a safe there. In it is roughly over 4 million dollars I've stolen from Wolfram & Heart, the keys to the viper are there, use it. It's yours now. You've made me proud William. Goodbye my childe." Angel let out a tear when speaking to Spike. He was truly proud of his Childe and wished him well when he turned to charge back into the next wave of demons.

Spike saw his sire rush into the demons with gusto. He knew this was Angel's true strength showing now. His sire's soul never ceased to secretly amaze him as Spike turned back to find Buffy and tell her.

As Angel charged into the wave, he jumped clear over the line of Slime demons, Chaos demons, and vampires that were rushing to him. He then made a sharp left turn to jump the second floor of an abandoned building, quickly jumping through the glass, rolling on the floor, and start rushing the stairs he saw at the far end of the hall he landed in.

He ran as fast as he could with all his strength, rushing through the 7 flights of stairs he saw.

He broke down the door to the roof and quickly ran to edge and looked over as he saw Spike making his over to Buffy. He looked up and saw the dragon make another turn heading in his direction.

'Here we go.' He told himself.

Spike found Buffy easily barking out orders to regroup as hold the line as they got ready for the next wave.

"BUFFY!" He yelled out to here as he decapitated a vampire rushing towards her.

"What!" She barked out.

"Move the slayers back! Move the line back, there is going to fireworks soon!"

"What the hell are you talking about? I'm not moving the line back, we already lost ground!"

"Just move them to end of alley where you found us. Trust me, it may minimize the loss of life. Angel's going to end this now!"

"Angel? How is he going to end it?"

"Just trust me you stubborn git!"

As she was about the reply back, the rain got stronger and everyone turned to look up as they heard a roar throughout the heavens and saw a figure launch himself on top of the dragon.

"Oh shit no Angel. MOVE THE LINE BACK! MOVE IT BACK TO THE END OF THE ALLEY!" Buffy turned and yelled out the order to her slayers.

As everyone turned back Spike saw the dragon heading towards the portal's direction. 'The crazy git is going to actually do it.' He thought to himself.

Angel saw the dragon flying towards him as he jumped of the roof and stab his sword into the thick skin of the dragon. He climb up to a sitting position on the dragon as the dragon tried to thrash him off.

"Damn it!" He cursed to himself, thinking he was crazy to do this.

He managed to grab the horns and turn the mighty beast towards the portal.

He stood up on the dragon as he yelled out to the Senior Partners, "HEY FUCKHEADS! HERE'S YOUR DRAGON BACK!!!"

The dragon flew right into the portal and in the process blew out flames from its mouth as it ignited the entire area causing a massive explosion.

Angel's final thought was 'I did it Buffy, now live baby girl, live for me.'

Angel woke up on the inside a huge temple. Beings of all forms surrounded him and looked at him with kind gentle eyes. His view switched to the middle as a person he hasn't seen in over 3 years made their way over to him.

"Well hello mate, fancy seeing you here. How are you Angel?" The being spoke.

"D-Doyle?" He stuttered as he saw his dead best friend in front of him.

"What? The clothes don't match? I swear I picked out a nice color today." He said in his usual manner.

"Where am I?" Angel said as he looked around in awe and wonder.

"Well boyo, ye're dead. But not worries, your not going to stay dead long."

"What? How? What do you mean?"

"You should know. Remember shanshu? By the surprised look on your face, you weren't even thinking of it right? Well when you thought you signed it away, I simply took ye're name off of it mate. A champion like you deserves the second chance you were promised."

Angel looked stunned and all thoughts and words flew out of his mind except one: Shanshu.

"Here's the deal mate, in maybe an hour from now you will wake up human in a whole different life, body, mind, everything will be different. Except your appearance. There is a man in a coma, well he's brain dead, due to an accident. So essentially his soul is now in peace. We are going to transfer your soul into his to live your new life. Yes it may seem a bit cheap and mundane, but hey it's better than nothing."

"Yes true. So am I going to remember anything?" Angel wondered as he thought of Buffy for a fleeting minute.

"No mate, you wont. But since you like helping the helpless, I'll give you a bit of the back story on this bloke. He was a former Army Ranger Sniper. So like you, he was trying to redeem himself for the past kills he's done. He's also a Special Agent with the FBI. He has a bit of a dark past, but all around he is a good person. A fighter like you. So now you will live and die as him. Ah don't worry you'll have a good life. When you wake up, you will be him and have all his memories, training, instincts, and gusto for life. Oh plus you will be a wee bit stronger than most humans, except slayers."

"Slayers? I thought the evil forces are vanquished now?"

"Yes they are for now. But we decided to let the slayers stay with their powers to pass on to their kids to keep the line going. Remember evil always finds a way to get back, but it wont happen till a few hundred years from now."

"Oh okay, I guess. So what's this guy's name?" Angel asked his final question.

"Special Agent Seeley Booth."

The battle ended with a big explosion, demon guts and parts flew everywhere as the blast caught them. The slayers were unharmed as Illyria sacrificed herself to protect them with the last bit of her power.

The looked around in astonishment as all the demons where disappearing. A bright light lit up surrounding Spike as he was given the surprise Angel told him about.

In his mind Angel appeared and told him what was going on.

"Spike I don't have long so listen up. Your shanshuing. Basically your becoming human. Since you fought as a champion, you are being rewarded as a champion. This is my gift to you. Take care and have a good life my childe." Angel then turned away walking back to wherever he came from.

Spike then smiled to himself as he felt his lungs breath in air and his heart started beating for the first time in over 120 years.

"Whoa who did this?" Buffy asked as she got a weird vibe of déjà vu from when people asked her the same question one year ago.

Spike looked up to the heavens with a smile on his face and said one word, "Angel."

Across the country in Washington DC, a man on the verge of death woke up slowly. A voice went through his head as he was opening his eyes, "Live your life, my good friend."

When he came to, machines started beeping and going off making him jump a little. Doctors rushed and saw the miracle as the brain dead man was sitting up on the bed looking around smiling.

"Mr. Booth? Are you ok?" Asked one doctor.

"Hell yes I am! Oh don't call me Mr. Booth, that's my dad, I prefer my name." He said.

"OK Seeley. Can we get you anything?"

"Um, you got any apple pie and pudding?" Seeley asked.